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Whether you prefer to have your landscape meticulously maintained or would rather step back and let someone else handle all the details, we are here to help. Project Landscape Ltd. is Calgary’s top choice when it comes to landscaping contractors. If you’re someone who just finds a nice looking plant, brings it home, and lets it do its own thing, you might have noticed that they are more trouble than they are worth. Many landscapes end up looking like a weird mixture of plants that, at best lack cohesion, and at worst require expensive treatment and extensive care just to keep them alive. To make the most of your yard and landscaping vision, be sure to follow these tips.

Plan for Your Equipment

If you are planning to build a patio or a porch in the future, you are going to need some large and obscene machinery in your backyard in order to set up those things. Keep that in mind before you start planting your garden on the only accessible side of the home. Knowing what you intend to put in your yard can prevent you from planting something too soon and regretting it later.

Keep Your Focal Points

Your focal point of your landscaping, to put it simply, is where you look first. It’s what stands out the most in your garden and helps you move through the space with direction. While we may think of a tree or a statue as a focal point, you could also choose a fire pit or even a borrowed view of a nearby space. The trick with a focal point is to find something that stands out but doesn’t seem out of place in your yard. Keep scale in mind as well. If you have a small space, a nice bench or a statue will work better than a giant oak tree.

Don’t Think Formal

Formal landscapes that demand symmetry and maintenance may not be worth the hassle in the long run. If you have two rare plants on opposite sides of the yard and one dies, it may be difficult to find another plant to replace it without it looking silly or uneven. Sometimes, the only choice is to replace both plants, which is just an unnecessary expense. There is nothing wrong with having a grandiose vision, but keep the logistics in mind as you plan.

Plan the Curves

A curving landscape or retaining wall can do a lot to keep your yard looking interesting, but be cautious not to overdo it. We have found that long, gentle curves work much better than several bean-shaped flower beds. Also, we recommend that you keep one geometric shape in charge of the whole landscaping design. You may want to consider the shape of your plants and emulate that in the rest of the layout.

Add Movement

Gardens don’t sit still. Insects come and go, birds visit to sit and rest, and plants sway in the breeze. Keep this movement in mind and add to it. The addition of flowers can attract birds, and a small pond with fish inside may make your landscaping into something you’ve always dreamed of.

Change What You Need

If you have a dream of a vegetable garden, then don’t let that eyesore of a shed get in the way—especially if you aren’t going to use it. Instead, be willing to make changes to your property to get the results that you want most. You never know what possibilities will arise once you get rid of things in your landscaping that you don’t love.

Contact Calgary’s Landscaping Professionals

When it comes to getting landscaping that captures the overall feel of your home and your needs, it’s time to contact us. We at Project Landscaping Ltd. are prepared to handle whatever we need to in order to give you the results you’re searching for. Call our team and tell us how we can help you! We do everything from fire pit installation, regular landscaping maintenance, irrigation, landscape lighting, decks, fences, and more. Whatever your vision may be, we are the ones who can bring it to life. Don’t settle for a crew who can’t do it all—call the ones who can be there from start to finish, no matter the project. We look forward to talking to you soon!