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Spring Landscaping Tips

Yes, spring is here again. Now’s the time to focus on bringing out the beauty in your yard once more. Nonetheless, there might be tons of cleaning up all that winter has left behind.

Here are some Calgary landscaping tips that will restore the greens with your flowers blooming all over: spring-landscape-expert-tips-5e80de0262b5d

1.   Clear Up Winter’s Leftovers

As the snow melts away, it leaves in its wake a mess of broken branches, leaves, compost and sometimes split trees and shrubs. The first physical step to take to restore the lawn’s appeal is to clear up everything, including the mess made by leaves, branches, and other trash that the winter left behind.

2.   Understand Your Environment

The first vital thing to consider is the prevailing climate around your surroundings. What’s your geographic location, and what kind of plants and flowers are ideal for Calgary? This knowledge helps you to plan properly and set your plants in more suitable conditions.

3.   Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn after a harsh winter is key to having your plants blossom in full health. However, it’s crucial to identify the right kind of fertilizer and the ideal quantity for your landscape and plants. If you have no idea what to do, consider seeking professional advice from our Calgary landscaping experts.

4.   Prepare for the Growth of Your Plants

Before selecting plants for landscaping, you’ll want to factor in how large they’ll grow. If you choose plants that eventually grow into shrubs, they might hinder passage or ventilation, and you might end up digging them up sooner than you’d like. Therefore, carefully consider the growth of each plant while planning your landscape.

5.   Take Care of Your Irrigation

As you prepare and plant on your landscape, checking your irrigation system is essential. A sound irrigation system will circulate water among the plants without over-flooding and erosion, which is vital for keeping your landscape in excellent condition.

For individuals who are planning to set up an irrigation system, depending on the size of your lawn, you could settle for hosing your plants or installing an irrigation system.

6.   Be Wary of Local Pests

Pests are the death of every good cultivation. It would be terrible to create a beautiful landscape only to have pests and animals destroy it. So, find out the common pests and stray animals disturbing your neighbourhood and protect your landscape against their invasion.

If you need help with your spring landscaping, don’t hesitate to contact our team of landscaping experts in Calgary today.