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Stone Pathway Guide – Stepping Stone Walkway Designs And Ideas

You’re ready to start your stepping stone project now that the weather is warming up. But you aren’t sure if you should buy or make your own path stones. Perhaps you are looking for a path to your garden or a way to get around the garden. Perhaps it’s to create a walkway between your driveway and your front door. The question is: Should you buy stepping stones from a professional Landscaping Calgary, or do you make them yourself? This guide will help you decide which stepping stones are best for you.

What Are Stepping Stones?

A stepping stone was a piece of a stone laid out to create a pathway or walkway. Stepping stones can now be used to refer to any material. These paths can be made from stone, brick, wood, or concrete. Regardless of their material, stepping stones will have one piece per stepped, rather than a continuous path like concrete sidewalks. You might also call them pavers or garden stones stepping stones from Calgary landscaping.

stepping stones calgaryStepping Stone Ideas

Rustic stepping stones

This pathway combines crushed gravel with staggered pavers stones. This rustic style works well with wildflower gardens. Because gravel is affordable, you can save money by combining crushed gravel and stones. Gravel can be difficult to remove, so make sure you are firmly committed. Here are some Landscaping ideas:

  • Techo Borealis Stepping Stones

The new Borealis stepping stones are versatile slabs that can be used to make walkways in areas not paved. The 60mm slab is simple and easy to install. Concrete won’t cause it to warp like natural wood. You can get it in Hazelnut Brandy, the most popular Borealis color.

  • Borealis Stepping Stones

Borealis stepping stone is a unique-looking stone slab that can be used to make walkways in areas not paved. These steps are easy to install and don’t warp like natural wood. The most popular Borealis color is Hazelnut Brandy.

Modern stepping stones

These rectangular, sleek stones are perfect for modern gardens. This stone is ideal for areas with high traffic. These slabs can also appear larger, creating the illusion of more space. Remember to consider the textures of stones when choosing stones for your pathway. For example, polished stones look best against similar-looking buildings.

  • Blu Grande Slate

Blu Grande was designed to be a larger concrete patio rock to complement the Blu 60 collection. The slate texture makes it ideal for traditional landscape designs. Blu Grande has the same beautiful chiseled texture as Blu 60, with the same rich colors and reliability. Blu Grande can be used as an addition to Blu 60 or as a standalone for large paved surfaces that require fewer seams/joints. This stone is great for patios and walkway paving stones, as well as poolside paving.

  • Blu 60 Slate

Blu slate patio slabs are the best-selling. Natural slate stones inspired it. The traditional patio stone is available in multiple sizes to fit your backyard patio, walkway, or pool deck. Blu 60 Slate slab has the same rugged lines and texture as the thicker Blu paver. It also comes in a variety of rich colors and a traditional look.

  • Inca

Inca patio slabs are inspired by the wonder and beauty of ancient South America. The striking patio tiling stones blend colors and add warmth and richness to patios, patios, or poolside. This limestone-inspired patio stone is a great choice for modern outdoor designs.

  • Blu 60 Polished

The modern patio stone features a polished finish that shows the aggregates of the stone. This adds visual appeal. This product is available in various sizes that can be used to make different looks and patterns. It has been a top-seller favorite among contractors and designers who create modern and contemporary patio and paving slabs. It is suitable for use on patios and walkways.

Traditional Stepping Stones

A landscape project is incomplete without stepping stones. They make it easy to navigate the landscape with ease and hygiene while also adding a finishing touch to the design. The details are what make a landscape a success. They tie everything together. They may not be noticed by themselves, but they make an impact when combined.

  • Maya: Natural Stone Lookalike

This is a great way to improve your yard’s English garden feeling you want to create. A natural stone textured concrete walkway is the best choice, whether you want to connect your backyard to the firepit in the backyard or pave the path in your charming, magical garden. For example, take our Maya stone. This slab can be used to create highly decorative stone walkways which complement the natural environment. It will also add peace and tranquility to your backyard or garden. This landscape stone is not only visually appealing but also resistant to salt and can withstand extreme freeze-thaw conditions.

  • Aberdeen

This stepping stone has a natural stone-inspired texture but with modern touches. This allows you to use it in a variety of landscape designs. This slab is large and luxurious. It comes in separate packages so you can customize your backyard design. The versatility of the Aberdeen slab’s landscaping design allows it to look traditional or modular, incorporating all its sizes. It can also be installed in linear patterns to create a modern look.

  • Borealis: The Great Outdoors

A wood-like stepping stone from Calgary landscaping will help you channel the outdoors! To enhance your garden’s beauty and connect different landscape parts, you can use natural elements. Borealis stepping stone makes this a simple trend for rustic design lovers. Although natural wood looks beautiful, it can be difficult to use as it can warp.

  • Industria Smooth

If you have a small landscape to work with, we suggest choosing a smooth-textured and smaller-scaled stepping stone. It is best to limit the use of textures and colors in small spaces to avoid overwhelming the space. We recommend the Industria Smooth Stone walkway. These simple but visually pleasing stepping stones will enhance your small backyard without taking over the space. You can design the perfect outdoor space with its smooth texture and six monochromatic color options.


Using stepping stones, you can guide your guests to your front steps, garden, and family to your backyard from the rear. It doesn’t matter what reason you have for wanting a beautiful pathway like this, and it is important to choose the right stones. Once you have found the perfect match, contact your Techo-Bloc dealer for samples and more information about the product.