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Surprise Your Valentine with Landscaping for Your Home!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many people are unsure what to get their significant others. For those of you who have been together for quite some time, the typical chocolate and roses may not seem like enough. And, for those of you who share a home together, you may be feeling the urge to find a gift that is much more practical than frivolous. With that in mind, why not take the plunge for residential landscaping services? Project Landscape would be delighted to meet with you and your significant other to discuss your vision for your Calgary home, so reach out to us today for a consultation! Here’s what we can help you with.


If you have sat around a fire pit on seating walls and pillars, you know how magical and romantic that spot can be. Why not implement these features in your backyard? We can take a look at your space and lay out a plan to add the outdoor entertainment space your home needs. The seating will be enough to entertain friends and family or simply just cuddle up next to your partner.


It’s time to add some green to your property! From implementing trees and shrubs to your yard to putting in mulch and a seasonal flower bed, we are here to help. Softscaping can be permanent, or you can choose plants that can be changed depending on the season. We all want a little green in our space, so feel free to ask us about our options. For those of you who do not want to worry about lawn care and maintenance, we have an option for you too. Artificial turf is one of our specialties!

If you want real grass more than anything in the world, but you know you simply cannot commit to the upkeep, that’s okay. We offer full maintenance solutions as well, so just ask when we stop by for your consultation.

Gardens and Planters

Why find a bouquet of flowers when you can choose flowers that will last all year long? Gardens and planters are a wonderful and colorful addition to any Calgary home. Contact our professionals if you have an interest in these options; our team knows how to install everything from a raised brick garden to a cedar garden.


Enjoy some romantic mood lighting right in your own backyard! Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to add new beauty to your property, as well as security and value. Take advantage of the setting sun and enjoy extra hours outdoors together when your garden is aglow with lights. We happily provide lighting for all your landscaping fixtures from steps to pergolas, retaining walls to walkways! Tell us where you would like the lights, and our team will handle the rest.

Decks and Fences

Add a new dimension of beauty, utility, and privacy to your home with a deck and fence installation. Who said that your living space had to end with your home’s walls? You and your loved one can enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors in privacy with both a deck and a fence. Our team will come out to your home, outline where the deck would be set up, and talk to you about your requests. This thoughtful surprise will keep your partner thrilled for years to come.

Water Features

The backyard that almost has it all needs just one thing: a water feature. Install a pond, a waterfall, or an aquatic garden to bring your yard to the next level. The peace and tranquility that a water feature can provide will be enough to soothe both you and your partner whenever you spend time together outdoors.

Project Landscape in Calgary

When it comes to finding landscapers to handle your Valentine’s Day surprise, it’s time to call Project Landscape! We are not just a team of people who love the outdoors. Our team takes pride in our dedication to our customers and their visions for what they want for their property. We know that your loved one will be overjoyed to receive a gift that can be actively enjoyed and shared for years to come. Reach out to schedule your consultation!