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The Benefits of Having a Pergola

Many homeowners have realized that extending their living spaces outdoors offers a great deal of enjoyment. Adding the right kind of landscaping will make your property more valuable for your immediate use and at the time of resale. A simple way to improve the outdoor usability is the addition of a pergola. Calgary pergola builders have realised this for some time and now you can understand why.

The Benefits of Having a Pergola

benefits of pergola calgaryIf you already have a deck and/or patio, you understand the fun of spending time in the outdoors with family and friends, or just a quiet time for yourself. You may have found yourself wishing for a little less summer sun. That is where a pergola comes in handy. With careful design and installation, you can have just the right amount of shade to make the day bearable. Some can be constructed with a retractable cover that will give more shade and even protect from light rain.

Interior designers can easily become exterior designers when working with a pergola. It is the ideal vehicle for lighting options from fairy lights to a chandelier. Add some speakers and you are ready for a party. If the area you live in is prone to period without a breeze, check with us to see if you can include a ceiling fan. Yes, installed on the upper area of a pergola, this fan will give you the air movement necessary to turn a stuffy afternoon or evening into a delight.

They will also offer you a degree of privacy. While it is still an open structure, it can obscure the view from other homes or apartments placed a little too close or that have an overview of your property. You can improve the privacy by adding drapes, latticework or screens to the sides of the pergola.

If you have a green thumb and are running out of space for in ground plantings, think about climbers like roses, ivy, wisteria, or grapevines. They will intertwine in the wood and give you an upward garden. If you prefer to have a place for your indoor plants during the temperate months but don’t want to constantly dig and remove, use hanging baskets. They will suspend from the pergola and enjoy the outdoors along with you.

If you don’t currently have a deck or patio, a pergola will define an entertainment area, lounging space, or dining location.

If a pergola sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us at Project Landscape. We have a number of options at very affordable prices. There are a variety of materials to choose from including pre-treated wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. We will be happy to come to your home to evaluate the lay of the land, existing landscaping and proximity to your house. They can be attached to an existing deck, or be made freestanding. After consultation, we are sure we can come to an agreement on just the right design for your needs. We have specialists ready to help you.