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The Pros and Cons of Having Artificial Grass for your Calgary home

Thinking of artificial grass? Our Calgary Landscapers have some helpful tips!

Calgary is a city located towards the foot of the Canadian Rockies. The city is known for its great outdoor attractions and a lot of people who enjoy outdoor lifestyles troop into this city yearly. However, when planning an outdoor design for your house in Calgary, especially when it comes to planting of grass, there are a number of factors to consider.

Hardwork + Essential Lawn Care = Beautiful Healthy Plants

Having healthy and lovely plants, flowers, and trees do not translate to having a beautiful lawn. While making your flowers beautiful, you need to make your lawn turf as healthy and attractive as well. However, this is where every other essential lawn care set in. Those tasks include watering, mowing, fertilizing, mulching, and controlling weeds.

These tasks can be time and energy consuming; especially when you are having a very wide and highly-spaced lawn. Spending your time, watering and fertilizing your garden can leave to exhausted and render you inactive for the rest of the day without being able to proceed with other daily commitments. Be that as it may, do you know that there is a particular type of grass in Calgary that requires a very low maintenance and monitoring? If you don’t, then continue reading this piece.

Artificial Grass is a synthetic grass that is designed basically to reduce the stress of maintenance while retaining its beauty and elegance. Artificial grass has been a top choice of the majority of homeowners in Calgary. Nevertheless, before investing in artificial grass, there are some pros and cons you should know.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Artificial Grass on Your Lawn

Identified below are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of having an artificial turf for your lawn in Calgary:


  • Just like natural grasses, artificial grasses are stronger, long-lasting, and more durable.
  • Synthetic turfs do not need constant watering. All you need is to clean them with water
  • Artificial turfs do not grow; hence, you needn’t mow your lawn anymore.
  • Also, artificial lawn turf does not need fertilizer
  • Artificial turf can survive regardless of the weather condition
  • Synthetic grass can withstand huge amount of foot traffic of which natural grass cannot simply do
  • Typically safe for children and adults.


  • Artificial turf absorbs heat almost readily. Sequel to this, they can become relatively unfit to walk or play on sunny days, especially for kids and young ones.
  • Yes, they don’t need to be watered or mowed regularly like natural ones, they need to be cleaned and keep tidy from time to time. If not, your synthetic turfs will be exposed to bacteria and you know the menace.
  • Before you can install artificial grass on your outdoor in Calgary, you will need to destroy all living particles on your lawn’s subsoil. Also, if you want to grow anything on a land that already or previously had fake grass; you will need to wait for many years.

Now that you have known and understand the benefits and disadvantages that go with having an artificial grass in your home in Calgary, you can now proceed to make decision. Weigh your decision carefully and make your choice. Perhaps, having synthetic turf on your lawn in Calgary is not the same as planting a new tree or flower you may decide to remove and replant elsewhere anytime you want.

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