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The Value of Trees in Your Landscape 


Trees are equally important as a vibrant, lush lawn in any Maryland landscape design project.  They help with the environment as well as the communities where they are planted while conserving energy and cleaning the air we breathe. Trees give employment, provide protection from the weather, and even aid in the healing process. 

Producers of Natural Food 

Apples, cherries, and nuts are among the many fruits and nuts that may be found on trees. In the spring, they provide us with lovely blossoms, and in the fall, they provide us with tasty fruit that is pleasant to pluck. Visit Winchester, Virginia in the spring for apple blossoms and in the  

fall for apple picking. It sometimes has the world’s largest apple storehouse! Northern Virginia is also known for its stunning cherry blossoms. 

Refugees for Wildlife 

Trees create great homes. They are home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, bees,  squirrels, and Monarch butterflies. Children are another type of “wildlife” that benefits from trees.  During the summer, treehouses and tire swings provide hours of entertainment. Two shade  trees may offer a fantastic hammock location for sleeping and reading for older “wildlife.” 

Attractive Areas 

Trees are wonderful. They may add character to your driveway or serve as a main focus in your  yard (with the help of landscape lighting). They also signal the passing of the seasons, with beautiful blossoms in the spring and spectacular leaves in the fall.  

Defenders from the Unwanted 

Nature’s superheroes are trees. Their shade shields us from dangerous UV-B rays and keeps  dust and other unpleasant particles out of our houses. Trees can provide wind protection and reduce glare and reflections. They can also help to mitigate noise pollution from airports and  busy roadways if planted properly. 

Trees are a wonderful method to screen off ugly sights whether you living near a busy highway  or just want a little privacy. Many fast-growing trees are more effective at concealing than  fences and are less expensive. They also look better in most circumstances than large, bulky  fences.

Peaceful Places 

Trees have the ability to heal. According to studies, patients who have a view of trees recover  better (and faster) than those who do not. Children with ADHD benefit from trees as well,  displaying fewer symptoms when exposed to the outdoors. 

Energy Creator and Saver 

Trees help in the preservation of the ecosystem. They have the ability to chill our houses,  streets, and cities by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. During the hot summer months, this  temperature lowering helps households and local governments to save money on cooling bills.  We also save fossil fuels and other resources by using less electricity to cool our homes and  workplaces, which might possibly contaminate the environment. 

Filters in Nature’s Air and Water 

Trees are sponges that absorb a lot of water. Pollutants (and scents) are absorbed by their  leaves and bark, and particles are filtered out of the air. Trees turn carbon dioxide into fresh  oxygen for humans to breathe through photosynthesis. One acre of mature trees can supply  enough oxygen for up to 18 people over the course of a year. 

These sponges also reduce water runoff by preventing evaporation. Trees prevent pollution  from entering seas and other water sources by directing storm water down into the ground. The  trees may filter water as it flows into the ground when chopped up as mulch, helping to  organically purify groundwater.