Landscaping Calgary

Tips for Calgary Landscape Maintenance

 The growing season is over and it is a realization about how much of your leisure time was tending to mowing and weeding and generally not enjoying it.  Now is the time to seriously think about hiring a landscape maintenance service.


To start with the company will know what to do and when to do it.  Knowing the proper timing for pre-emergent on your turf means less energy and product to keep your lawn curb appeal perfect for the entire season.  The professionals have the knowledge and training to care for different grasses, flowers, and trees.  They can keep the shrubs neatly trimmed all season so you won’t feel like you are moving through the jungle just to arrive at the front door. 


When you have a company onsite, it becomes easier to decorate or redecorate.  They have a team of professionals available.  You may simply hire them for lawn mowing but when you decided to revamp your flower bed or replace that crumbling pathway, they have the experts ready to help you.  You provide the ideas and your Calgary landscaper can provide a variety of ideas that will fit within your budget.  Not only that, but you don’t have to spend time digging or rearranging.  They are able to suggest plants or products that are best suited for your soil and light orientation.  They also have access to quality products that will enhance your outdoor enjoyment.

Experienced Team 

Your landscape team keeps an eye on how your lawn, beds, trees, etc. are growing.  They can spot problems in the early stages.  With their intervention, you can save those plants and avoid the cost of replacements.  They can work with you on your irrigation system helping you save money on your water bill.  Understanding how much and when to water is important to the overall appearance and health of your vegetation.  It also means you can plan your vacation around what you want to do and when you want to leave.  You don’t need to plan around mowing schedules.  Your lawn will continue to look impeccable even if you have traveled for three weeks straight.



Budgets are important.  Your landscaper should be respectful of the limits you have placed.  A good way to start is to explain how much you plan to spend and the landscaper can explain the options of what they can provide for that amount of money.  Before the contract is signed, you should have a detailed estimate in hand.  If these things are not happening with your current landscaper, it is time for a change.


So, the main reasons to hire a Calgary Landscape Maintenance company are to increase your property value by maintaining good curb appeal and keeping the area healthy for years to come.  You can rely on the company for expert advice and new ideas.  Most of all you reclaim the free time you lose every week by tending to chores.


If you have more questions, contact us at Project Landscape.  We will be glad to speak with you about preparing for next year’s growing season and how we can help.