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Top Water-Wise Cold Hardy Plants for Winter

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to be yard smart in Calgary. You need water-wise plants and can withstand the cold winters with snow cover. You need to choose resilient plants that can survive in Calgary. Still, choosing native plants is a wise choice. Here are some of our suggestions:

Trees to Grow

The Amur Maple

The trees are native to northern Asia but fast-growing shrubs you can train to grow with a single stem. It has a terrific color in fall with samara seedpods that persist throughout winter. Place the tree in full sun for it to thrive. Also remember it needs well-draining soil to prevent root rot.

The Bur Oak

The tree you find growing in the eastern prairies and mature into a shade tree with deep loved leaves and acorns. The tree has a deep taproot that does not compete for moisture from surrounding plants. You can expect this tree to grow up to 30 feet tall and 25 feet wide. It also prefers full sun with dry to moist soil.

The Colorado Blue Spruce

It is a famous evergreen tree, but it does need huge landscaping to grow. Similar to the other trees, it needs full sun to thrive.

The Pin Cherry

The trees are native to North America and grow a single stem with a large shrub. It has a striking red bark with white flowers in spring and bears edible red cherries.


Here is a list recommended by our Calgary gardening service team.

The American High Brush Cranberry

Yes, this shrub is native to prairie woodland and a showy plant with white blooms in spring. It grows edible red fruit, and in fall, it has a red color. The fantastic thing is this plant adapts to all soil. It only needs extra water when it bears fruit.

The Nannyberry

The shrubs are native to the eastern prairies with long slender branches. It has shiny oval leaves and turns purple/red in fall. In spring, it displays white flowers with purple blackberries in fall, creating a bird feast. The shrub grows well in the sun with partial shade.

The Potentilla

The shrub is native to the prairies and hardy yet bushy shrub with grey-green leaves. It blooms a five-petal yellow flower. The blooms remain until the first frost and need full sun but adapt well to any well-draining soil.

The Prickly Rose

Of course, the shrub is native to Alberta and the floral emblem with a fragrant, single pink bloom. The flower is gorgeous. The fantastic thing is it has red oval hips that persist right into winter to brighten up the garden. You can grow it in most soil types but must be well-drained in the sun with partial shade.

The Rocky Mountain Juniper

As the name implies, this shrub is native to the Rocky Mountains. A conical shrub has soft feathery bluish-grey foliage. It can grow up to 20 feet tall with a width of six feet. The plant prefers full sun and grows in most soil types.

If you want to keep your garden looking great, why not get yourself some of these plants and have garden service providers plant them for you. As a result, you will have gorgeous landscaping with drought and cold-tolerant plants.