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What to Ponder Before Laying Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are the perfect way to guide visitors to your front step, guests to your garden, or family to the front yard from the back. Whatever your reason is for wanting a beautiful path like this, it helps to get these stones right. Make sure you answer the following questions to ensure that they are the perfect size and layout for your home.

What shape would you like the stones to be?

This can be one of the hardest decisions you make for your yard! However, there are a few guidelines you can use if you aren’t sure what to choose. First, what would you like the feel and style of your garden to be? Those who prefer more of a natural feel will want rounded stones that look untouched, such as sandstone flagging or bluestone. If you are looking for a more formal look, you can choose square or rectangle stones. These pavers should measure about 16 by 32 inches or 20 by 20 inches.

Do you know what to keep in mind about installation?

Many people believe that they can install their new stepping stones on their own, but this can be a dangerous game to play. Install them too low, and the grass will always grow over the top. You’ll have to cut it back by hand so as to not damage your lawn mower. However, install them too high, and you won’t be able to push the mower over them at all. By choosing to have professionals design and install your stones, you can be certain that they will always sit at the proper heights, where the grass blades will sit nicely above the paver.

How far will you space them?

Spacing your stones out before installation is the key. If they are too far apart from one another, they won’t have that effortless, guiding path you are hoping for. If they are too close together, you may find yourself unintentionally shuffling down the path. The average person’s stride is about 18 inches, so keep that in mind when laying out your stones. If this is the case of you, place the stones to be that far apart! You can mark the ground with spray paint, golf tees, or anything else that will stay in place and show your landscapers where you would like them to be installed.

What should go in between the pavers?

If you intend to lay down your stepping stones over the top of a lush, healthy lawn, then you have nothing to worry about. They will look great and can be installed easily. However, some people choose to install pavers like these in shady or naturally rocky areas. When this is the case, it’s time to talk to professional landscapers and see what they would advise. Usually, smaller stones make a great addition in between pavers if natural grass is not an option. How you arrange your stones will also have an impact on the overall feels. If you are searching for a more natural and “random” feel, then feel free to lay out the stones in a more disorganized, but still close, pattern.

What goes under the stepping stones?

Most of the stepping stones you’ve probably seen are laid on a foundation of builder’s sand. This gives them stability so they don’t sink. However, over time, both moisture and foot traffic will cause these stones to change how they are situated. You may need to lift them from time to time in order to add more sand or soil underneath. However, cement is also an option if you want something completely permanent!

Why choose stepping stones instead of a solid path?

Many people take pride in their yards, and they want to choose a focal point without overpowering the rest of the home. A hard pathway of paving can often steal the eye and take attention from the parts you are really proud of. Stepping stones create a softer visual that can complement your yard instead of taking from it.

What sorts of stones are best?

You have a lot of choices here, but we do have some guidelines. Since stepping stones are most often installed in a garden bed or a lawn, we recommend avoiding porous materials like sandstone. Instead, choose hard-wearing materials like granite or travertine.

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