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Why Commercial Landscape Lighting?

When it comes to attracting business, you don’t need us to tell you that looks matter. People want to know that those they do business with can maintain their property as well as they can maintain their clients! With that being said, many commercial properties neglect the importance of landscaping and landscape lighting. Today, we is here to tell you why your Calgary business may be in need of some outdoor lighting! Contact us today to learn more and get an estimate for your installation.


Lighting can be a huge benefit when thinking about the appearance of an area of landscaping. Do you have a particular sculpture outside, or perhaps a certain set of trees that stand out? If so, lighting is the perfect way to set these apart from the rest of the landscaping. With this lighting, you can see textures and architectural details that you can’t call out during the daylight hours. Take advantage of this ability and show off our landscaping every evening.


If you own a business that is open past sundown, this is especially useful. Some restaurants will use an outdoor garden/patio area to entice their diners, and your business should be no exception. Allow people to navigate the space and use it, even in the night time.


If your property has steps, excess vegetation, changes in the slope on the sidewalk, or just debris in the walkway, these can all be serious safety issues if someone can’t see where they are going. If you have properly placed landscaping lighting, people can see the paths ahead and plan accordingly to stay safe. You don’t want any accidental falls down the stairs and a subsequent lawsuit!


A well-lit landscape will not provide any secret hiding spots or convenient nooks for thieves to hide. With that in mind, you are more likely to secure your property and prevent theft simply by having your commercial space well-lit during the night. Why not invest in that extra protection while improving the aesthetics, as well?


Lighting is a wonderful investment in your property because it can increase the value. Even if you don’t intend on selling your commercial property for quite some time, it can raise the value of the surrounding properties and encourage businesses that can keep up with your appearance to move in nearby. With a beautiful business area like this, all of your companies will benefit.

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At Project Landscape, we don’t just handle your landscaping—we do just about everything pertaining to your property. This includes both residential and commercial properties! We are a full-service commercial company, and we know what it means to be fully committed to giving you the very best. We offer services ranging from retaining walls to patios, from sidewalks to tree and shrub planting. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our commercial lighting and how we can help you illuminate your business’s property. We look forward to giving you the finest in Calgary landscaping!