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Why Have an Irrigation System?


Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Surely, you want to make your backyard look beautiful for the barbeque with the family with lush green grass and well taken care of plants. However, it can be overwhelming to take care of a yard and maintain it looking gorgeous. This is where irrigation systems come into play.

An irrigation system consists of several sprinklers that are installed underground. The system consists of pipes that are buried eight to twelve inches deep in the ground. Each of the sprinkler heads is placed at strategic levels to keep your grass and plants looking lush and green throughout the season. Many benefits come from installing an irrigation system, here are some of them:

Increase Value

A sprinkler system will make your back and front yards look lusher, which increases your home’s market value in the long run. Additionally, when selling your home, you can focus on other projects to raise its value, since the yard will continue to look beautiful because you have an irrigation system doing the work for you.

Fewer Weeds and Healthier Plants

Irrigation systems can deliver water to the roots of the plants, so they can grow healthy and strong. Additionally, this will help to stop weed seeds from germinating. Not to mention, avoiding spraying water on the leaves of plants will allow for fewer blight or leaf diseases.

Keep a Balanced Soil

If you overwater the soil of your yard, it can lose some nutrients that are crucial to plants. Additionally, overwatering can also make the soil more compact, making it difficult for plants to grow and thrive in your yard. A sprinkler system allows you to control how much water is dispersed in the soil and prevent any of these issues.

You Control Everything

One of the best things about irrigation systems is that you can determine how much water is being distributed as well as where it is going. This allows you to give the proper to plants that have a wide variety of needs and give them time to thrive.

Project Landscape can help you find a solution to your irrigation system problems. Our team of experts can install an irrigation system to get your yard in top shape, as well as make repairs to your existing sprinklers. Additionally, we offer custom irrigation system design, service packages, and additions to your existing system. We are Calgary’s top-rated local landscape company for both residential and commercial businesses. Our dedicated professionals will make sure that you get the yard of your dreams, contact us for a free quote.