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Winter Landscaping Tips

The freezing temperatures during the wintertime wreak havoc on your landscape and all the features in it. This is the time your shrubs, plants and trees need some extra TLC. We recommend these tips when it comes to your landscaping in Calgary this winter:

  • If there is any debris or leaves lying around in your landscape, they need to be cleared without delay. This accumulation can affect the condition of the soil and make it difficult for new grass to grow after winter. In fact, if the leaves form a very thick layer on the grass that can ruin the lawn area entirely.
  • Applying good quality organic mulch is a great way to protect the ground from the frost. Make sure you cover all the exposed areas and pay special attention to the spaces around the base of the trees, plants and shrubs. This added protection will prevent soil erosion and keep the moisture in the soil intact.
  • If you haven’t fertilized and aerated the soil once the first freeze set in, do not attempt to do that now. The ground will be frozen hard so it’s best to wait till the warmer weather sets in before you start any aeration processes.landscaping-calgary-winter-5c3dfb2858e48
  • Make sure that all the shrubs and plants in your landscaping in Calgary are pruned and trimmed and cover them with burlap warps. This will provide them some protection from the sleet and snow.
  • Apply anti-transpirants to all your trees and plants. It will help them retain moisture. Water loss from the exposed surfaces of leaves can affect the plantings and the anti-transpirant will help prevent this.
  • If you haven’t trimmed tree branches yet, tie the thinner ones together. That will give them the strength to bear the weight of the snow or ice loads. Trees that become damaged during winter time are more susceptible to disease and rot, later during
  • While trees are hardier than shrubs and plants, they too need some added protection during wintertime. Rabbits & rats can burrow around trees to find some shelter from the cold and this can damage the trees. It’s best to install plastic or wire tree guards around the tree trunks to prevent this from happening.

Hire Experts For Winter Landscaping Calgary

Managing all these tasks yourself can be quite tedious and time-consuming, especially with all the snow around. It’s best to hire professionals like us for these jobs. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to handle these tasks expertly.

We at Project Landscape provide excellent winter maintenance solutions for landscapes. For any more information about our expert landscaping Calgary services, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form.