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3 Steps to Green Grass this Season

Spring is here! But look at your wilted dry-looking tired lawn. You will frustrated that you will never win that Yard of the Month sign from the homeowners association that you have been wishing for. You grass does not look as green or health as your neighbors. What could be the problem? Be prepared to be proactive. Now; it is time to stop wishing but taking action!

The most important place to start is your grass. No one will notice your colorful flowers if your grass is brown and dead.calgary lawn care landscape

Green your grass by following these 3 steps

Step 1 – Overseeding

Overseeding is regular seed application to living turfgrass stall to accelerate density of the turf. As you notice, grass in the football field have no chance of recovery as hundreds of feet are stepping on it day-by-day. No quick grass recuperation in situations like this. Grasses growing in areas used for games, gym classes, practices and other school activities are in a poor state. The remedy is overseeding done on regular on fields with heavy traffic to create thicker, more uniform, and safe playing surfaces. If the sods are too hard, you might use a power rake.

Through overseeding, you will lawn will recover its former grandeur; in time your lawn will be a thick and lush, green carpet that you will proud to show off to your friends. It took very little efforts, simply spreading grass seeds over your existing lawn, grass will thicken up the thin areas, and your lawn will start to look terrific again. You have your wish, your lawn looks like a luscious green carpet.

Step 2 – Aeration

Aeration is a procedure of perforating the soil puncturing to enable water to enter easily and introduce more supply of oxygen into the soil. You can aerate the soil using manual or mechanical equipment when done outdoors. It either removes soil cores from the upper layer, or by using spikes to puncture the soil. Done for indoor gardening, the same procedure is followed but the way aeration is done differs. In many cases, the real composition of the soil is adjusted to acquire more oxygenation and absorption of water. Aeration is also called as soil aeration or oxygenation.

Step 3 – Proper watering cycle

A lawn with essential water supply is happy and healthy. If you love your lawn,   water it properly. Nocturnal water sprinkling is perfect setting to set up a disease. If water too light, grass roots will not grow deeply enough, and might be a problem during hot weather.

Watering tips – Water in the morning; soak water 6 Inches into the soil; use pulsating sprinklers; go easy with new grass; water twice a week; get a timer; get all the water in; and let water soak in hard soil.

Luscious green grass starts from the roots. If the soil is too compacted, the roots of the grass cannot penetrate down there. So you cannot produce a health lawn. Aeration can easily solve compacted soil. Compacted soil is easily fixed by simply poking holes into the soil to allow entry of oxygen, water, and nutrients to flow freely. Power rake might even be used to poke compacted soil. Hydraulic core aeration machine to quickly and powerfully aerate the soil more deeply