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5 Tips for Keeping Weeds Under Control


As summer approaches, we all want that beautiful yard to spend the weekends with the family. However, weeds are a huge problem for many homeowners. You might be in this fight right now, trying to figure out why you got rid of weeds on one side of the yard, but more apparent on the other. Luckily, there are some easy tips that you can follow to make your life a little easier.


When working on a yard, you need to find the sweet spot when it comes to fertilizer. If you fertilize too little, the lawn can become sparse, and weeds can take over. If you apply too much, it can lead to certain weeds growing and thriving as well. The best way to find a balance is to follow instructions on the package and use a fertilizer with a high percentage of controlled-release nitrogen. This will allow a slow and steady nutrient supply to the soil. You should also the frequency and timing into consideration. Depending on the type of lawn, you might need to fertilize more times during the year than others.

Water Grass Infrequently

If you water your grass frequently and lightly, it can lead to shallow roots, which give way to crabgrass, bluegrass, sedges, and other weeds to germinate. Additionally, if you water your lawn too little, it might dry out in some spots and give way to other types of weeds. Overall, the best option is to provide infrequent, deep soaking.

Use Mulch

If you do not keep watch of your garden, or take the proper precautions, weeds can quickly take over unplanted areas and any open ground around plants. To make sure that does not occur, you should spread mulch over the soil surface to block the sunlight, preventing weeds from growing in the mulched area. In the rare case that a few weeds sprout, they can be easily pulled out. Different types of mulch are better for certain areas of your garden. For example, shredded or chipped bark is good for large areas between trees and shrubs, since it decomposes slowly and is not easily blown away by the wind. For any path, you should go for a thick layer of sawdust, which suppresses weeds as well.

Mow Higher

It is also important to pay attention when you are mowing the lawn. If you are mowing too low, the turf can become weak, which reduces the ability of the grass to produce enough nutrients, giving it space for weeds. You might need to do some research, but each grass type has a range of height that is recommended when mowing it. Once you find this height, go for the largest option in the range.

Apply Herbicides

Preemergence herbicides kill weeds as they are germinating, but they will not kill established weeds. These herbicides should contain oryzalin or trifluralin, but you can also use nontoxic corn gluten meal. For the preemergence herbicide to be effective, you must apply it to a soil that does not have any visible weeds along with water.

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