Lawn Care Calgary

Calgary Landscape Maintenance Tips

Keeping a beautiful landscape through the season is a lot of work.  The value comes in pride in your property and a welcoming atmosphere for guests, family, clients, and onlookers.

A healthy landscape is easy when you hire professionals.  They will assign a team to maintain your lawn, flowers, and other plants to stay healthy and appealing.  This will maintain the curb appeal of your home or commercial building area.  It will assure that your property is in perfect shape for special occasions or just an ordinary Tuesday.

Maintaining a Healthy Landscape

Maintaining a healthy Calgary landscape is also important to the environment.  The soil is a natural filtration system for watershed.  In addition, the trees, plants, and flowers clean the air as they grow and mature.  Careful plantings can also help bird and other wildlife thrive to maintain a solid ecosystem.

lawn-maintenance-calgaryMany people don’t realize that by maintaining a healthy lawn, you are actually preventing weed growth.  If turf is healthy with a solid root structure, the weeds will have no place to germinate.  This also means there is less chance for an infiltration of grubs or other unwanted insects.  A landscape maintenance company will keep your lawn mowed to the correct height so that it can properly photosynthesize the sunlight and nutrients and stay healthy.  Watering and appropriate fertilization will also mean there is less chance for weeds to sprout.  Without weeds you won’t need to worry about using chemicals to control the growth, which means it is, again, better for the environment.

Our yard is an important part of our daily lives.  Children play and pets roam.  Preventing weeds means eliminating the worry of some toxic plant starting to grow in your lawn that would be tempting for some pet or toddler to nibble on.

Most people today live hectic schedules between work, professional commitments, travel, volunteerism, children’s activities, and other responsibilities.  Arriving home near dark leaves little time for mowing or maintaining a good looking landscape.  Using a landscape maintenance service means one less thing to worry about.  The crew comes in to mow, trim, water, and otherwise take care of your yard and you can concentrate on the important matters of life.

Professional Lawn Maintenance in Calgary

If you are interested in exploring the advantages of professional lawn maintenance, contact us at Project Landscape.  We bring a team of experts who are dedicated to the quality of your landscape.  We are able to establish and maintain a lush lawn for your personal enjoyment and to provide the curb appeal that your neighborhood will appreciate.

For our commercial customers we are able to provide all the services to keep their green space carefully manicured and healthy to present a professional appearance to their clients and employees.

We can make it happen by your contacting our office.  We will send out a specialist in Calgary to look at the current condition of your lawn, trees and other plants and help decide the best plan of action that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact our team at Project Landscape today to see how we can help!