Lawn Care Calgary

Full Season Lawn Care Programs

When it comes to lawn care in the Calgary area, there are plenty of things that you can do yourself or hire a professional to handle for you. Here at Project Landscape we offer a full-season lawn care program that is meant to have your lawn looking amazing year-round. While you may see fertilizer and other materials on the market that are meant to make your lawn look amazing, in many of these cases, they are using harmful ingredients that can have devastating effects on the Earth. That is why we strive to use organic products whenever possible. We truly believe that they are better for your lawn and environment and will render amazing results.

Why do we use organic fertilizers?

Fertilizer is meant to be food for the soil, thus when traditional fertilizers are used which are full of chemicals, this is resulting in chemicals running into the groundwater and other bodies of water. With organic fertilizers, we can feed the soil to help it become better naturally and help with any growing issues that you may be having. Plus, organic fertilizers offer benefits like:

– Helping the soils ability to hold water and nutrients

– Organic fertilizers help the lawns to be healthier, resulting in healthier and stronger plants

– This is safe for pets and families

– It is environmentally friendly

Top Dressing: Step for a Great Lawn

Topdressing your lawn can be done at any time of the growing season, though Fall is the best time to do this. The benefits to top dressing your lawn include:

– Repairs any low spots in the yard and helps to stop erosion

– Smooths the lawn surface

– Helps control thatch

– Improves the soil

– Improves drainage especially when we aerate the area

– Is beneficial for when you need to seed the yard or have overseeded the yard

– Is the best way to protect the grass throughout the winter months

We offer several different lawn care packages that are going to benefit any yard in the Calgary area. Your lawn should always be cared for, even in those months that the winter weather hits hard. You will find that the more care you give the yard now, the better it will be the next season. Year after yard of great Calgary lawn care is going to show with a healthy yard that your neighbors will be envious of. And if you notice that you have a problem area in your lawn, we can diagnose what is going on and take steps to remedy this issue.

Ready to get started? While you can do this on your own, we recommend that you contact us, the professionals in lawn care in the Calgary area. You will find that our staff is focused on your yard, the safety of the products that are used and we always ensure that we show up for the appointment that best fits your schedule. For quality lawn care that you can count on, there is no better place to turn than Project Landscape for all your lawn care needs.