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How to Naturally Kill Weeds

Having a perfect, green lawn is quite the achievement to brag about. It takes hard work and dedication. But most of all, patience. Why? Because the sun helps all plants grow, even those pesky weeds that insult all the hard work and money you’ve put into your lawn. In this blog, we are going to talk about 3 ways to naturally get rid of those unwanted weeds. We will also cover how to prevent weeds from sprouting in the first place.

By Hand

This is our most apparent tip, but it is still essential to go over. Pulling weeds by hand is the most reliable solution because you literally get to the root of the problem. There are a few ways to effectively remove weeds by hand. An obvious way is to put on a pair of gardening gloves, pinch the weed at its base, and pull it. It is important to keep in mind that if you want to permanently get rid of the weed, you need to pull out the root from the ground. Another common way is to use a screwdriver. Simply drive your screwdriver into the ground at a slight angle towards the root of the weed. Then, pull the screwdriver towards you. This solution is a slightly better way than using your hands because there are times where you don’t get the root of the weed out of the ground by hand.

A Natural Remedy

Trust us, we understand why somebody would want an alternative to pulling weeds by hand. Pulling weeds is a laborious task that is not easy on the back. Additionally, there are spots in which it’s nearly impossible to pull weeds. These spots include perimeter weeds and weeds that grow through cracks of your driveway, brick, etc.

We are living in a time where the trend of living green is becoming more popular and we want to provide a simple three-ingredient solution that you can get from your pantry. All you need is:

  • 1 gallon of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap
  • 1 cup of salt

All you have to do is mix this solution in a spray bottle and apply it to the weeds during the sunniest part of the day.

This concoction can be used to wither away weeds with results in as few as a few hours. The acetic acid in the vinegar along with the salt is used for drying out the weed. The dish soap is used to reduce the surface tension that can cause the solution to bead on the leaves instead of it being absorbed.

Although, there are some negative aspects of this solution. This natural remedy is not designed so that it works its way down to the root of the weed, unlike other chemical-based solutions. This means that you might have to apply the solution more than once. Also, this solution relies on hot, dry, sunny days. Here in Calgary, we’re not worried about the dry days, but those hot days are relatively rare. The biggest setback of this solution is that it kills more than just weeds. Unfortunately, it can kill any plant it makes contact with, so make sure if you use this solution to be cognisant of neighboring plants.

Let Project Landscape Handle Your Weeds

Here at Project Landscape, we offer plenty of solutions that can prevent the growth of weeds, contain weeds, and get rid of weeds. We use organic fertilizers to not only keep your lawn healthy but your kids and pets healthy as well. We can also top-dress and aerate your lawn for healthier soil. Weeds love healthy soil, though, right? That is true, but our dedicated crew is committed to providing you a healthy, beautiful looking lawn with our weekly lawn maintenance services. Furthermore, our sod installments make the growth of certain weeds a lot more difficult.

We know everything landscaping. We also know how difficult upkeep your lawn can be in Calgary with our short warm seasons. But, that doesn’t stop us from making sure you have the dream lawn that everybody in the neighborhood is talking about. If there are any questions regarding lawn care, check out our turf management page for more information. If you have any questions regarding anything landscaping, or you want a free quote, make sure to contact us today!