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How to Prepare Your Lawn For the Spring and Summer

Here in Calgary, winters can be long and cold, but we all know how gorgeous our summers are! Yet, at the end of this long winter, our lawns will be brown and trying to come back to life. How do you prepare your lawn for the incoming spring and summer? In this blog, we will go over seven ways in which you can prepare your yard so it looks its best during the summer.

Clean Up Your Lawn

The first thing you can do to help your lawn and your outside house appeal is to clean it up. Although this is a tedious chore, it is necessary for you to clean your yard up of any twigs, branches, and any other debris that may be lying around. This will help the grass grow more naturally and make the following tips easier.

Cut Your Grass

Once the snow melts away, the grass will start to grow and, in some cases, will grow more rapidly, compared to the end of summer. It is important that you consistently trim your lawn as there might be leaf development. Think of it as cutting split ends off your hair.

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Aerate and Scarify

Aerating and scarifying involves removing as much of the thatch and other grass growing prohibitors. You can do this with a fork or spike roller to create holes of at least 20cm deep into your soil. Doing this will prevent limited movement of water, air, fertilizer, and other beneficial substances within your lawn. Spring is the ideal time to do this because the grass is actively growing and can recover from the process more efficiently.

Feed Your Lawn

Feeding your lawn adds a protective topcoat that can help prevent weeds, keep the soil moist and increase growth. This will also help your lawn retain water, especially through those dry Calgary summers. Make sure that you don’t overdo it on fertilizers with a lot of chemicals as they can either kill your grass or influence weeds to grow bigger.

Try to Prevent Weed Growth

Weeds are prominent in spring and at the end of summer. Properly aerating and feeding your yard will definitely help when it comes to weeds, but weeds have their reputation for a reason. To help prevent weeds from growing, make sure your lawn is properly fertilized. If weeds still grow, it is safer to manually get rid of the weed as weed killers have chemicals that kill grass.

Water Your Lawn

Now this one seems fairly obvious, but giving your lawn a long, thorough watering a couple of times a week is better than watering a little bit every day. Overwatering it can cause the grass to succumb to diseases. When you irrigate, make sure it’s either early morning or late afternoon as the grass will absorb more of the water.

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