Lawn Care Calgary

Sod Installation Tips

If you have been considering sod installation in your Calgary landscape, but are wondering if it is worth it, here are some things to consider:

  • Instant landscaping – You won’t need to seed and then wait for germination and sprouting.  There won’t be any bare spots.  It is the easiest way to have lush lawn to be proud of.
  • Eco-friendly – Turf reduces greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide.
  • Value added – A verdant lawn can add as much as 20% to the value of a home at resale.
  • Cooler – As compared to asphalt, rock and concrete, grass is about 30 degrees cooler in the summer

Using a professional company like Project Landscape means that everything is taken care of.  We calculate the area and order the right amount of sod.  The ground is prepared by grading, adding top-quality topsoil, and assuring proper drainage.  After installation, we provide detailed information and a schedule for the proper watering to be sure you get the results you are after.

New varieties of grass are always in development.  One of the most popular is Manderley’s Less Water Sod.  This turf is drought tolerant so you can reduce maintenance watering by up to 50%.  It is one of the early sods to turn green in the spring and to stay green longer.  It is hardy even for our Canadian winters.  It has proven durable even in high foot traffic areas.

We have a process that will give your new lawn the best chance for success:

  • Grading – We make sure that the ground slope is away from the property foundation.  Proper drainage is important to both the health of the grass but also to the integrity of the home it surrounds.
  • Soil Preparation – Having the proper amount of topsoil is important so that the sod will have the best chance to develop and maintain a strong root system.  We recommend a minimum of 4 inches of new top soil, but 6 inches is the preferred depth.
  • Fertilizing – Every living thing needs food.  At Project Landscape we incorporate a starter fertilizer into the topsoil to give your new lawn a healthy diet from its inception.
  • Delivery – The sod is not delivered until the day we lay it.  Our crew will have it in place within 2 to 3 hours so you needn’t worry about it drying out before it gets a chance to grow.
  • Watering – Before we leave, we provide a complementary watering.  We also provide a schedule for the homeowner to follow to be sure the sod gets a good start.

As you can tell, Project Landscape is an experienced company when it comes to providing sod for your property.  We are concerned for our customers and want them to be satisfied with the final product and our services.  Our professionals are skilled and trained in everything from the soil preparation to offering a detailed schedule for watering and mowing.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to discuss your needs and to have one of our representatives come by your place to offer recommendations.