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The Benefits of Laying Sod

Are you looking at your neighbour’s immaculate lawn and wishing you had the same? 

Sod is professionally grown grass that you can lay on your own lawn, and it comes with a number of benefits to seeding or other methods. Though the initial installation cost of sod is higher than seeding, it’s easier for you and is ready quicker.

So here are 5 key benefits to laying sod:

  1. The Instant Lawn Effect

benefits of sodThe number one benefit to sod is the ‘instant lawn’ effect. You don’t have to wait for the seeds to sprout, and you don’t even have to take care to grow it correctly, as the experts have done that for you already!

Getting a perfect looking lawn is simple with sod, and as soon as it is installed, it looks like it’s been there for ages.

  1. Increases Real Estate Value of Your Home

Alongside an instant lawn, the second benefit is that your real estate value increases when you’ve laid sod. 

Real estate agents say that this is because “most homebuyers are more excited about touring a home that looks inviting on the outside than one that is sad and dreary”.

So if you’re looking to sell, or if you’re interested in that polished, high-quality look in your neighbourhood, sod is the best way to do so.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Turf that is already grown and living has the massive benefit of absorbing carbon dioxide, a well-known problem greenhouse gas. After absorbing the carbon dioxide, it converts it into oxygen and releases that back out.

Reducing emissions, one lawn at a time! But, alongside emissions, another environmentally friendly aspect of sod lawns is…

  1. Less Irrigation Once Installed

Once the experts have grown and installed the sod for you, the upkeep is less taxing than seed, too. Sod needs regular irrigation to make sure that it is moist enough to firmly plant itself. 

Fortunately, sod doesn’t dry out nearly as fast as other methods of creating the perfect lawn. Where a seeded lawn would need four or more waterings per day, depending on local weather, sod would only need two waterings.

Using less water is another economical saving benefit to laying sod.

  1. Prevents Soil Erosion

Soil is impacted by weather all of the time, wind in particular can erode the soil and make it difficult to use your lawn. Muddy ground, or dusty interiors are common side effects of soil erosion in lawns.

Sod eliminates this completely by the major advantage of being fully grown when it’s delivered. The mat of sod will completely cover the lawn area, meaning that the dust is no longer picking up in the wind, and the soil and mud is less able to come up to the surface.

This keeps your home dust and dirt free.

Our Top Five Reasons for Laying Sod on your Lawn

  1. The Instant Lawn Effect
  2. Increases Real Estate Value of Your Home
  3. Environmentally Friendly
  4. Less Irrigation Once Installed
  5. Prevents Soil Erosion

Hopefully, it’s plain to see that the costs of installation for sod are far outweighed by the benefits that laying it can have. We’ve touched on only a few of the benefits sod has over other methods, and if you’d like to find out more, please contact us.

Our experienced team would be happy to discuss your needs and have one of our representatives come by your place to offer recommendations.