Lawn Care Calgary

Why is Using Artificial Grass the Best

Are you considering using an artificial grass Calgary service? Then you have chosen the best option as artificial turf has loads of benefits. The best part is it looks great, and if you find a drought-taking place, your lawn still looks great. But, that is not all; using artificial grass in Calgary has much more to offer.

Artificial Grass in Calgary Needs no Maintenance

While this might be overstated, it still needs minimal maintenance. You spend a lot of time mowing and water grass, right! Yet, with synthetic turf, it needs no lawn care, and you can enjoy relaxing more. Still, even better, it also eliminates puddling. When an artificial turf Calgary provider installs it for you, they roll out the ground to make it smooth. Doing this removes grooves or valleys where water accumulates. Then, they install small irrigation channels to drain the excess water away.

You Have no Grass Stains

How often have your kids played on the grass bringing in mud stains or having grass stains on their clothes? Yes, there are no grass stains when you have artificial turf. But, neither do you have unsightly brown streaks across the lawn caused by them sliding over it.

You Have no Bare Ruts or Spots

Natural grass with high volumes of traffic leads to pathways with bare spots and ruts. Using artificial grass removes these damages and remains to look resilient even when walked on. In addition, the blades bounce back to remain standing upright.

Weather is of no Concern

Your artificial grass needs no shade to prevent it from fading or drying in the sun. Instead, you can leave it in direct sunlight throughout the year. You can even place it in shaded areas without giving it sunlight or water. Best of all, the turf is safe for your pets and kids. The synthetic material has anti-bacterial properties preventing the spread of bacteria and germs. Therefore, your pets and children can safely play on it without exposure to fertilizers, toxic chemicals, or harmful pesticides.

You need not fertilize the Grass

As your artificial turf does not grow you, cut out on the expenses of investing in fertilizer to keep it growing. The grass remains green, lush, and toxin-free. Further, it does not add any harm to the environment. The turf is drought resistant, as it needs no watering saving you load on the utility bills.

Works Well in Recreational Spots

If you have a tennis court, bocce ball, or putting green, artificial grass works well in these areas. Best of all, it looks great on a patio. The artificial grass withstands high traffic and is resistant to damage. You can shape it according to your needs and get it in a variety of patterns.

Artificial Grass Calgary Services are Cost-Effective

With artificial grass, you get a long-lasting benefit with value, and it is cost-effective. While it might seem expensive at first, it pays for itself in the end. The reason is that you save loads of money on water, fertilizers, compost, and more. The best part is it improves the value of your home after a couple of years. So if you are still wondering if you should use an artificial grass Calgary provider, we hope the benefits mentioned help you make the right decision.