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Why you should hire a professional lawn care company

Lawn Care – Do-It-Yourself Vs. Professional Care

In today’s world, the craze for DIY is increasing day by day and there is many who think they can tackle the lawn care too on their very own. A gaze at the lawn  might make it look very simple and the process of maintaining as per a DIY enthusiastic is just mowing it once in a week, watering it and adding fertilizer. But, do you really think it is it?

It is important to understand that maintaining and safeguarding a healthy lawn is a lot of work. Proper mowing along with fertilizing is needed and some things like aeration or pest control can be well handled by the professionals. 

Let us now have a look at some of the factors which indicate that hiring a Calgary landscaping pro for your next project is better than doing it yourself.

Mistakes in Mowing:

Mowing is often considered easy and a number of people who have a lawn do mow the grass. But, in many cases, the grass is mowed too short so that they can get some time between each mowing. Grass which is short can get damaged easily by insects or diseases. On the other hand, professionals are aware of the fact that the grass should not be cut short and at least one part of the grass blade has to be left intact. This will increase the strength of the roots and the lawn too will look attractive. The professionals also maintain their mowing equipment well and hence can complete the task in no time.

Using Fertilizers:

Though it takes just one trip to the fertilizer aisle, choosing the right one for the lawn can be confusing. Most of the times, homeowners apply too much of fertilizer or do it wrong and this will affect the root growth of the grass. Wrong usage of the same can at times even burn the lawn down. Calgary lawn care experts know how and how much fertilizer has to be used. Once you hire their services, they come in at the right time and treat the lawn.

The equipment used:

Homeowners do not have upgraded equipment all the time, but it is not the same with professional services. They make use of quality and professional equipment and hence it does not even cause any damage to the grass when used.

Environment concerns:

Improper use of fertilizers not only damages the lawn but also poses a risk to the environment. Excess fertilizers that are left on drive ways can get washed away and they then enter the ground, polluting the ground water. When you hire the our expert services, they take proper safety precautions and follow the said application procedures.

The knowledge:

Well, as a home maker you might love your lawn but you cannot forget the value of knowledge an expert in this field has. Experts can take care of weed control, de-thatching and aeration. They know what the lawn needs, leaving no scope for any mistakes.

Remember that your time is valuable and you save on your time too by hiring professional lawn care services.  If you need an expert in this industry, look no further than Project Landscape Ltd. We offer free quotes!