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Hiring a Lawn Care Service is a Must!

As much as we all love a perfectly trimmed lawn, watered and blooming flowers, and freshly poured mulch, life can get in the way. For those who are passionate about a beautiful lawn, there’s always a lawn maintenance service for when you’d rather sit back and relax than do yard work. So whether you want to hit the road for the weekend, catch up with an old friend, or spend your time relaxing with a book, let us help you skip the yard work. Here are some of the top reasons why hiring a lawn maintenance service is worth it.


Springtime is huge for lawn care, as that’s when we start to see the grass coming through the melting snow! Trees are turning green once again, and flowers are beginning to bloom—meaning, of course, that the lawn is going to need a bit of a trim. Here’s what the average Calgary lawn needs in the springtime:

  • Mowing: Most lawns need to be mowed at least once a week in the spring. This continues all the way through the fall, or until the grass becomes dormant for the chillier weather.
  • Aeration: Aeration is perforating the topsoil. This allows for air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’ roots more easily. It will help your lawn look and feel greener and more luscious throughout the year!
  • Fertilization: Fertilizer should be applied about three times per year. Of course, when you should fertilize depends on the type of grass. In order to be absolutely certain that you are giving your grass the attention and care it deserves, call in lawn care professionals who know what your grass needs.


Summer usually indicates that insects are coming, and we know that’s the case for mosquitoes here more so than any others. Be prepared to beat the heat and the necessary chores by hiring professionals to handle the labor-intensive work for you. Here’s what your lawn will need in the summer:

  • Insecticide treatment: Lawns are more susceptible to insect infestations during the summer months, including bugs that can damage your trees and plants. And, mosquitoes can be a serious hazard if not taken care of. The good news is, we offer Project Mosquito to keep these pests away from you and your family.
  • Weed control: Our lawns go through quite a bit in the summer months, so we recommend avoiding herbicides to handle weeds. Instead, hand-pulling weeds is the way to go. If that sounds like too much work, contact lawn maintenance professionals to handle them for you.
  • Fertilization: Grass that grows in warmer months should be fertilized twice in the spring and once in the late summer.


Everyone loves fall because of the beautiful colors we see on our trees. However, leaves begin to fall and make a mess for us to deal with when we’d rather be enjoying our warm drinks with family. Here are some of the top services lawn maintenance professionals can provide in the fall:

  • Seeding: This is the perfect time to fill in any thin or bare patches in your lawn. Create a thicker, healthier lawn now in order to see the benefits in the springtime.
  • Raking: The falling leaves may be the most beautiful, yet the most irritating, part of fall. Without raking regularly, the lawn underneath the leaves can begin to suffer and even develop mildew. Rake often!
  • Fertilization: Fertilizing needs to happen at just about every season. For cool-season grasses, you need to apply fertilizer twice in the fall and once at the beginning of spring.

Project Landscape Ltd. in Calgary

We understand how important your lawn is to you, but we also know how much you value your free time. If you are ready to have a professional team come in and handle your lawn maintenance for you, contact us! We will happily provide our services for businesses and residential areas alike.

For those of you who are concerned about budget, we offer a range of packages so you can choose one that best meets your budget needs. Make sure to reach out to our team today to ask for more information on each package, as well as figure out which one is the best fit for your budget and needs. We look forward to giving you the lawn care you deserve!