Lawn Maintenance Alberta

Tips to Help You Prepare for Spring

While the temperatures were brutal this winter, Alberta can walk away this year saying that we’ve overcome a very mild winter compared to years prior. As it seems, there are signs of spring that are already showing around the city. Now that this is starting to happen, the team at Project Landscape Ltd. has one thing on their mind: preparation for the months to come.

We have compiled a list of things that you can start to do so that you can be fully prepared for the warmer months to come.

Start With a Cleanup

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is work on cleaning up your yard. Given the wet conditions that we’re so used to seeing during the winter, there are almost always some messy remains of winter. If you have trees around the yard, this could include broken branches, damp leaves, dead plants, etc. The first thing that you’ll want to do is ensure that you remove all of these dead items from your yard so that your lawn can truly soak up the nutrients that it needs to have a healthy summer.

This step goes beyond your yard and can easily apply to your home. This, after all, is why spring cleaning is such a common thing for people to do at the beginning of the year. Take some time to put away all of the leftover decorations from the holidays, dust down the furniture, and freshen up your home.

Check for Efficiency

Efficiency is essential all year long, but when it comes to your home the two times of the year that you’re going to notice a change in efficiency the most will be during the winter and summer. That being said, spring is a fantastic time to analyze the winter that you just had and prepare for any changes that need to be made before summer.

Often, people will check their windows for any cracks or leaks. If you noticed that there was frost or perspiration on your windows this winter, then this is a project that you can count on happening before summer sets in. You can also check for any cracks in your siding or foundation so that these can be taken care of before the next season were efficiency makes a huge difference.

By checking for these types of issues in advance, you can get these projects scheduled now or at the beginning of summer so that you’re not wasting energy or time during the busiest season of the year. Aside from that, you can make sure that your home is entirely efficient during the hottest time of the year.

Check on Your Sprinklers

Another thing that you can do to get ahead of the game is scheduled a time to have your sprinklers looked at. Hopefully, you had your sprinklers blown out before temperatures dropped to low, but if you haven’t, then this will also be the time that you’ll want to work on getting your sprinklers fixed.

To have a healthy lawn, you certainly need to have a healthy flow of water. Prioritizing your sprinklers early on will make it so much easier for you to go into the spring seasons with all of the supplies and equipment that you need to be taken care of in advance. By doing this in the spring, you can make the most of the spring showers and save some money there, but you’ll also have your sprinklers ready to feed your lawn with the nourishment it needs to be beautiful. Aside from that, you’ll also be tackling a significant service scheduling that needs to be taken care of annually, before the busy season even comes around. Who could complain about that?

Clean Your Gutters

During the winter your gutters get quite a bit of action. From the amounts of snow that fall and filter into your gutters to the different types of debris that can fall from trees, it’s not uncommon for gutters and drains to get clogged up. This is another thing that you can take care of before spring fully sets in.

With the spring showers that are guaranteed to happen in the spring season, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting your gutters cleaned out during the warmer days. If you have clogged drains when the rain comes pouring down, you can almost always count on flooding happening close to your house, hurting your foundation, and raining on your parade. Rather than let this happen, call a professional and have them take care of it for you. You’ll be glad that you did.

Call in the Professionals

When it comes to the transition from winter to spring, one of the leading focus points will always be the yard. As we mentioned above, there are little things that accumulate over the colder seasons and can make your spring season more challenging than it needs to be.

Taking care of your lawn, especially in between these two seasons, can be extremely difficult. The reality is, there’s just not enough time to get this job done on top of your daily routines. If you’re overwhelmed just by the idea of working in your yard, then it’s time that you reach out to Project Landscape Ltd.

We offer full landscaping services and can ensure that you’re on the schedule long before the temperatures rise. Whether it’s lawn maintenance that you need, snow removal for the last few storms of the year, or any services of the sort, we’re there to help. Reach out to our team today and get your spring cleaning project taken care of now.