Snow Removal Calgary

Avoid Liability with Snow Removal in Calgary

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your customers and employees safe, not only because you care, but because it can be a major problem for the health of your business. If someone is injured due to your negligence in snow removal, your business may be liable. 

Many business owners think about snow removal in Calgary as something they only need to do for their parking lot. But it’s important that other outdoor areas, like stairs, ramps, and sidewalks, are also properly shoveled to avoid hazards. In fact, these places can be even more dangerous for your employees and customers. 

At Project Landscape, we have spent many years becoming the leading experts in snow removal in Calgary. We have seen the worst case scenario for business owners who did not prioritize this crucial landscaping service. This is why we make a point to educate business owners whenever we can to ensure that our community can remain safe. 

The Importance of Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Plowing parking lots is essential to snow removal. That being said, it also tends to take center stage over other smaller snow removal tasks. This is a problem because, according to a study from Zurich Insurance, 36 percent of slip and fall claims come from sidewalks, ramps, and stairs. While this is only slightly higher than the claims from falls in parking lots (35 percent), the amount paid out for sidewalks are much higher than those that occur in parking structures. This makes sense, given how much foot traffic these areas receive. 

A Shovel Alone Won’t Do

Some business owners are under the impression that they can simply shovel the walkway and everything will be just fine. However, here in Canada, the winter weather requires way more maintenance than that. Snow management isn’t simply shoveling it off to the side; it often requires de-icing, sanding, and snow hauling. This requires more technology that a simple shovel. At Project Landscape, we are fully equipped to handle all of your snow and ice management needs, in your parking lot, on the roadway, and on your sidewalks. 

Snow Removal is a Full-Time Job  

Winter weather is unpredictable. During Canada winters, it can be especially difficult for business owners to stay on top of their snow management. At Project Landscape, we go above and beyond by monitoring the weather to make sure that we can stay on top of your snow removal needs. When we first start working with you, we do an assessment of your property to ensure that we have a full understanding of what you require in terms of snow and ice removal. Then, we regularly conduct safety checks to ensure we’re keeping on top of your needs. We always keep an eye on the weather so when we know that we’re going to get snow, we contact you immediately to let you know when we will come and take care of your business. 

Attention to Detail Matters

When it comes to snow removal, you simply cannot be too careful. Yet as a busy business owner, it’s hard to put the level of attention you truly need to this task; you already have enough on your mind. Hiring us for snow removal in Calgary is simply more time and cost-effective for your business because we are able to be diligent about this task in a way that you may be unable to. Without a high level of attention to detail, you run the risk of injury to your employees or customers, which may make you liable for their healthcare. 

Keep your business, employees, and customers safe this winter with professional snow removal services in Calgary. When you’re looking for a landscaping company you can trust, we have your back. Contact Project Landscape today to book us for fixed or per time contracts!