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Every year Calgary residents feel they can safely remove the snow from their sidewalks, driveways and parking lots by themselves.  Every year, residents are injured during this process.

Some of the common types of injuries include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Heart attacks
  • Back injuries especially the lower back including slipped discs
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries like strains and sprains

Generally these injuries occur as accidents while an individual is trying to remove snow and ice in compliance with Calgary Bylaws.  It is easier to hurt yourself or another person than you may think.  The primary cause is falling.  Without the right gear, including footwear, it is very easy to lose your footing and go down.  You won’t be falling into a soft bank of snow, but onto the hard pavement.

Snow Removal in Calgary

If you don’t use the right shovel, use improper technique, or overwork muscles in a body that has poor physical fitness to start with, you are asking for injury.

snow removal calgary asapHypothermia is another risk.  Too often people are not dressed properly for the weather.  Or they start out with a nice warm coat but as they work, they become overly warm.  Opening or removing the coat will feel nice initially but then you risk the effects of the cold.  Another problem is staying outdoors too long.  Not only will it overtire your muscles and joints, it can cause you to lose focus and that is when accidents happen.

Something people don’t realize when more than one person is shoveling at a time, is the risk of being hit by another shovel.  Especially kids and teens start to joke around and the next thing you know a shovel is heading for the other person.  It can also happen as one person loses track of where the other one is, blind spots, or failure to pay attention.

There are some things to do to prevent these accidents.  Purchase a shovel designed to work with snow that is ergonomically designed.  Learn the appropriate technique that includes pushing the snow rather than lifting it and not overfilling the shovel.

Take appropriate breaks and hydrate.  Warm up before you start and after each break to be sure your muscles and joints are ready for the exercise.  When your body starts to complain, stop.

Be sure you are dressed appropriately in layers; wear slip resistant shoes; and shovel during the mid day when temperatures are warmer.

The best choice is to hire a reliable company like Project Landscape to take care of all your snow removal needs.  We employ skilled crews and supply them with the proper equipment to be sure your job is completed appropriately.  This will save you the worry of injury to yourself or another.  Our rates are competitive and reasonable.

Just contact our office.  We work with residential and commercial clients and are happy to view your property and give you a free estimate.  Risking injury and illness is not smart; hiring Project Landscape is.