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How to Have Fun in The Yard in Winter

In winter, we always want to find excuses to remain indoors. Still, it does not need to be that way. Instead, you can become creative with the kids outdoors in your backyard, turning it into a winter wonderland with fun activities.

Invest in a Fire Pit

Yes, you will find the fire pit in your yard a welcoming addition for a day of fun outdoors to visit with family and friends. Once everyone enjoys the winter fun activities, there is no better place than gathering around a fire with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. 

Build a Huge Snow Fort

Building a snow fort is a classic winter fun activity. Gather everyone to build the roof and walls, dig out the snow, and make tunnels. The children can build a rival fort for snowball fun or even a mega one using beach buckets to empty ice cream tubs as parapets. These are great for creating snow bricks with essential design features. 

Become Arty With Snow Paintings

One way to become creative outdoors is by using non-toxic snow paint. All you need is a food coloring with some water in squeeze bottles. It is an inexpensive way to have fun in the yard in winter. You can create a canvas of color, painting a masterpiece in the snow, making little ones more creative. But remember to take a picture before the snow covers it up.

Get a Warm-Up With a Trampoline 

One way to stay warm is with a trampoline close to the fire pit where kids can bounce around. At the same time, adults can keep an eye on them. A trampoline is fun to use for four seasons. Another benefit is that everyone can get exercise to stay fit. 

Create Magical Footprints in The Snow 

When a fresh snowfall covers the back yard head outdoors to design jumbo animal tracks by stomping patterns in the snow, think of those dinosaurs your son has or even long snake tracks to giant birds. The kids roll around in the snow or use their bodies to create patterns. Once done, head indoors for the children to draw their magical creatures at the fire.

Magical Colored Ice Gems 

Another great way to have fun in the yard in winter is to buy water balloons and fill them with different colored water using food coloring. You can then get the kids to leave them outside for the night until it freezes and the balloons burst. What you get are brightly colored ice gems. Then get them to clean up the balloon pieces and use the gems to decorate their fort. 

Create a Cocoa Station 

For those chilly starry evenings at the fire pit, set up some thermos with hot chocolate to warm up after playing. Then, gather some marshmallows, chocolate, sprinkles, cinnamon, and whipped cream, for some delicious toppings. 

Be The Judge of a Snowman Contest 

With family and friends over, bundle up in your warmest hats, mitts, and clothes to get the kids outdoors to build snowmen in the yard. You can browse through your Halloween costume trunk for the children to become creative with their snowmen. 

Play Knock Over the Flag 

Another fun variation with snowball fights is to capture the flag. You can set up flags at opposite ends of the yard with a middle line with divided teams. The main goal is to knock over each other’s flags using snowballs. When someone crosses over the line, the team can try to hit you using a snowball to send you back to your flag side before you can rejoin the game.