Snow Removal Calgary

Looking for Emergency snow removal?

There are many reasons why it is important for a Calgary commercial enterprise to remove snow from sidewalks, entryways, parking lots, and driveways.  Most companies make arrangements early in the season.  However, there are times when those plans fall through.  Perhaps it was assigned to an employee who is unable to complete the task or the company you hired failed to live up to expectations.  That means you need emergency snow removal.

At Project Landscape, we understand this predicament and are happy to help you out.  It is part of our philosophy to help you comply with these standards:

Obey the Law

emergency snow plowIn Calgary it is a law that you must have your walkways and sidewalks cleared after the snowfall ends.  If you fail to comply, you are subject to citation.  As good citizens, we are happy to help you with this compliance.


The first concern is for pedestrian traffic and slips and falls.  However, it is also a real possibility for vehicles to slip causing damage to their own car or truck, someone else’s, or the curbs or poles situated throughout the lot.  Clearing parking areas also means that it is safer for the shopper to move from their vehicle into your store.

If snow and ice are not removed properly, there can be serious damage to the asphalt and concrete.  That damage will then split and crack and result in expensive repaving when the weather is more temperate.  As a business owner you don’t need to add to your expenses.

A commercial snow removal company like Project Landscape will send out experienced crews who are trained in the proper use of equipment.  Using proven methods, the snow and ice will be removed for the safety of your employees and customers without damage to your sidewalks and parking areas.

Time Saving

Using a commercial snow removal company means that your employees are not pulled away from the jobs they were hired, that is, helping your customers.  Using your own employees can mean they are not as well versed in safety.  If one of them is injured during the snow or ice removal, you will need to file a workers compensation claim.  That also means you will be without a valuable employee during the recuperation period.  These are not good options for you as a concerned business owner.  Leaving this task to a professional means safety for all concerned.  Our employees are insured by us so you will have no liability issues to be concerned with.

Loss of Business

If you don’t have your areas cleared quickly after a snow or ice storm, you risk the lost of revenue.  Potential customers will come to your lot and seeing that it is not safe to drive or walk, they will simply keep traveling to your competitors.  This can have an impact on future sales because these people will feel that you don’t care enough about your customers to give them the prompt safety measures they expect.

If you have any questions about our emergency service, don’t hesitate to contact us about our emergency snow removal services in Calgary.