Snow Removal Calgary

Looking for Professional Snow Removal in Calgary?

It’s almost time.  The white flakes are just waiting to drift to the ground and pile up.  Winter is on the way with its snow.  Project Landscape is ready to help you with this odious task.  We provide snow removal services for both commercial and residential clients.


Many business owners simply think they can assign snow removal to one of their employees.  Actually, this can be a bad decision.  Having someone who is not used to that activity can mean you are risking their injury and a worker’s compensation claim.  It also means you are taking them away from their regular duties and that will simply slow your operation.

Having the parking lot, walkways and drives clear of snow makes your business more appealing to the walk-in customer.  It is also a benefit to your employees who know that you are concerned about their safety to and from their vehicles.

If you manage several commercial properties, we are able to work with you to have all of these areas cleared.  We work with office buildings, apartment and condos, industries, and other structures.  Instead of worrying about which tenant will complain next, you can have the confidence that we will arrange a schedule to accommodate your needs.


Snow removal can be very dangerous.  From slipping and breaking a bone to strained muscles to cardiac issues, for the untrained or underequipped it is an accident waiting to happen.  Don’t risk your own safety or that of someone else in your household.

Getting up early and/or being late to work is the result of an overnight snowfall that needs to be moved before you can get the car out of the driveway.  Plus, you will need to clear all walkways to be in compliance with the law.  Then you are exhausted before you even begin your day.

Hiring a professional snow removal company means you won’t hurt yourself from shoveling and your customers will feel safe patronizing your services.  Doing it yourself means spending time clearing the area when you could use your time far more productively.  It saves time.  We have the equipment and expertise to clear an area quickly and safely.  Plowing takes a fraction of the time that ordinary manual labor will need.

After you make the initial arrangements, it will be easy for you to sit back and watch someone else do the work.  The results we offer are far superior to those of a person moving snow with a shovel or even a snow blower.  With our equipment we are able to remove even that stubborn bottom layer.  Prior to the season, we will check out the area to be cleaned and make note of any obstacles or landscaping that should be respected.

Project Landscape has been in business for many years and has built our reputation on the quality workmanship and reasonable prices we offer.  We are licensed and insured and our drivers are trained to operate the equipment.  Just contact us to see what we can do for you.