Snow Removal Calgary

Looking for Snow Removal Services in Calgary?

Winters in Calgary can be brutal and changes can happen with very little notice.  In order to comply with city regulations, everyone must have their walks cleared quickly.

Working in the snow and ice can be dangerous for homeowners who are unused to this type of work.  While business owners may feel it is satisfactory to have one of their employees clear the area, in reality they may be opening themselves up to a worker’s compensation claim.  Homeowners associations and property management companies face similar issues.

The best solution is to hire a snow removal service near you.

Hiring Project Landscape for your Calgary snow removal services means that you will have access to our crews.  Our staff monitors the weather conditions and are able to assign trucks and individuals quickly to assure all critical areas are free of ice and snow.  Contracting with us now means that you have the security of knowing that your liability will be reduced and you will be in full compliance with city bylaws.  Waiting until the snow is laying on the ground means you may have to wait until our crews become available.

Snow removal can be handled in several ways.  It can be plowed or loaded into trucks for removal to another area that is not involved in walking or vehicle traffic.  Knowing how to handle the job properly also means knowing what equipment to use where in order to protect the surface of the sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot.  It can also mean having personnel who are trained in the use of appropriate equipment and techniques:

  • Snow plows
  • Shovelling
  • Power brooms
  • Sanding
  • De-icing

snow removal services in calgaryWe are able to accommodate residential clients as well as commercial enterprises.  This includes servicing apartment complexes, office parks, and common areas in subdivisions.  We understand how to properly clear areas to avoid blocking driveways and assuring that commercial parking lots are safe from black ice or other hazardous conditions.

You can rely on Project Landscape to complete the snow removal process and to be there for you with the next storm.  Our retail clients know that to encourage foot traffic into their store, it is important to keep a clear sidewalk and parking area.  Residential clients see it as a way to keep their property accessible so that they can go to and from work and to have the driveway clear for any urgent situation that would necessitate them checking on a loved one or similar circumstance.

Industrial and commercial customers value the safety of their employees.  They understand that having a cleared lot and entryway indicates their concern for the employees and the staff will, in turn, appreciate this benefit.

If you are tired of removing snow and ice on your own, contact us to arrange for an appointment.  We will check out the space you have and prepare an estimate.  Then when the rude winds start to bring in snow and ice, you will be able to rest easy knowing that the removal is in good hands.