Snow Removal Calgary

Parking Lot Maintenance in Calgary

Just because it snows, you business does not stop.  Your employees still need to have a safe place to park and walk to the shop, office, or plant.  Clients and customers still need to have access to your establishment.


as you are probably very aware, Calgary bylaws require all parking areas, paths and sidewalks to be cleared within 24 hours of the end of the snow fall.  Failing to do so will get you cited by the City that can include a fine.  No one needs to deal with that.  Running a business is difficult enough.

Snow Removal Service in Calgary

Project Landscape is able to help you with your parking lot snow removal service.  We are able to take care of parking lots of all sizes from a small four or five slot to one that extends for acres.

parking lot maintenance calgary

We will work with you on appropriate times to lessen the impact on your business and customer base. We have the right tools, equipment and vehicles to safely remove snow and ice from your parking area.  Our crews understand that clearing snow is not just a matter of running a plow around the space.  There could be cars still there, speed bumps, and islands to navigate.  We are also especially conscious of any trees or shrubs that should be avoided.

Plowing – When we do our initial assessment of your property, we will discuss the best and safest place to pile the snow.  We can suggest places that will be of minimal impact to drivers and neighbors.

Hauling – If you prefer, or if the snow accumulation is such to warrant it, we have the ability to remove the snow from your parking lot and have it hauled to one of our dump sites.

Snow Melt – Some of our customers prefer the use of snow or ice melt products to reduce the need of plowing.  We have substances that will do the job.  We also have products like gravel or sand that have less impact on the environment but will still help as drivers navigate your parking area.

When you hire Project Landscape, you contract with the best.  One of our services is to monitor the weather, especially major snowfalls.  In this way our crews are always ready to help you maintain clear paths in your lots.

Our commercial snow removal services are not just for businesses.  We are also able to work with apartment complexes and condominium buildings.  This is a convenient service so that your own maintenance crews can stay safe in nasty weather and you can avoid workers’ compensation claims and still keep all of your tenants and condo owners happy with snow free access to their parking spaces.