Snow Removal Calgary

Preparing for Commercial Snow Removal

Winter means snow removal for your commercial building.  If you thought you would save some money and just ask your employees to help out, you probably have found out that there are better solutions.  A commercial snow removal company offers many advantages:

Working in the cold, snow and sometimes icy weather can be dangerous to health.  Using equipment you are unfamiliar with can cause problems for the operator and for the grounds.  A commercial snow removal company will develop a plan specific for your parking and walking area.  The company will also have the correct equipment for the job and the personnel trained to operate it.  Our goal is to keep your employees, customers, and property safe and your operations humming along.

A Professional Snow Removal Company

snow removal calgaryA professional snow removal company will work with you to develop a procedure that will be tailored to your physical surroundings and needs.  This can include plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and emergency services.  One of the main elements of this plan is deciding where the snow will be placed after it has been removed from the surfaces.  If you attempt this on your own, you will find you are taking up valuable parking spaces for your employees and customers.  Multiple snow falls will cause this snowbank to increase in volume which can cause serious problems if you are not careful.  A commercial snow removal company will have the ability to remove the snow from your area and dispose of it safely in another location.

Remember drip zones.  That means the area on your roof that can create a dam.  This can include an accumulation sliding off during a thaw or preventing leaks into your building.

Most businesses or leasing companies do not have access to equipment and vehicles that are appropriate for snow removal.  Opt for a company that uses the most advanced equipment available and that is kept in good condition.  This should include a provision for melting services.  After the snow is removed one day, overnight refreezing can cause complications.

Communication is also a key factor in choosing the right snow removal company for your needs.  They should be able to telephone or email about estimated times of arrival and any changes in their schedule.  On their own end, they should have a solid communication system with their drivers and workers for safety and updates.

Don’t overlook the standard questions before hiring any company.  That includes a full range of insurance for their services.  Ask to see a copy of their certificate so that you understand the limits of coverage and what your company may or may not be liable for.  You should ask about employee background checks and qualifications.

Shopping for any type of ancillary service for your business enterprise can be a challenge.  In Calgary, you have many choices for snow removal.  Our aim is that this post will provide you with some basic knowledge about how to interview for and select the best snow removal company for your needs and area so that your operation can remain safe and open for business as usual.