Snow Removal Calgary

Snow Removal in Calgary

Calgary has bylaws that include a 24-hour timeframe to clear your sidewalks after a snowfall.  This is designed for the safety and consideration of all those who use pathways on a regular basis.  If you do not comply, you face warnings and then penalty assessments.

Snow Removal CalgaryInstead of worrying and dreading the backbreaking work of shovelling snow, or the frustration of using portable snow blowers, just contact Project Landscape.  We offer a full range of snow removal services for both residential and commercial clients.  Our services include:

  • Shovelling
  • Plowing
  • Ice removal
  • Porch and step clearing
  • Parking lot plowing
  • Sand and salt applications

Residential Snow Removal

It doesn’t take long for a snowfall to create slippery walkways, pavements, driveways, and paths.  This is a serious situation that can cause accidents for you, your family, postal delivery, etc.  Snow removal is not an easy task especially for those with medical conditions or the elderly.

Unkempt snow removal can be detrimental to your curb appeal.  Just because it is winter, there is no reason why your property should not look its best, especially in comparison to the others in your neighborhood.

At Project Landscaping it is our goal to give your home the warm appeal you established during the spring through fall.  You can relax indoors where it is safe while our crews do all the work.

Commercial Snow Removal

As a business owner in Calgary you have a huge responsibility to maintain all the walkways and parking areas to provide easy access for your customers and employees.  Assigning this task to one of your employees means taking them away from other work that could be earning you money.  It is far more reasonable to hire Project Landscape.  We have the right equipment and trained workers to help you keep your doors open to the public.

Our trucks are equipped with blades designed to clear parking areas without damage to the underlying asphalt or concrete.  We can also follow up with laying a mixture of sand to provide the best traction for walking and driving.

Walks that are kept clear of snow and ice reflect the concern your business has for others.  This not only creates a welcoming atmosphere but promotes good will.  If machines will not adequately remove the snow in front of your facility, we have backpack blowers and even hand shovels to tackle those difficult areas.

There may be limited area in your parking lot for the excess snow.  We understand this problem and therefore offer hauling and dumping services.

If all of this sounds pretty good to you, contact us at Project Landscape about scheduling snow and ice removal around your property this winter.  Our crews are professionals who are licensed and insured and who receive special training for this service.

You will find that our rates are reasonable and competitive in the city.  We have the equipment and personnel to handle this seasonal work.  We will be happy to schedule an appointment for one of our estimators to come to you to confirm the space and work to be provided.  We can then offer a firm quote for our services.