Snow Removal Calgary

Tips for Choosing The Right Commercial Snow Removal Company 

Yes, winter is rolling around fast, and soon it will be ice and snow everywhere. Now is the time to invest in a commercial snow removal company to keep the parking lot and walkways clear. Of course, you want to avoid accidents on your watch and be liable for those injuries. So how do you choose a professional yet reliable company to help remove the ice from your commercial property? 

Start Your Search Now!

The truth is that many business owners need more time to invest in a commercial snow removal company. The best time to start searching is way before the first snow arrives. The reason is that the companies want to meet you personally to discuss your snow removal needs. 

Professional snow removal businesses want to know what the top priorities in your area are. You want a reliable team standing ready to remove the snow to keep your premises snow-free. If you wait until the snow starts falling, you may need more time to get someone to help. 

You may find that a landscaping provider offers lawn and snow removal services, making it a worthy investment. So, connect with a snow removal company today to compare prices and the services offered. 

What’s Included in The Contract

Don’t just sign the dotted line first; find out what the commercial snow removal company includes in the contract. For example, you may find that some providers set a price according to the driveway length. At the same time, others give you a fixed price for the whole season. 

Some companies charge you an amount on the snowfall that falls during the season with a base rate to specific depths with added fees. Furthermore, ask about the services included and what they perform. You may end up with ice removal as the service is not included. 

Do They Have Insurance?

Insurance for commercial businesses is essential if ever unforeseen accidents happen. So, choose a snow removal company that insures their employees in case of mishaps. In addition, you want a company covered with insurance if damage occurs to your property. 

Do They Subcontract The Work?

Ask if the commercial snow removal company has its workforce or subcontracts the work. Hence, choose a business interested in the industry as subcontractors need to get work done fast to move on to the next job. With employees, they will take their time to remove the snow to get it done professionally to repeat the business with you. 

Do Job Tracking of The Commercial Snow Removal Pros You Use

You do not want to deal with legal actions resulting from a slip-and-fall on the property. However, when it does happen, you need to confirm that a snow removal company was on site to perform the job. Hence, hire a company that can provide you with job tracking to show they have been there. So, you can see the arrival time and how long they worked. 

Equipment and Safety Go Hand in Hand

When choosing a commercial snow removal company, you must feel confident they can handle the job. So, inspect the equipment they use as you want it to be in excellent condition with a call out. Still, most notably, the employees need the proper training to handle the equipment. The staff needs safety training and must know how to prevent accidents when doing the job. You do not want anyone hurt while working on your property.