Snow Removal Calgary

What Does a Snow Removal Service Provide?

With winter nearly here, you wonder if a snow removal service is a worthy option to use at your home or commercial property. But, then, you think to yourself, what does a snow removal service in Calgary offer? Well, Project Landscape is here to answer that question.

Snow Plowing

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, winter snow can halt you right in your tracks. As a business, you do not want this happening, and with a snow contractor, you can keep moving the snow for your doors to remain open. With a snow removal service, they make sure the walkway, driveway, to parking lots are accessible for all visiting your place.

Ice Control

This is one of the most essential services presented by a snow removal service provider. Ice causes unforeseen accidents a business cannot afford. You do not want customers slipping and falling caused by ice. With the service of a snow removal contractor, they remove the risk, making walkways, driveways, and parking lots safe for everyone.

Sanding Service

Another essential service, especially for commercial properties, is sanding for parking lots. Again, when it comes to safety, sanding and salting are crucial. Having it done prevents ice buildup making it able for people to move around without slipping.

Sidewalk Service

It is not only businesses with parking lots that can benefit from a sidewalk service. Even homeowners can. With the service, you receive an edge-to-edge cleanup for all pedestrian routes to provide safety. A snow removal contractor removes snow and de-ices all steps, ramps, garbage enclosures, paths, and walkways. Still, the service does not end there as crews do regular visits to a site to check on ice buildups to provide a safe environment with satisfaction guaranteed.

Emergency Snow Removal

Calgary weather is unpredictable as it can be excellent the one day and the next moment there is a blizzard. But, with a snow removal service, you get 24/7 emergency services to remove piled-up snow from the premises. So, if you cannot get out of your door, just give a snow removal service in Calgary a call.

Snow Hauling and Evening Ice Checks

The truth is no one can predict when snow will start or stop. So, if you want to make sure as a retailer that there is no slipping and falling, have an evening ice check done. Hence, if there is snow, the snow removal service can ensure those walkways are safe in the morning.

Lastly, a snow removal service in Calgary does snow removal and hauling. So if snow is piling up, becoming a headache leading to parking stalls, creating ice buildup, or damaging landscapes, a snow removal contractor can help.