Snow Removal Calgary

Why is Snow Removal Important?

Most places have laws put in place about what to do after a snowfall to ensure the safety of everyone in the community. Many of these areas require snow removal action be taken within 24-hours of the snowfall. If you own a business or other commercial property, it’s even more important to clear any ice or snow away so that everyone can access your building safely. Here are some of the top reasons to hire snow removal professionals for your Calgary business.


If anyone should fall on your property, it will become a big liability issue. That aside, though, it’s just a polite things to do. Make traveling across the roads, parking lots, and sidewalks easier and safer for all involved. More likely than not, you’ve experienced driving over ice before. It can be a terrifying experience, and black ice can quickly lead to horrible car accidents. Do your part to keep the community safe and make sure the ice and snow have been removed from your property.

Hard Work

The more it snows, the more difficult it will be to get rid of all the snow. For those of you who are not as in shape as you used to be, this snow removal can be extremely strenuous and painful. Tread lightly, as you never know how seriously you can get injured shoveling snow! Many people think they can handle it, then shortly find themselves in a snowbank struggling to get us. In fact, every year, there are reports of people having cardiac issues and passing away while trying to remove snow from their property. If you are at an advanced age, have quite a bit of property to be cleared, or have a history of cardiac problems, it simply isn’t worth the risk. Contact a professional snow removal team to take care of it for you.

Lose Business

If you have a large area of property that needs to be cleared, keep that in mind ahead of time. Shoveling may be an impractical choice. If you have a snow plow or a monster snow blower, you might be fine. However, consider the ice that often sits beneath the snow and how you will treat that area, as well. Those with a big parking lot will likely need professional contractors to handle the job. If that sounds like you, call us immediately! The longer you go without assistance, the more likely you are to lose business since people cannot access your company.

What Needs to be Done

If you decide to handle the snow and ice problem on your own, then it’s important you know what to do. And, if you take the safer approach and hire professionals to tackle the challenge, it’s important to know what they will handle for you.

  • All snow on the sidewalks around your business will need to be cleared, not just the snow in the parking lot.
  • The concrete needs to be visible in order for people to safely move across the lot. Just a small bit of snow could be covering a dangerous ice patch.
  • Be sure to keep the shoveled snow on the property. You cannot allow it to go off the property, as it will only be a bigger hazard to the surrounding areas.
  • Use salt to melt the ice. Also, after the snow has been cleared away, be sure to add some sand to add friction to the surface.
  • Clear a path to your garbage cans and your recycling.
  • Invest in proper snow clearing equipment to avoid injury of either you or an employee.
  • Remove snow soon so that ice has less time to form.
  • Arrange snow removal ahead of time in case you will be out of town.

As you can see, there is a lot of work and planning that needs to go into proper snow removal. You can try to handle it all yourself, or you can trust a team of professionals to handle the situation.

Project Landscape for Snow Removal

Don’t let your company get stuck without the help you need when winter comes. Contact our team of professionals. We guarantee that all your pathways will be cleared quickly and efficiently. Reach out now to learn more and let us know what your needs are for this winter!