Snow Removal Calgary

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Service

Every winter property owners prepare for snow and ice removal.  For both commercial and residential owners the risk of injury to themselves or others is a critical reason to remove the snow and ice as soon as possible.  Removing the snow by yourself is certainly an option, but it is far better to hire a commercial snow removal service in Calgary to take care of this task for you.

Reduced Responsibilities – For homeowners it is important to remove the snow and ice so that you can use the driveway and so that foot traffic on the city sidewalks is safe.  For commercial enterprises, it is necessary to have the parking lot as well as the pathways clear for employees and customers.

It is a real responsibility to be out in the cold and wet clearing property following a snow or ice fall.  In fact, it can be downright depressing knowing that you need to perform this duty day after day to keep the driveway, parking area, and walkways clear.  This stressful situation is easily remedied by contracting with a commercial snow removal company.  They will be the ones gearing up and taking care of all the areas so that you and others can safely drive and walk.

Equipment – If you plan to take care of this removal yourself, you will need to invest in equipment.  A snow shovel can only handle so much weight and it re

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Service

quires a great deal of stamina even for those in good shape.  You can purchase a snow blower but to get a really good one.  Plus, you will still need to get out every morning in the cold and wind to operate it.  If it is gasoline powered, you will need to tug several times to get it started.  For an electric, you will need to be mindful of the cord or you could be in great difficulty.

For commercial owners you will need even more of an investment.  Scrapers on truck or SUV bumpers are only somewhat effective.  If you have a large area to clear, you can be at it for quite some time.  Salts and chemicals will eat away at the cement and asphalt.

Potential Injuries – If you get out on your own, you risk pulled muscles, falls, and cardiac events.  As a business owner you can assign the clearing to your employees.  However, if one of them is injured in the process, you will need to deal with a worker’s compensation claim.  Homeowners can hire the kid down the street, but, again, if there is some type of injury, you will be responsible.  Check with your homeowners policy about the limits of your liability in these situations.

Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Service in Calgary Today

In addition to these issues, you run the risk of damaging the turf covered by the snow or the concrete, pave stones, asphalt, and any nearby shrubbery.  The best alternative is to contact Project Landscape to get an estimate for our snow removal service.  It will be quicker than doing it yourself and you will not need to worry every time you see a snowflake.