Snow Removal Calgary

Why You Should Hire a Snow Removal Contractor Before the Winter

Wait a minute—it’s still summer. So why are we talking about snow removal? Believe it or not, now is actually the prime time to start thinking about hiring commercial snow removal services for your Calgary business. While you might be rolling your eyes, hear us out. This is the number one way you can effectively work with your contractor to budget, plan, and decide on best practices for your upcoming snow removal needs.

Better Visibility and Accessibility

During the summer, there is no need to worry about the snow getting in the way of your visibility. Calling the contractor now will allow them to take a look at current traffic and parking patterns before coming up with a proposal for you. The last thing you want is for the price to increase after all is said and done because your contractor couldn’t tell that you had a side parking lot that was also covered with snow. Also, it will just be more enjoyable to walk the property and take the necessary notes when you’re not fighting off the bitter Canada cold!

Find Equipment and Salt Ahead of Time

This is the best time to ask your contractors what sorts of equipment they like to use when clearing away snow from a commercial property. How big are the crews they send out during a winter storm? What sorts of trucks do they have in their fleet? Always check to make sure the contractor will be able to handle your property’s requirements. The same goes for resources like salt! If they don’t have enough salt and ice-melting products to cover your parking lot, they clearly are not the team for you.

More Time for Proposals

There is no need to call up every company in Calgary, but you should talk to a few contractors and make a decision about what makes the most sense for your budget and what they can offer your company. However, keep in mind that you will want an expert team who won’t leave behind dangerous mistakes. Get a full assessment from each contractor and see what they plan on doing in order to ensure your snow and ice is cleared fully, protecting your clients and employees. Talking in the summer will prevent you from making a last minute decision because of an emergency.

Reserve Your Spot

As much as we would like to say that snow removal companies have hundreds of trucks and that we can serve any company that gives us a call, that isn’t is the case. If you want to make sure that we can put you on our schedule of those who will get our services, it’s important to give us a call ahead of time and make that clear! Almost all reputable snow and ice removal firms have full schedules, which oftentimes include companies that renew their contracts each years. Hire one in the summer before it is too late to sign on with the contractor you want.

Make a Plan Ahead of Time

It’s inevitable that snow will come, but the real questions are “how much snow” and “when will it come.” When you come up with a plan, make sure you are keeping track of any possible liabilities you have on your property, as well as what equipment will be needed during a storm. Also, come up with steps you can take ahead of time to prevent the snow from accumulating too much. The earlier you begin this preparation, the less you will need to worry about it when winter really does hit your business.

Contact Project Landscape Ltd.

When it comes to ensuring that your commercial property is cleared of snow and ice in the event of a storm, it’s important to trust the best. That’s why we urge you to call our team at Project Landscape Ltd.! We understand what it is you need in order to keep your property safe and clear for both your employees and your clients. Reach out today for a price estimate and consultation. We look forward to working with you! We also offer residential snow removal services, so please let us know if this is something you would be interested in learning more about as well.