Sod Installation Calgary

Where to Find Sod Installation in Calgary

Take a realistic look at your lawn.  If there are at least 50% weeds or unwanted types of grass, it is time to start over.  One way to do it is to kill everything that is there, verticut, and then reseed.  The work doesn’t stop there.  Every day, at least twice, you need to water the entire lawn with a light misting to help the seed germinate.  Then you need to baby it along until it is at least three and a half inches high and can be mowed.  All this time, the kids need to stay off the new seed and seedlings, and the dogs will need to find a new place for their “walks”.

An alternative is sod.  Sod is grass with a small amount of soil held together by the root system.  It is sold in rolls and is one of the fastest ways to refurbish your lawn or even just a part.

Instant Gratification

sod installation calgary One of the main advantages to sod is that you don’t need to wait for it to grow.  It is a lovely green mat of turf ready for action.  After about two weeks from the time it is laid, the sod is ready for a party.  The sod is grown by professional farmers so the new lawn has a strong foundation.

Once the sod is placed and the fit is tight, there are no bare spots that will need special treatment like reseeding…again.  For the first couple of weeks, a light watering twice a day should be all the moisture needed for the root system to take hold in your own yard.

Benefits of Sod Installation in Calgary

It is estimated that a well landscaped yard can add up to 15 or 20% to the home’s value.  Natural grass is the safest place for children to play.

If there are places in your landscape that are eroding, sod is a good choice.  It can be installed on steep hills and used for stabilization.  The sod is fully mature when it is laid so the erosion is controlled almost immediately.

Grass absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  That means clean, fresh air.

If this is sounding like the answer to your lawn and landscaping problems, consider whether you will do the work yourself or hire a company.  Remember that sod needs to be laid the day it is delivered.  The rolls of grass will build up internal heat and can damage the grass.  The exposed soil will dry out and make it difficult for the grass to survive.  If you are only doing a small area, then fine.  DIY is a good solution.

However, if you have a large area to cover, the best option is to call Project Landscape here in Calgary.  We have teams who are skilled in laying sod.  We also will be happy to do all the preliminary work like preparing the soil and adding nutrients if necessary.  Call us for an estimate or with any questions.