Composite Decking in Calgary

Get the Best Composite Decking Calgary Offers

Add a composite deck for prolonged-lasting use and maintenance while adding value to your property at the same time.

Adding a deck in a home building renovation is the last project on your mind why the budget runs out! But it does not have to be as you can get the best composite decking in Calgary at an affordable price right here. So, why choose composite? Let us tell you why it is a great option.

Composite Decks Last Longer

composite decking calgaryHaving a composite deck in Calgary provides integrity as it is low-maintenance and eco-friendly while strengthened to last a lifetime. The deck maintains its look over the years and provides you with functional timelines that exceed wood. Furthermore, you receive extended warranties for decades, depending on the product line you choose.

Reduces Installation Costs and Effort

When you invest in composite decking with a Calgary provider the installation compared to one made with wood is simple? The structure is DIY friendly, and the boards are straight yet more consistent than using wooden planks. It has no knots or imperfections that can hinder an installation. You get the ease of installation in less time, money, and wastage of material.

Saves Long-Term Maintenance Costs

Wooden decks need more maintenance than composite, as it is wood plastic composite. However, all it needs is a sweep and mop to keep it looking great. Therefore, there is no need for specialized products if ever it happens to get a stain.

Composite Decks are Durable and Resistant

Having a composite decking provider install one for you provides an impressive resistance against the elements outside. The composite does not rot, warp, crack, or twist. It has moisture resistance and is a number one product to use as an alternative to wood. You can select the style and finish to suit any environment.

No Harm Done to the Environment

A big thing using composite decking is eco-friendly and safe for the environment as you do not remove trees with climate change. When choosing timber, you need to do tree felling, use chemical sealants, removing valuable greenery out of the ecosystem. So instead, go green with composite wood made out of recycled ingredients and bamboo fiber.

A Word from Project Landscape

Choose a composite decking provider to have your deck designed today. With the natural resource, it is a more robust alternative compared to wood. The structure is lighter and more sustainable while beneficial for the environment. Now that you’re convinced, using composite decking as your option gives us a call to help you install one in your yard.

Composite Decking in Calgary

Is a Composite Deck the Perfect Choice?

More and more homeowners are now recognizing the importance and benefits of having composite decking over traditional decking. The best part about having composite decking is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance aspect. The composite deck boards are made up of core and cap. This way, it makes them resistant to moisture, weathering, as well as fading.

If you are still skeptical whether you should choose the composite decking in calgary, you should know about the following benefits:

Low Maintenance

If cleaning, maintaining, and upgrading the deck seems a challenging task, try to go for composite decking, the best part about composite decking is that it requires minimal time and effort in maintenance. When you choose composite decking, you don’t have to worry about painting, sealing, or staining the material.

Selection of Style

If you want to get a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing look for your deck, choosing composite decking can be a great choice. The composite decking comes up in a variety of styles, colors, and appearance. Thus, you can choose them conveniently as per your need. You can choose composite deck calgarybetween intricate texture and pattern in the decking.


The most loved part about the composite decking in calgary is that they have a safe and smooth surface. This means, if you have a baby or a toddler at home, you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about rogue splinters. So, you can plan an enjoyable time outdoors by getting the best decking choice.

You can also spend time at the deck without wearing slippers and shoes as the surface is quite smooth. Many composite deckings are prepared with rigidly textured surfaces that are slip-resistant.

Environmentally Sustainable

If you are someone who believes in environmentally sustainable choice, composite decking can be a great choice. Choosing composite decking means that you are making an environmentally sound decision. The surface is made up of recyclable material. Thus, the decision to choose a composite deck that is sustainable as well as practical.

Budget-Friendly Choice

If you don’t have too much budget to get a high-end decking, composite decking can be one of the best choices. Composite decking is cost-effective as well as quality material will make sure that the decking lasts long.

Looking at all these benefits, composite decking is surely the perfect choice to have an enjoyable outdoor family time.

Composite Decking in Calgary

Benefits of Composite Decking In Calgary

Composite decking is increasingly becoming a very popular decking material choice in Calgary. There was a time when wood was the most widely-used material for these outdoor features. However, there has been a distinct shift in this trend over the past few years. Today, a lot of people are opting for the beauty and durability of composite decks.

Composite-decking-calgaryDesigned to deliver outstanding aesthetics, amazing durability and easy maintenance, composite decking in Calgary offers all the beauty of timber without any of the hassles associated with its continuous upkeep. The simple fact is that modern-day homeowners prefer to spend their time enjoying leisurely moments in their outdoor living areas, rather than slaving away on weekends, on their maintenance.

Top quality composite decking materials are able to stand up very well to regular wear and tear and exposure to the elements far better than wooden decking. It’s also made from recycled materials, which makes it one of the top choices for eco-conscious customers.

The Benefits

Let’s take a detailed look at all the benefits of composite decking in Calgary:

  • Durable– As mentioned earlier, composite decks are extremely durable. They resist mold, scratches, staining, and Aside from this, they don’t warp, crack or rot and are splinter-free and insect-proof too. These qualities make them a much more comfortable and safe option for families with children and pets.
  • SustainableComposite decking in Calgary emulates the look of wood without any of the related environmental impact. These boards are made of recycled materials which include recycled plastics from materials such as newspaper sleeves & shopping bags as well as wood scraps.
  • Low-Maintenance– When you opt for a composite deck, you never have to worry about aspects such as annual sanding, painting or staining. All it needs is a soap and water cleaning every once in a while. This will keep it looking new and in a good condition for a number of years. Some of the top composite decking brands offer a 25-year stain and fade warranty too which are definite advantages.

Aesthetics and Value

In addition, composite decking in Calgary is available in saturated colors and in very rich wood grain patterns, which gives it a very natural look and feel. You can choose from earthy tones, pristine greys and spicy reds. You all can also opt for composite accessories including gates, stairs and railings etc. When you take all these benefits into account, you realize that composite decking truly provides excellent value for money.

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