Composite Decking in Calgary

Is a Composite Deck the Perfect Choice?

More and more homeowners are now recognizing the importance and benefits of having composite decking over traditional decking. The best part about having composite decking is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance aspect. The composite deck boards are made up of core and cap. This way, it makes them resistant to moisture, weathering, as well as fading.

If you are still skeptical whether you should choose the composite decking in calgary, you should know about the following benefits:

Low Maintenance

If cleaning, maintaining, and upgrading the deck seems a challenging task, try to go for composite decking, the best part about composite decking is that it requires minimal time and effort in maintenance. When you choose composite decking, you don’t have to worry about painting, sealing, or staining the material.

Selection of Style

If you want to get a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing look for your deck, choosing composite decking can be a great choice. The composite decking comes up in a variety of styles, colors, and appearance. Thus, you can choose them conveniently as per your need. You can choose composite deck calgarybetween intricate texture and pattern in the decking.


The most loved part about the composite decking in calgary is that they have a safe and smooth surface. This means, if you have a baby or a toddler at home, you don’t have to worry about them getting hurt. In addition to this, you don’t have to worry about rogue splinters. So, you can plan an enjoyable time outdoors by getting the best decking choice.

You can also spend time at the deck without wearing slippers and shoes as the surface is quite smooth. Many composite deckings are prepared with rigidly textured surfaces that are slip-resistant.

Environmentally Sustainable

If you are someone who believes in environmentally sustainable choice, composite decking can be a great choice. Choosing composite decking means that you are making an environmentally sound decision. The surface is made up of recyclable material. Thus, the decision to choose a composite deck that is sustainable as well as practical.

Budget-Friendly Choice

If you don’t have too much budget to get a high-end decking, composite decking can be one of the best choices. Composite decking is cost-effective as well as quality material will make sure that the decking lasts long.

Looking at all these benefits, composite decking is surely the perfect choice to have an enjoyable outdoor family time.


Factors to Consider When Hiring Deck Builders in Calgary

composite decking calgary

Are you planning to build, repair, or replace the deck in your home? Well, this may seem a big step and you need to consider lots of factors before choosing the best deck builders calgary.

Choosing a professional for deck building is important as they can help you in having the bigger picture about how the deck will look like after the completion. You need well-qualified deck builders who have the needed experience and expertise in building decks.

Following are some of the best tips that will help you to choose the perfect deck builders:


No matter if you want to renovate the existing deck or you want to install a new deck, it is highly essential to research about the deck builders you are choosing. Try to get details about the projects they have completed and the quality of work they offer. A qualified deck builder will help you to know all about the anatomy of a deck, the degree of variegation a deck can have and other little details about the deck.

Plan the project

It is essential to plan your deck building project before you hire deck builders calgary. Try to be inspired by the real deck plans and the real deck builds. If you want, you can also get design inspiration from the builders. All you need to do is explain your requirement to the builder. You should also have an idea about the plan, design, and the size of the deck you need.

Collaboration with the builders

If you want the deck to be as per your exact requirement, make sure to collaborate with the builder. It is important to communicate about your requirement and vision of the deck so that the builder can plan accordingly.

Cost of the project

You can spend millions of dollars in building a deck. Thus, make sure to have a specific budget in mind before you look for a duck builder. When building a deck, you need to factor the need for labor, cost of labor, deck board costs, and other lightning costs in mind. While a deck builder will provide you an estimated cost for all these products, make sure to know the cost yourself so that you can’t be fooled.

Building a deck all by yourself may seem a challenging task. Thus, it is important to look for professional deck builders in Calgary. Contact Project Landscape today. They have the needed skills and expertise to help you get a beautifully designed deck in no time. Let us know if you need more details.

Composite Decking in Calgary

The Many Benefits of Composite Decking

If you are looking into adding a deck to your home, or are considering a replacement of an existing deck, you have probably heard about composite decking materials and are wondering what it is all about.

The Many Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking is a wood alternative.  Composite deck boards are made from high-performance, recycled materials.  They are made with a core and a cap.  This technology makes the decking resistant to moisture, weathering and fading.  Combining the polymer and capping has shown to maintain structural integrity of the boards while the colors remain vibrant.  Another major advantage is that the caps will prevent mold or mildew from infiltrating the core.

The Many Benefits of Composite Decking Another major advantage is the low maintenance feature.  Traditional wood decks need to be re-stained and sometimes resealed about every three years.  After about 10 to 15 years the deck will need a complete replacement.  Composite decking never needs to sanded, sealed, or stained.  The color remains intact.  With a composite, you only need an occasional light washing.

Some people are shying away from composite decking because of its initial cost.  However, when you consider that this surface will last far longer than traditional wood and has almost zero maintenance, it will pay for itself in only a few years.  The long term costs of power-washing, sanding, staining and eventually replacing a wood deck are far more significant.

It seems every day we are being encouraged to convert to sustainable resources.  Composite decking is one of the best ecological choices on the market.  Made from up to 80% recycled material and using 100% recycled wood and plastic in the core, this is the only responsible choice.  No trees are cut.  Waste is diverted from landfills.  Manufacturers of composite decking are reusing internal scrap.  With appropriate filtration systems, hundreds of gallons of water is recycled during the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers are so sure of their product that they are offering significant warranties.  This includes a commitment to limited fading and lifetime warranties on the decking product itself.

More and more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of using composite decking materials.  It is a combination of three factors:

  • Durability – Because of their resistance to water damage and won’t warp, crack or split, coupled with low maintenance, they are chosen for high traffic areas or for busy families who don’t want to spend time repairing and upgrading their deck.
  • Appearance – Although not all people care for the appearance of a composite board, the fact that the color will not fade over time and there will be no concerns about splintering or damage, its overall look will not change over time.
  • Cost – Considering the one-time cost of the composite board versus the maintenance costs and repair and replacement expenses over the years, this is the more cost effective choice.

If this is a product you would like to explore further, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with an estimate or comparison pricing with other decking options.


Composite Decking Maintenance Tips

Composite materials used for decking are basically a combination of plastic and wood.  This is an eco-friendly source because most of the material comes from recycled products.  However, even these decks need some maintenance.

First and foremost, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  If you lost your copy or can’t remember what should and should not be done, check the internet.  Most maintenance manuals are available there.  Or, you can call the manufacturer for a second copy.

Composite Decking Maintenance Tips

composite-decking-calgaryRegular Maintenance – At least two times per year clean your deck and more often if necessary.  If you use a pressure washer, keep the pressure less than 2,500 PSI and at least a foot off the surface of the deck.

Snow and Ice – Do not use shovels or anything with a sharp edge when removing snow or ice.  Nor should you use sand.  Purchase and use calcium chloride rock salt or ice melt product.  Be sure that it is free of any additives like colorants, which can stain.

Oil and Grease – Clean the area as soon as possible using soap and water.  If that doesn’t work, use a cleaner like 409 or Fantastik.  Test that product on an inconspicuous area first to be sure you won’t leave the area looking worse than when you started.  Tar and asphalt can be removed using De-Solv-It Citrus.  Again, follow the product instructions.

Drainage – Keep any gaps free of debris to be sure your deck drains properly.  Using a broom or a scrub brush with simple soap and water should do the trick.  Always work in the same direction as the grain.  Promptly remove any standing water.  Be sure all downspouts and gutter extensions direct rain and melted snow away from the deck.

Mold – If you have allowed water to stand or accumulate, you could be facing a mold problem.  Check your local hardware store for commercial products that are recommended for mold and mildew removal.  Read the product information for use around grass and plants (especially edibles).  Inadequate ventilation (debris in the gaps) is another recipe for mold accumulation.

Rust Stains – As outdoor furniture ages, it sometimes leaves rust stains.  To prevent this put vinyl or plastic tips on the legs.  If you already have some rust marks, start with scrubbing with water.  If there are stubborn spots, use a deck cleaner formulated to work with a composite substance.

Outdoor Rugs – Only use outdoor rugs made of polypropylene or those that are designated as colorfast. Rugs and mats with vinyl or latex bottoms can leave marks.  If that does happen, the marks should clean up fairly easily.

Composite decking material is gaining in popularity.  At Project Landscape we have used this product for our clients.  If this alternative is something you would be interested in, we are happy to speak with you about its availability and our deck designs.  If you already have composite decking and have questions, our service personnel are always ready to help you.  Contact us through our website, by phone, or come in to see us.

Landscaping Calgary

How a Landscape Contractor in Calgary Can Bring Value to Your Home

Landscaping your Calgary property will bring you current enjoyment and, as a really big plus, adds significant value for resale.  Studies show that homes with professionally landscaped exteriors turn over quicker than those with self landscaped and much more rapidly than those with inadequate landscaping.  Curb appeal is everything.  It is the first thing a potential buyer notices and it improves the general tenor of your neighborhood.

Here are some of the top ideas that others have used to perk up their exterior.

Patio – First, less lawn to maintain.  This is often overlooked by the homeowner but can be a significant time saver each week in mowing and edging.  Patios extend the living space of the home and are almost a necessity for summer entertaining, birthday parties, and lounging.

backyard landscaping calgary Walkways – Using pavers and decorative rock gives your landscape texture and color options.  Instead of a vast expanse of green, you will see some tans and grays.  Simply pouring a concrete path or improving the steps into your home makes a huge difference.  You can then add decorative pots of plants to bring in pops of color.

Retaining Walls – If you have some sloping areas of your property, a retaining wall will help conserve the soil.  A retaining wall serves a dual purpose of adding to the safety of the area preventing rocks and earth from sliding downward as well as adding a decorative element to the landscape.  These retaining walls can be used for additional seating or as an additional element to place potted plants.  They can also be used to define a garden area for a flower garden.

Irrigation Systems – A real plus when selling your home is an underground irrigation system.  This is an operation of plastic pipes and sprinkler heads to water the lawn and gardens.  It is a convenience to avoid dragging a hose and sprinkler around the yard.  It can be pre-programmed to run only at certain times and to provide only the amount of moisture a specific area needs.  A sensor will automatically adjust the system to not run if sufficient rainfall has been in your area.

Fire Pit – Planning and constructing a fire pit should really only be handled by a professional.  Then you are assured of safety and still provide the ambiance you are trying for.  This amenity is often a turning point for a home sale since it extends the usability of the outdoors most any time of the year.

So, as you can tell landscaping and hardscaping are viable methods to increase the value of your home and its enjoyment while you are still living there.  You are upgrading the neighborhood.  Using Project Landscape professionals means you will end up with the quality product that will enhance your property.  We pay special attention to the other homes on the street and those adjacent so that you will align with the general tone of the community.  We have lots of ideas that can help you improve your property at reasonable and competitive prices.  It is an investment you should not overlook.

Landscaping Calgary

Ways to Enjoy Your Snowy Backyard this Winter

Cold days and long nights are no reason to restrict yourself to the indoors during the winter months.  There are still a lot of ways to enjoy your backyard even in the snow.


snowy yard calgaryThere are a lot of lighting options available in the market today including permanent outdoor light sets.  Choose from clear, white, or a set of colors that will work year round.  The strings of light will provide the illumination you want plus a bit of festivity


There are some great ways to add heat to your patio or outdoor space.  Patio heaters are available.  They come in a number of shapes like wall mountings and infrared heat lamps.  You can add a fire pit that will run for your natural gas line, or portable units that are either electric or propane.

Outdoor fire places are more affordable than you may think.  Choose one that has a fire bowl to accommodate several large logs and a chimney that will send the smoke up and away from your eyes.  Once completely cooled, remove the ash from the removable bin and dispose of appropriately.  Some come equipped with a removable grill for a midnight hot dog snack.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are not just for spas and ski resorts.  Give yourself a relaxing treat with a personal hot tub in your backyard.  Wear a hat to keep your body temperature regulated and to avoid chilly winter air from spoiling the experience.  Feel the daily stress melt away as your muscles relax.  Keep the tub illuminated at night for safety and keep up with the regular maintenance and cleaning.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are classic gathering points for a quiet discussion over s’mores or a gathering of neighbors or family.  Add hot cocoa, mulled wine, or flavored coffee and you have an instant party.


There is plenty of garden furniture that is weather resistant like powder coated steel, teak and polyresin wicker.  You probably will want to bring the cushions and pillows indoors.  It is also a good idea to cover the furniture with secured tarps so that you just need to flip any snow off the furniture.  Keep blankets and throws in a chest near the patio door for easy retrieval and storage.


Grills work just fine in the winter.  Just be sure to position yourself to stay safe.  Be sure you keep fresh, dry charcoal on hand or a fresh tank of propane.  Then you can enjoy chicken or steak just like in the summer.  Catch up on some videos from cooking programs and find how you can make the whole meal on the grill.

If you have questions about any of these options or would like our help making them appear, just contact us at Project Landscape.  We have the experts ready to help you enjoy the outdoors no matter the season.

Landscaping Calgary

Fire Pit Design Ideas

Fire pits are a very popular design idea for your home.  Enjoying the ambiance with family and friends, or just a solo period of quiet.  There are a lot of design ideas available.  From the perspective of safety, it is always best to have a professional build your pit.

When you are working with your landscape company, here are some ideas you need to consider so that you get the best value for your money.

The first idea is whether you want a wood burning pit or one that is powered by gas.  Sometimes this is dictated by where you want to install the pit.  With a gas pit, there will need to be lines to access the gas; wood burning pits need to be located a safe distance from your home as specified in fire laws and municipality regulations.  If you are not into managing the wood, including clean up and disposition of the ash, then think about using gas.  While there is somewhat less ambiance, there is something to be said about starting and stopping the fire with the push of a button.

Fire Pit Design Ideas in Calgary

fire pit design calgaryThere is a third option of a portable unit.  This also might be a good idea if you are still debating about whether you would like a fire pit.  You can always sell it and get most of your investment back.

Placement is probably one of main considerations.  Do you want it to be a focal point or in a more intimate setting?  You will need to be sure there is enough room for seating and tables.  How many people do you anticipate gathering around the fire pit?  This can determine both the size of the pit and the placement.  More people means a greater area allocated.

General wind direction should also be considered.  This will help determine how to place seating as well as where it is located to avoid smoke wafting over your vegetables or prize roses.

If you have had a fire pit in the past, how did you use it?  What would you change and what would you leave the same?  Likes and dislikes should have a significant impact on your choices.

Finally we get to the construction materials.  They have an inner wall made from fireproof material, usually fire brick.  The outer wall should still be heat resistant but there are more options like stone, pavers or heat resistant tiles.  Finally there is a cap or a flat surface around the top opening.

All of this and more will be covered by one of our Project Landscape professional designers.  We are well versed on the safety features to be considered as well as the aesthetic design you want to achieve.  Contact us today to discuss your own design and landscape options.  We will arrange an appointment to view the area and recommend the best and safest options for your needs.  After you have approved all the design and placement, our crew can come in and make your fire pit dream a reality.

Landscaping Calgary

5 Perfect Paving Stones Design Trends For Your Backyard Patios!

Backyard patios add life to our homes. It is the venue for our family gatherings or sometimes just to chill out with a cup of tea and a good book. And thus everybody of us feels like decorating them in the best possible way. So, here we are with the latest paving stones trends for your background patios.

So, let’s start!

5 Paving Stones Design Trends Perfect For Your Backyard Patio

#1: Large Format Pavers

Large Format Pavers are gaining traction these days. Though they are not as popular as their smaller cousins, they are still becoming popular nowadays.

Paving is, no doubt, durable but not all like the small size of the pavers. Some have a different taste with the aesthetics and may like the look large stones give. And if you can resonate with this idea, large format pavers are for you.

paver walkwayLarge paving stones come in a range of materials. From granite to travertine to concrete and whatnot. And not only this, they offer a variety in their range of colours and finishes as well. Thus, trust us, if you want large format pavers, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

They are not only great with aesthetics; they also have many benefits too. First of all, they demand lesser maintenance. Why? Because paving stones combine through polymeric sand between the joints. Thus, unlike concrete slabs, if these pavers crack, they can be spot repaired, which is very hassle-free.

The next benefit explores the aesthetic side of these pavers. With fewer joints, these large pavers seem less ‘busy.’ On the other hand, smaller pavers, although beautiful, attract attention. They do tend to blur other elements like the furniture from the view. Larger pavers are a more subtle art, and try to balance the attention on all aspects of your patio.

With all this in mind, Large format paving stones are a smart choice.

#2: Wood Style Pavers

Wood Style pavers give your patio a rustic, earthy look. They are sure to make your patio cozy and a great place for the parties and gatherings under the starry night. Be it the fireplace or the flooring, wood-style pavers can render a beautiful backyard.

But with wood pavers comes the maintenance issues. But do you know that wood imitation pavers are readily available, which require less or no maintenance? Great, isn’t it?

These wood imitation pavers are usually made up of concrete. Concrete is any day, a much more durable material than wood. It is not sensitive to rotting, mould, and pests, etc. Also, concrete pavers have a lifespan of a minimum of 25 to 30 years, which is almost double the wood’s lifespan. And to top it off, they cost a third of what the wood will cost.

With the advent of retaining walls, wood-style pavers can also be used for walls. Overall, wood-style pavers look elegant and give your outdoors the wild feel that is so inviting and timeless.

Go for wood style pavers if you love that earthy feel in your backyard. Rest assured, your friends and family will also love it. Wood pavers are always a success with almost everybody.

#3: Borders and Inset Borders

Borders or inset borders highlight your backyard’s prominent features like the fireplace, the dining area, etc. They bring that little variation that makes all the difference. Without them, a patio can look monotonous, especially big ones with little vegetation.

To avoid an industrial feel, try to opt for some earthy tones. They will give a more welcoming and cozy feel to your backyard.

The choice of colour and the thickness of the paving stones used as borders is up to you. Edges, both thin and thick, look good. It all depends on how well you compile the elements. After the thickness comes the choice of colour. While choosing the colour, the biggest dilemma is to go for contrast or balance. Both of them produce beautiful results, and in the end, it’s all about your personal choice.

For example, one of your choices can be a burgundy red border on a sandstone colour palate. While on the other hand, you can go for black granite with similar dark colour granite paving stones. Both look gorgeous, just that you have to pick your ideal one from them.

#4: Patterns:

Patterns have been in trend for a while, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. They let you play with your creativity as the options are truly endless. From classic to modern, you are spoilt for choices. Play with colours, sizes, textures, materials, and arrive at what you feel is best for you. Thus here we are with a step-by-step process to help you reach your ideal pattern.

1.     Select the shape of the paving stones

The first step to a great pattern is the paver shape. There are many designs, like the herringbone pattern, that usually have rectangles arranged in various forms. Then there are stack or running bond pattern. These are the classic brick pattern with their own old-world charm. And lastly, there are the block patterns, which give good interlocking needed for vehicular movement.

You can go for any of these. But make sure that the basic paver is the same size in your design.

2.     Choose the scale of the pattern

The same design can be used with larger stones as well as smaller stones.

The scale of the pavers depends mainly on two aspects. First is the size of the area, and second the application. If your patio is big, you can use both smaller and larger paving stones, and if smaller, then small will look good. And secondly, application means whether you want to pave a patio or a driveway. Because vehicular movement demands more interlocking and smaller stones, so, decide accordingly.

3.     Pick colours, borders, and textures

The last step in designing your pattern is choosing the textures and colours. They make a lot of difference in how the whole pattern will look like finally. And what’s more, you can combine various materials as well.

For more extensive patios, as we have already said, borders play a pivotal role. They don’t let the floor look monotonous but make it interesting. Thus, lastly, you can also embed borders in your pattern. Trust us; it looks great.

Furthermore, as we know, paving can be done in the retaining walls as well. Thus, the scope of using paving stone patterns in your backyard increases. Now, you can not only use them horizontally but arrange them vertically as well. Thus, you now have one more variable to increase the possible options available to you.

#5: Banding:

Banding is a smart move when you are deciding how to pave your floor. But first, let us explain banding for those who might find this a new term. As the name says, banding is when you incorporate ‘ribbons’ of pavers between a paver pattern or any other paver setting. Banding can be used on floors as well as vertical features such as retaining walls.

The utility of banding is very similar to that of borders. It makes a large expanse of patio look cozier and non-monotonous. Otherwise, big backyards that too with little vegetation can look a bit boring.

Borders and banding are often used together. And if it is the same way for you too, choose a similar or the same colour for bands as you have picked for the borders. This choice will give consistency to the whole setting. And a pro tip can be, how to choose the colour for the jointing sand? Designers prefer to use a colour that complements or contrasts the house’s exterior finishes for the jointing sand.

Another popular trend in paving stones is laying them as ‘rugs.’ Confused? In this technique, a different tone of the paver colour is used and laid in a big rectangle or any other elaborate design. This setting gives the impression of a rug. You can place your dining table over this ‘rug’ or leave it as a patio’s focal point.

An example can be using a black granite rug on a white travertine patio. This rug system breaks the monotonous and indeed gives it a charm of its own.


Paving stones are available in so many textures, colours, materials, and sizes that there are endless options for you to opt from. So, research well and then only arrive at a conclusion. And for those who would like professional help, feel free to contact Project Landscape. We are a company based and operating in Calgary. Thus, our solutions are custom-designed for Calgary’s weather.

So, this was all in our guide about the top 5 trends in paving stones. We hope you liked the article and that it was informative. And now it’s your turn. Do mention which of these trends did you like the most in the comments box below. We will love to hear from you.

Landscaping Calgary

Check Out 4 Breakthrough Landscaping Ideas To Sell Your Home!

landscape ideas calgaryAre you considering putting your Calgary house for sale? Then indeed you must have thought about renovating the kitchen and bathrooms etc. But do you know landscaping can increase not only the curb appeal of your house but also increase the return on investment by 15-25%? Crazy, isn’t it? We have been landscaping Calgary for the last two decades. Thus here we are with four breakthrough landscaping ideas that will help you sell your home quickly and at a good price.

So, let’s start!

Four Great Landscaping Ideas To Sell Your Home!

#1: Patio and Walkways

Patio and walkways both give a finish to your house. While walkways enhance the curb appeal, the patio enhances the utility of the house.

A beautiful well-landscaped patio increases your investment return by 10-20%. Thus updating and upgrading your patio is a must-do if you plan to sell your house anytime soon.

A patio adds living space to your house and often serves as the dining room for you and your family. It gives your backyard a structure and plays a key role in beautifying it.

Patios are nowadays being preferred more than wooden decks. The reason? Easy, patios last longer and are low maintenance. Wood is prone to rot and thus has a limited short lifespan. On the other hand, patios are usually made of concrete or paving stones; both are durable and low maintenance. Although a new entry in the market, the composite wood is stealing the show from all other options. This composite wood looks like wood and is not prone to rotting.

Walkways and driveways are essential curb-appeal elements. The curb appeal of your house attracts any passerby or anybody looking up the photographs of your property. It is the first impression, and if that clicks, you have a higher chance of selling your property quickly.

An excellent way of making your patio and walkways attractive is by using paving stones. As already said, they are durable, low maintenance, and beautiful. What else do you need? Paving stones come in the form of large format pavers, wood-alike pavers, natural stone pavers, etc. You have endless options for creating patterns through them and decorate your patio and walkways.

For those of us who want eco-friendly solutions, pavers offer an additional advantage. They are eco-friendly and let the rainwater seep into the earth. Otherwise, this water would run into storm drains.

#2: Fire Features

Fire features like a fireplace or a firepit are valuable additions to any house. Unlike other home décor investments, including fire features,provide a great return on investment. Plus, the ambiance and coziness it yields to the place are unbeatable.

Whatever be the purpose, a gathering, family’s night outside, or date under the starry sky, a fireplace sets the perfect mood for it. Let’s see the benefits of a fireplace or a fire pit:

1.     Increased Property Price:

First of all, since you are planning to sell off your home, an increased property price is an essential factor. Any buyer interested in having some gala nights beside the fire will surely be interested in these fire features. Thus, a cozy and beautiful fireplace can help crack the deal and that too at a better price.

2.     Provides Warmth And Comfort:

Now for the most obvious factor. Fire features provide warmth and help you host parties in the open much earlier in the year. So, all those who love spending their winter nights with a sweater, fire, and roasted marshmallows will find this feature alluring.

3.     Uplifts The Aesthetics:

Whether you kindle fire or not, a fireplace or a fire pit looks stunning with all the stonework done. It can make an otherwise dull yard look more attractive. Compliment it with suitable seating arrangements and a coffee table, and you are good to go.

4.     Great for gatherings and date nights:

A fireplace or a fire pit livens the atmosphere and makes a perfect setting for jolly gatherings and romantic dates.

5.     Outdoor Cooking:

The last reason you should incorporate the fire feature is that you can use it for cooking. You need not be a star chef to cook on the fire. It instantly takes you to the nostalgic bonfire memories. You can do anything from roasting marshmallows to grilling dinner.

Thus, with so many benefits, you can rest assured that fire features will improve the chances of a sale and increase investment return.

#3: Landscape Lighting

The play of lights and shadow in your garden is mysterious as well as fascinating. It makes your nighttime strolls a thing to look forward to.

Calgary landscaping is never complete without some good landscape lighting. Indeed well lit outdoors has many benefits. First of all, it increases the curb appeal of your house. Secondly, it makes your home way more secure. And thirdly, it increases your property value because of the previous two reasons. Let’s see these benefits in a bit more detail:

  1. You can extend your living space from inside to outside. Your garden or backyard is the perfect place to chill after a tough day at work. If perfectly lit, your patio or garden can be your family time, friends time, or spouse time—whatever you wish it to be.
  2. Landscape lighting can help highlight your landscaping features. It can light up the walkway, mark property lines, highlight water features and beautiful trees. You can also light up your garden bed. Lighting up the staircase becomes a necessity, and the list goes on.
  3. Outdoor lighting can highlight the striking architectural features of your house. This way, lighting can further increase your curb appeal.
  4. Lighting in and around the house will make sure people do not fall or trip on your property. This precaution will reduce the risk of people suing you for injuries. For example, uneven places and stairs must be well lit.
  5. Lastly, since the house is well lit, the possibility of a crime occurring on the scene also reduces.

Outdoor nighttime parties are no fun without proper lighting. Thus, being a Calgary landscaping company, we advise that a decent amount of lighting is a must-have in your home. So, here are a few steps to consider while planning your landscape lighting:

Step 1: Identify which areas to highlight

The first step is to identify which aesthetics and textures will look good in a certain light type. Also, ask yourself which part of the house needs security lighting. Think which features to highlight? Or which parts of the house would you need after dark? Such questions will render you with a list of places you want the lighting on.

Step 2: Install a central control lighting system

Though you can use both unified or independent lighting controls, unified is always a better option as it is easy to operate and scale-up.

Another tip you can use is the use of LED lights. Nowadays, they are available in all hues and intensities. We suggest them as they are cost-effective, low maintenance, and last long.

#4: Planting

Calgary landscaping is all about beautiful and strategic planting. But do you know that proper planting can increase your home’s value from anywhere between 5-20%? The more mature the landscape is, the more is the value increment.

Planting trees in the south and west sides of your house can help lower the temperatures by many degrees in your attic. And these low home temperatures can result in savings on power bills. Place them strategically so that they will even look good and well placed.

But there is a greenery alert too. Too much effort in planting may result in a very high maintenance lawn. This part may not go well with many buyers. So, try to keep the property a bit low maintenance. Use drought-tolerant and native plants. Both of these are easy to maintain and come cheap too.

Also, start putting in fertilizers and caring for the lawn by mowing and raking from springtime. About a year of caretaking will yield a garden that your neighbours will be jealous of. It can also give you better returns because of the increased curb appeal.

Lastly, a good tip would be to take the photographs of your property during summertime. The lawn looks pretty during this time, and it can be used to convert impressed clients.


So, this was all about Calgary landscaping tips that will help you sell off your house at a good price. Landscape features like paving the patios and walkways, building fire features, outdoor lighting, and planting are all long term investments. They increase the value of your house as the time goes by.

We hope you liked the article and that it was informative. If you have any doubt about anything related to landscaping, drop it in the comments below. And if you would like us to help you out with your landscaping, contact us for a free consultation. Calgary landscaping is our forte, and we have been making visions come true for more than two decades.

Landscaping Calgary

Landscape Design Change Tips

You have been staring at your landscaping and have come to the conclusion that it needs some work.  For residences it could be children grew up or arrived or grandchildren now come to visit.  Your tastes have changed.  Your lifestyle is different by retirement or remote working.  Your pastimes are different.  For commercial operations, the plants are looking bedraggled or it is just time for a change.

Whatever the reason, it is always best to work with a professional landscape design company here in Calgary. 

At Project Landscape we always start with a plan.  We discuss the ideas and dreams of our clients and spend time looking at the site.  We will probably take measurements and assess the plants and hardscaping that currently exists.  From that information we begin to develop the appropriate plans.  This usually involves a sketch.

calgary backyard design paversWe also start talking about plants and how they will integrate with the current architectural design, utilities and property lines, terrain and how you want your property to look when the work is done.  We discuss budget and offer alternatives.

If you are not sure what you would like to have in your garden, we usually suggest that you drive around the neighbourhood and make notes of what you do or do not care for.  The color palate you prefer.  In Calgary we have a number of different trees, shrubs and perennials that will thrive in our climate and soils.  We can help you decide so that you have varieties that will do well through the growing season.  Large items like trees should be considered for decades rather than a season and to plan for their growth and spread.

At Project Landscape we are professional landscapers in Calgary.  Each crew is supervised to provide our clients with the best possible outcome.  We have built our reputation on following through with our commitments and quality workmanship.

For either commercial or residential clients, walkways and patios are a popular option.  There are a number of materials to choose from like pave stones, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete.  We work with you to decide the amount of traffic the area will take and how the materials will coordinate with the plants.  We can replicate or harmonize those materials with seating areas, retaining walls, and other surfaces.

Another area we concern ourselves with is the edging around the planting sites.  Defining the edges of your garden and blooms is very important to the overall appearance of the landscape.  We have options like a natural edging or creating berms with wood mulch.  There is also stack stone or natural stone that will tie into the paths or driveway.  One of the most popular choices is mowing pavers.  These are nice because your mower can just travel across them without harm to the paving or the mower blades.

So, if you are ready to embark on a new landscaping adventure, just contact us at Project Landscape.  We are happy to come and see your area and discuss all the possibilities.  Our rates are reasonable and competitive and we have lots of ideas to share with you.