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Calgary Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance in Calgary is significantly more than keeping the lawn mowed.  If it is beginning to feel overwhelming, consider a landscape maintenance company to help out.  Here are some of the services you can expect from Project Landscape.

Clean Up

In the spring our crew comes in to assess the current state of the yard.  We will remove any winter debris, aerate the turf, plant annuals, tidy up perennial beds, and deal with any additional plantings or maintenance necessary to make the landscape ready for the growing season.

In the autumn we can rake leaves, remove spent annuals, clean out tree wells, and prune hedges and shrubs to make them sturdy enough to handle the winter snow and ice.

Growing Season

lawn-maintenance-landscaping-calgary-5faebef65da82For the summer, we have a number of maintenance or special project teams that can help your area stay looking its best.  Weekly mowing, periodic watering, and appropriately timed fertilizing, weeding, pruning and trimming.  We can also remove excess litter and debris as necessary.


At Project Landscape in Calgary we are pleased to service both residential and commercial customers.  Our clients include private homeowners, businesses and industrial parks, property managers, homeowner associations.  We can help with areas around condominiums and townhouses.  Ground maintenance like regular mowing as well as ancillary services like planting seasonal flowers, pruning trees, and shrub maintenance.

For turf we can provide top dressing and overseeding in the spring and possibly the fall.  Besides a regular mowing schedule, we can edge the lawn, treat for weeds and provide fertilizing.  We have experts who are willing to discuss the current state of the landscaping.  If a change is warranted or if you feel the need for some updating, we can help you redesign the landscape and offer suggestions for new plants or trees.  We can remove the old growth and add new plants or completely start from scratch to help your outside look lovely.  Curb appeal is important to maintain solid relations with your neighbors or to be in compliance with homeowner association regulations.  We make it easy for you.

The Process

Our initial consultation will include looking at your property and discussing your plans.  We use active listening to incorporate your ideas and requirements.  Relying on our years of experience we will be able to offer suggestions and alternatives.

After we have settled on a scope of work, we can estimate the labor and any equipment that will be necessary.  We will prepare a bid for your approval.  Then we can set dates for the work to commence.

For ongoing maintenance, it will be similar except that will we set up a schedule for the regular services.  The periodic or seasonal work will be scheduled based on weather conditions and the work to be performed.

It is just this easy.  Contact our office and discuss your ideas with one of our representatives.  We can then move forward and schedule an on-site visit.

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Effective Fall Clean Up Tips For Your Garden

When it comes to preparing your garden this fall, we have a few tips to share with you. We do not necessarily have to prune everything down and rip up our gardens. Start by cleaning up your yard in Autumn as the weather is cooler and there are fewer insects. Below we have shared some fall clean up tips that will help you along the process:

Clean Out The Debris

As the trees shed their foliage, you must regularly rake to take out dead leaves and other forms of debris that might be smothering the grass and prevent the growth.

Organic waste such as weeds and leaves can provide space for pests such as groundhogs, mice, etc.

fall cleanup tips calgaryFertilize Your Lawn

During the autumn months, you can fertilize your yard to facilitate root growth and prepare it for the next growing season. If you wait until the spring, the fertilizer will prove to be less effective. During the fall, your grass needs to replenish for summer heat and can best use the nutrients of fertilizers.

Use a fertilizer or turf builder that is especially used for winterizing lawns. When you seed a lawn, you want the seeds to grow without competing for nutrients from the weeds. Don’t wait until spring when weeds grow to address this issue; rather, treat it in the fall itself.

Remove Dead Trees and Shrubs

If you notice any shrubs that do not seem to be growing, then it might be time to take them out. But before that, look for any signs of life by scratching the bark at its base and check if there is any greenery.

If no green colour appears, then it is a dead shrub. And it is best to remove it before the ground hardens. This will provide more room for new trees, plants and shrubs to grow.

Check the pH Level of the Lawn

Autumn is the perfect time to make sure that your lawn continues to be healthy for the next year. Get a soil test to determine whether or not your garden soil has the ideal pH or nutrient levels for necessary growth. If the soil is too acidic, you will need to add more lime, whereas if it is too alkaline, you shall add sulfur.

Aerate Your Lawn

When you aerate the lawn, it works to remove the thatch, increase the soil compaction, and improve the overall appearance of the grass. Heavy organic debris or excessive thatch under the grassy surface can deprive the root of vital elements such as water, air, etc. According to Calgary Landscaping experts, autumn is the best season to aerate your lawn. It gives enough time for grass to heal and fill open areas.

There you have it, some effective fall clean up tips that will make your lawn ready for spring. If you’re looking for more landscaping tips, contact our calgary landscaping experts today.

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The Benefits of Wood Fencing

Did you know that wood is one of your best fencing options? You may not be convinced yet, hence, we have written some of the benefits of wood fencing below in order to ensure that you make a decision as to whether a wood fence might be appropriate for your Calgary yard.

Wood Fencing is Quite Affordable

Price is one of the reasons why homeowners continue making use of this type of fencing. It tends to be cheaper than other fencing materials such as composite, or vinyl fencing. This is because these other wood composites have to be manufactured in a special way. 

The-Benefits-of-Wood-Fencing-calgary-5e80dbab4b64d-5e80dbbeb8cc0It Usually has a Warranty

You need a guarantee against defects in the materials and this is why wood fencing is the most appropriate option. One who puts up products with quality will always back these products. There are several companies with up to 8 months warranty on their work. You have to ensure that you thoroughly discuss the terms & conditions of their warranty before purchasing any of their products.

You Can Easily Repair it Yourself

If this was a composite or vinyl fence, we would have suggest that you leave it in order for a specialist to look into making any changes. Moreover, if you have a wood fence & if you fancy DIY projects, this type of fence is just the perfect one for you because you can make repairs yourself. For instance, you can buy lumber at a lumber yard & ensure it fits the specifications of your fence. In addition, you will need nails, hammers, saws, screws and drills which you probably already have in your toolbox.

The Color of a Wood Fence can be Changed Easily

You can change the color multiple times with a wood fence. Wouldn’t you just love it if you could repaint your fence when & how you want? If you make use of a grey vinyl fence, you will be stuck with this color for the long term. Making over a wood fence is  a simple job.

It is Environmentally Friendly

These fences are made from natural materials and because of this, they are a good option for people looking to protect the environment. Using economically preservatives that are friendly, the protection of your wood fence from termites can be guaranteed. Another way to stay eco-friendly is that you can recycle your wood fencing and use it for other projects.

If you’re looking for a wood fence installation company in Calgary, our team would love to hear from you today. 

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The Importance of Workers’ Compensation and Insurance for Calgary Contractors

If you take at least a little time out to ask a homeowner, chances are that you will have to hire someone to help you fix some stuff around your Calgary home. Whether you need some siding installed, a plumbing issue fixed, and trees around your home fixed or as much as your deck constructed, it is vital that the contractor you hire is fully insured. If you are having a hard time believing this, just Google “contractor horror stories” and thank me later. For a fun fact, the Federal Trade Commission in 2011 received over 13,000 home repair-related complaints. So, do I have you undivided attention now?

Just because you have homeowners insurance doesn’t imply you are covered as per insurance

If you are not too fortunate to hire the kind of contractor who eventually ruins your garage, your homeowners insurance would probably cover it. It will not cover things such as poor workmanship, so you always have to ask the contractor the kind of insurance he or she carries. Whatever the kind of answer the contractor gives you, it should comprise worker’s comp, personal liability and property damage. The subcontractors you will be asking of should as well be insured if they happen to ask you what is covered under your home insurance. The wise move would be to have them mail you copies of their insurance certificates, and do all the homework As a homeowner in Calgary you could be held liable for any injuries or damages that may occur while they are working on your landscape project.

Workers-Compensation-and-Insurance-for-Calgary-Contractors-5d4ad67d2bdccWhy You Should Hire Contractors That Have Workers Compensation Insurance?

When you hire an insured contractor for your landscaping in Calgary, you will be in many ways protecting your property from damage and saving your pockets the holes it would cost for any kind of repair or replacement. In any case, should an insured contractor cause any damage on your deck or irrigation system during the course of his work, then his or her insurance company got your back. Likewise, you won’t be held liable for any kind of accident or mishap that happened during the project. Any insured contractor in Calgary that gets injured while doing work on your property, you will not be responsible for their treatment because the person can well file for damages with his insurance company. Lastly, hiring a contractor who checks out with insurance assures you of the quality of work to be delivered, not the kind a tinker man off the streets could hurry in and out of. Insured contractors, habitually, have more responsibility when it comes to working than those who aren’t registered with an insurance company – it is the way of the world.

Uninsured Contractors

You need to not just beware, but armed to the teeth when it comes to dealing with contractors without insurance papers. Some of them may seek to convince you on the spot that insurance is not an essential part of their service, boasting of years and years of topnotch delivery. Beware. Most of those are pitches that can turn out as hair in your beloved chocolate pudding. They don’t always tell the truth, so don’t fall for it. Some of them can even offer to sweeten the deal by quoting for you fees that are below benchmark prices and the industry average. You may think you will be saving money in the short run, but on the longer chase hiring that uninsured contractor can cost you big time should something ever go wrong while the project is going on.

Before now or at this point you may be asking yourself whether hiring a contractor with insurance compensation papers is really a thing. You may think it’s just a fad, and that it doesn’t really matter. The most honest answer one can give you is “Get a Calgary contractor who has insurance”. And that’s as much pointer as you can get; one you will be thankful you got in the long run and as for many projects to come. For the safety of your property and the wellbeing of workers, hire people from companies with good reputation who can furnish you with an original certificate of insurance and compensation.

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Lawn Maintenance Tips in Calgary

Maintaining a lush and lovely lawn may take a little physical effort, but is really simpler than it seems.


Lawn Maintenance Tips

Keep grass mowed at 3 to 3 1/2 inches.  The blades of the plant must be long enough to gather sufficient sunlight to they produce the sugars the plant needs to survive and thrive.  The plant will reproduce, and fill in where older plants are dying, for a denser lawn.  Lawns mowed any shorter will remain stunted, and the fill-in chances are slim.  With the grass barely hanging on, the weeds will go full speed ahead.  If your lawn grows too high, cut only 1/3 of the total height at a time; then return to the 3 to 1/2 inch height.

Do not mow the lawn when it’s wet to avoid damage to the plants.  The soft soil creates a high level of soil compaction limiting the penetration of water, nutrients and air to the roots.

Keep your mower well maintained, but that is the topic for another time.


While it takes an inch of water per week to keep your lawn lush and growing, if you wish to save water during the hot summer months, apply a half inch every two weeks to keep the crowns of the plants alive.  The grass may go dormant and turn brown, but when cooler weather returns, a good watering or two will bring back the green.

Be sure to allow turf to dry completely between waterings to oxygenate the root system.  Start just before dawn, when it’s cooler and the wind is calmer.  More moisture will be absorbed into the ground and not evaporated by the sun.  Also, early watering will prevent many fungal problems and possible root rot that can occur if watering in the late afternoon or early evening.


Start in the spring by spreading a pre-emergent.  Choose a pre-emergent product that will last the entire growing season. This will prevent germination of weed seeds blowing into your lawn.

A pre-emergent will not tackle the weeds already growing but spot spraying will.  Spot spraying is a hand squeeze-trigger unit or a pump pressure sprayer, used to address only the weed and not the entire lawn.  Don’t saturate the weed, just wet the weed leaves. Add Spreader-Sticker to the herbicide.  Always read product directions before beginning.

These are the lawn basics that should give you turf that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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Flowering Shrubs in Calgary

A great way to add color and interest in your landscaping in Calgary is to add small trees and shrubs.  It has the added advantage to attract birds, bees, and other pollinators.

Ninebark – This is a shrub often used to create a hedge.  Its purple foliage offsets the clusters of small, white flowers that appear in early summer on some varieties.  The bark peels through the winter but offers interest to those long days.  Rabbits and deer seem to prefer other bushes.  It needs full sun but can take a bit of shade and is drought tolerant. It will grow to 8 feet both tall and wide, so allow enough space at the initial planting.

Cherry Bomb Barberry – You will find this self-shaping plant magically forms and retains its round appearance.  It is vivid, deep red, but be very careful of its sharp thorns that discourage rabbits, deer and dogs.  It produces berries in the fall and winter.  They are hardy enough to endure Calgary winters and are easy to maintain.  It is smaller at 3 or 4 feet high and wide and takes full sun.

Flowering Shrubs calgary

Spirea or Bridlewreath – For one of the hardiest Calgary shrubs choose spirea.  There are a number of varieties and many provide color with spring blooms but will give interest when they change hue in the autumn.  They do well in a changeable climate and can handle a bit of drought now and then.  They may need some pruning.  They come in a number of sizes including dwarf and compact.

Dwarf Korean Lilac – This shrub will tickle the senses with a heady scent when its pink to purple flowers appear.  The top-grafted Korean Lilac needs full to part sun and will grow to 4 feet by 4 feet.  They are often used near walkways.

Halo Dogwood – This is an ornamental with yellowish spring blooms that change to blue berries.  Autumn changes the foliage from green and white to a purple red.  The red twigs remain through the winter.  You should prune out the old stems about every three years.  Planted in full sun or part shade, it grows to 5 feet by 5 feet.

Red Leaf Rose bush – For color throughout the year, this is a lovely choice.  In the spring it produces pink blossoms but they only last a few weeks and are replaced with orange-red rose hips that are actually a fruit attractive to birds.  Their branches have a reddish tinge and leaves range from gray to purple to blues and will sprout thorns.  It does best in sun but can tolerate some degree of shade.  They can grow to 6 feet tall, so you may want to consider occasional pruning.

When you select plants that are native to Calgary you have a better chance of their survival and success.

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Top Benefits of Lilac Bushes in Calgary

If you are thinking about adding shrubbery to your landscape, one of the best choices is a lilac bush.

The common lilac (Syringia Vulgaris) will flourish in Alberta’s climate.  Filled with heady aroma, the flowers bloom in the spring and can be enjoyed in a cut flower arrangement or left on the tree to enhance a stroll through the garden.

Add Some Color to Your Landscape

lilac bush calgaryThe flowers may be single or double blooms and come in colors ranging from white, pink, and blues through lilac (of course), magentas and even violet.  A single has four petals; a double has multiple sets of the same four petals.  Color variants are dependant on the amount of shade, weather (cool, hot, wet, etc.) soil, and simply the overall type of year.

They are a nice, hearty plant and tolerate drought and winter cold.  It is best if they are planted in an area with good soil drainage.  Full sun is best, but a bit of shade won’t hurt.  At least 6 hours of sun a day is best.  Full shade is a disaster.  They are prone to powdery mildew in the late summer, so be on the alert and treat promptly.

Planting and Maintenance Tips

Select a relatively large area since they will have a spread of 6 to 12 feet.  Also look out for overhead power lines since they can reach up to 15 feet high, depending on the variety.  Before planting, be sure to consult with a nursery specialist (not usually found at a big box store) or do a little research on your own.  Different varieties have different qualities.  It is best to prepare for the largest expanse, especially if you treat them well including appropriate watering and feeding.

Annual pruning can keep your lilac shrubs at a controllable height and girth.  Cut them back after they finish blooming.  While you can remove dead branches in early spring, be careful to avoid any branches that have dormant buds.  After the blooms have spent, remove about one third of the largest branches.

Over time, the plant can lose its shape and become leggy or spindly.  If that happens, in the fall, cut it back to about 18 inches.  This will rejuvenate the bush, but be aware it may not bloom in the succeeding spring.

If it becomes overly large or thoroughly overgrown, you can severely prune it back in late winter or maybe March.  The following year, decide which shoots are the healthiest and remove the rest.  This will encourage new, healthy growth.  The downside is that it will take three years before the wood is able to produce blooms again.  So, this should be a last resort.

Overall, lilac bushes are a delightful introduction to spring, especially after a long, hard winter.  They are hearty in the Calgary climate and maintenance is pretty easy.

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Mulch vs Decorative Rock – Which Is Best for Your Calgary Landscape

Fabulous homes with their amazing landscapes make Calgary the green city that it is today. Does your landscape look healthy and a worthy addition of the greenery of the City? Or it needs a face lift to enhance its visual appeal. The remedy is within your reach; go for mulch and decorative stone!

What is mulch?

Your plants look unhealthy and weeds are growing around it! There is no visible earthworm to enrich the soil. You need mulch to prevent the growth of weeds and invite earthworms.  Mulching enriched the planting area makes it healthy, earth-friendly and beautiful. Mulch is the process of placing layer of material to the soil surface like a protective covering. The layer conserves soil moisture, improves fertility and maintains good health of the soil; at the same time, it prevents weed growth.

landscape mulch rock calgaryWhere mulch come from?

Any material covering the ground and offering advantages to plants performs the function of the mulch.  Organic mulch comes from bark, chipped or shredded compost, composted manure grass clippings, newspaper, and shredded leaves straw. Organic mulch decomposes and has to be replaced. In the process, soil’s fertility and, organic content are improved.

Advantages of using mulch

Controlling weed growth is not the only advantage using mulch; it minimizes water loss in the soil and controls soil erosion. It regulates temperature making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Once mulch is broken down, soil starts to improve. The environment is conducive for beneficial earthworms so they start arriving. Ornamental fruits are kept from falling to bare ground so neat look of the area is preserved.

Decorative stones

Decorative rock can be used in lieu of mulch as ground cover, as driveways and filler around pools and patios. Your landscape looks elegant with a variety of landscaping stones. Adding rocks to the landscape offer many advantages. They last for longer times, they made shady areas brighter, and they draw attention to a plant in dark places or focus to interesting areas, while minimizing weeds.  Exchanging plants for rocks is xeriscaping technique that is an innovative way to conserve water.

If you opt to use stones for your landscape, make sure that they match the theme of your current landscape or complement the theme you intended.  Rocks served as long-term solution, for they go a long way towards making Calgary landscaping the best ever.

Mulch vs Decorative rock?

Mulch has many advantages: they help plants achieve their maximum growth and use less water. With fewer weeds, more nutrients go to the plants. They are able to reduce compaction and erosion.

Decorative rocks can be more expensive and are easy to maintain. They are fire-proof and safer to use. Like mulch, they keep weeds at bay and prevent soil erosion in windy areas. They are the perfect for rock and hardy plant gardens.

Verdict: Both mulch and decorative rock are good for landscaping. They are not perfect but they contribute to Calgary landscaping by keeping plants verdant, healthy and thriving!

For more information, visit –

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Top 10 2019 Calgary Landscape Design Trends Part Two    

I do know for a fact that we all love having a beautiful garden or yard in our homes. Creating that breathtaking landscape at your space can be a daunting task for sure. This does not mean that it is impossible. All you need is some inspiration and proper information on how to put any landscape design of your choice into action. At Calgary landscaping, you get all the professional help that you need when it comes to landscaping. There are so many landscape design ideas and trends that are fast becoming popular this year. To put you in the know, I have compiled some of the best landscape design trends for 2019.

  1. Resort style living. The perfect staycation

The truth is many people wait until the end of the year or during the holidays so that they can go on a vacation. What you do not know is that you can create a resort like experience right there in your backyard. This is what is called a staycation. Instead of waiting in the long lines at the airport or having to deal with packing all the time, you can just have a vacation at the comfort of your home. The best part of a staycation is you can have it any time that you want. Additionally, it will save you a lot of money that you would have spent in travelling and staying at a hotel.

So how do you go about creating resort style living there at your home? There are many ways that you can do this. Here are some ideas on how to turn your home backyard into a luxury staycation resort;

Resort style living in your own backyard

The backyard is the perfect space for a staycation. During a vacation it is important that you have fun and also relax. The best place to do this is outdoors. There are a couple of things that you can do so that even as you have a staycation at the backyard it feels more like you are at a resort.  Here are some features to include in your list;

Have an outdoor kitchen

This is for those people who love cooking. You can have an outdoor kitchen installed at your backyard. An outdoor kitchen actually creates an open space where you can have fun and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. During the summer, cooking in your main kitchen which is inside the house can be quite a bummer. This is because it’s already hot, so the heat coming from the ovens makes things even more uncomfortable. On the other hand, cooking outside means that you won’t have to deal with heat as there is flow of fresh air all around you. It can also be a relaxing moment for you since you can cook and at the same time enjoy the outdoors. If you like pizza, you can have a pizza oven installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Add some water features

Whether it’s a swimming pool or a water fountain, adding a water feature to your backyard is a good idea when it comes to creating a staycation. A swimming pool takes your backyard landscaping to a whole new level. This is because there are so many features that you can add to your pool that will not only make it feel like a resort pool but will also make the surrounding landscape appealing. For instance, you can have a waterfall grotto at your pool. A waterfall grotto is typically a cave like structure that is covered by a waterfall. The water from the waterfall flows back into your pool. The hideout or cave can range from a small space to an expansive area with other added features such as lights, seats or even your own spa. The idea behind having a waterfall grotto is to create that relaxing water sound that gives you the feeling as if you were on a tropical island. Other features that you can add to your swimming pool include a swim up bar, a spa or even a tanning ledge.

Another important water feature is a fountain. If you really don’t like swimming that much then a fountain can be your relaxation nook. There is nothing that brings your mind at ease like the sound of bubbling and flowing water. In addition, fountains come in various sizes and prices to suit your needs.

landscaping-trends-calgary-5cfea7972e51dLandscape lighting

Who said anything about having to spend time outdoors only during the day. If you are going to relax outdoors in the evening then you will need some lighting. There are many ways that you can go about it. If you have a swimming pool then having a multi colored LED lighting will add a dramatic effect on both your pool and the landscape around it.

You may also opt to have an outdoor bar that has lights installed on it. This means that you get to spend as much time as you want outside. Go for a lighting option that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Install a fire place

At times it can get cold in the evening. However, this should not stop you from carrying on with your staycation. This is where the concept of a fireplace or fire pit comes in. These serve as an area where you can gather with your family or friends and do a fun activity like roast marshmallows. Installing a fireplace is a brilliant idea if you asked me. Not only can it serve a decorative purpose but it is functional too. If you want to go for the more affordable option then a fire pit should be your choice. You can install it anywhere and it does not need a lot of space. It will light up the night the same way a fire place will do.

Growing greens; Vegetable and herb gardens

Growing greens in your backyard or garden is one of the trends that are catching up quite quickly this year. This is probably due to the many benefits that come with it. There is no need to buy vegetables at the groceries when you can grow them right there at your home. The best part of edible landscaping is that you get fresh vegetables and herbs any time that you require them.  You only need to take proper care of the plants so that they thrive. Additionally, you have to decide which vegetables and herbs you want to grow in your garden or yard.

Another thing that you have to put in mind is maximizing on the limited space that is available. Just because you really don’t have much room around your landscape does not mean that you cannot do edible landscaping. What you have to ensure is that the plants receive enough sunshine and water so that they can grow well. Similarly, choose plants that will be able to grow on your landscape. This means that you should already have considered the type of soil and climate conditions.

You can grow vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, artichokes, garlic, eggplant, beans and peppers. There are various ways that you can plant your vegetables. For instance vegetables like lettuce can be planted in between the flower beds. If you want to create an aesthetic appeal then it wise if you choose the vegetables that are bright in color such as red-jewel cabbage. If you don’t have enough space to plant vegetables in either your yard or garden then you can grow them in pots. The pots can be placed anywhere including on the windows provided the plants receive the sunshine that they need. Other options to choose from include planting vegetables or herbs in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.

When you are planting the vegetables it is important that you do not interfere with the curb appeal of your landscape. Do so in a manner that your garden or yard still looks appealing. In this case you can plant both the ornamental plants and your edibles in one space. Also look at the size, color, shapes and the different textures of the edible plants. Remember, the plants are not only for food but should also make your landscape attractive. You may want to opt for colorful vegetables such as the rainbow Swiss chard. The colorful stems of this vegetable will bring that aesthetic appeal on your landscape and at the same time you have edible greens.

When it comes to herbs the most prudent thing that you can ever do is going for the perennial herbs. This is because perennial herbs come back each year and you won’t have to go through the stress of wondering what to do with an empty space in your garden. Some of the best herbs to grow include rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, oregano, thyme and lavender. The herbs that have strong scents are usually appealing to animals so you might want to consider ways of protecting them. When it comes to rosemary and lavender you can simply plant them as a flower border. Rosemary also makes for a great hedge for your yard. Since thyme is a low lying herb, you can use it as a ground cover.

You can never run out of ideas to growing edible vegetables and herbs in your home. If you have a balcony on your apartment or a patio in your home then you are good to go. All you need is a pot or a container and you are able to grow your own food. Garden beds too can be used to grow your vegetables and herbs.

Separation in landscapes

When you are at home you require an area where you can spend time outdoors. This year there are so many trends and ideas that take your outdoor living to another level. One of the key trends is the separation in landscapes. This is aimed at creating an outdoor space that is more like your indoors. There are various ways this is achieved including installing decks and patios.


A deck adds quite a lot of value to your home.  It can be an outdoor living space where you can do your cooking, relax and entertain visitors. If you want an all year round deck then you should consider having a shade structure installed. This means that you can spend time outdoors any time that you want regardless of the weather or season. Similarly, you can have an outdoor kitchen on your deck and even have a dining area. In this way, even when you have some visitors you can spend time outdoors and have your meals right there.


A patio is typically an outdoor area just next to the house. A patio may be covered to protect people from harsh elements or it may be freestanding without any shade structure. It can be decorated with some plants and there is also outdoor furniture where people can enjoy some outdoor time.

Seating area

Take you outdoor living a notch higher by creating a seating area where you can entertain your guests or have some quality time outdoors. Typically, a seating area will accommodate several people.  A seating area may also include a fire pit or a fireplace for warmth during the cold seasons. You can have it anywhere ranging from your garden or yard. Having a seating area in your garden is the perfect opportunity for you to relish the beauty of your garden as you spend time outside the house.

Natural stone and paving stones

Stone landscaping is one of the popular landscaping trends in 2019. There are so many options for you to choose from depending on your style. Similarly, the type of stones that you choose should be suitable for that specific area that you intend to have them. For instance, the best stones for walkways are the small ones so that walking can be easy and avoid tripping. You have an option to choose from the paving stone walkways and the natural stone walkways. Both have their advantages and what you have to do is go for what works best for you.

Paving stones are made from concrete and come in various sizes, shapes, textures and colors. Some people may prefer the paving stones because they may be easier to install, less expensive and are versatile. You can get the paving stones that will match your style and meet your needs.

On the other hand, there is the natural stone that is typically cut from the real natural rocks. Natural rock pavers are usually made of travertine, slate, flagstone or limestone.

You can opt to have either a paving stone patio or a natural stone patio depending on your style. Since paving stones come in different shapes and colors they may be a great option if you want to decorate your deck. They are also a good choice because they can withstand the harsh conditions outside and are long lasting. If natural beauty is your style then you can select the natural stone patio designs.

Smart water irrigation

You need enough water to keep the plants in your garden or yard vibrant and healthy.  One of the top trends this year is edible landscaping and this means that you have to ensure your plants receive the water that they need.  If you have flowers, shrubs and trees you have to make sure that they are watered on a daily basis especially if it is not raining. Sadly, many people don’t have that much time to water their plants on a daily basis. The concept of smart water irrigation solves this problem. Calgary irrigation will provide you with the best smart water systems for your irrigation.

Smart water irrigation systems do not just sprinkle water on the plants in your garden. The water systems are designed in such a way that they conserve water. This means that you use less water on irrigation. The smart irrigation systems are equipped with advanced technology in such a way that they monitor the amount of moisture and automatically adjust the amount of watering to the required levels.  The technology used may be one that monitors weather conditions such as rainfall and temperature or one that monitors the amount of moisture that is present in the soil. Smart irrigation that is weather based consists of sensor hardware and a controller. The sensor is placed either on a building, a fence or an object on the yard. There is wireless communication between both the controller and the sensor.  Moisture based irrigation systems work by measuring the actual content of moisture that is in the soil. The time of irrigation is then based on this. If the soil is dry the irrigation system waters the plants until enough amount of moisture is in the soil. It will stop watering when the moisture content is too high. In this case, if you want that beautiful green lawn or an appealing landscape smart water irrigation is the way to go.

Landscaping Calgary

Top 10 2019 Calgary Landscape Design Trends

There are many landscape design trends that are popping up this year. The key trends all aim for the same purpose which is making outdoor spaces better and enjoyable. To put you in the know I have compiled everything you need to know about landscape design trends for 2019.

Low maintenance landscaping

We all love having beautiful gardens, polished walkways and magnificent flower beds outside our homes. In spite of all this, it doesn’t mean that everyone likes spending their time and energy maintaining gardens and yards. This is where the idea of low maintenance landscapes comes in. Calgary landscaping will come to your rescue and ensure that you get the garden of your dreams. You don’t have to spend time worrying about weeds and the grass growing tall. Here are some of the best low maintenance landscaping ideas;

Rock gardens

So many people are turning to rock gardens and leaving behind the typical gardens full of plants. The reason behind this is that they are totally low maintenance while at the same time keeping up the curb appeal. There is a lot that you can do with a rock garden. You can decide to put decorative rock to make the garden look more attractive.   The rocks can be of different sizes and should be visually appealing. On the ground all you have to do is cover that section with tiny pebbles or coarse sand. This type of a garden will not encourage the growth of weeds. Additionally, it does not need watering. If you want to have a few plants, the best choice ought to be the drought tolerant ones.


Clover instead of grass

Grass requires so much attention and care. For those people who don’t have that much time to trim tall grass, you can opt to have clover as your ground cover. A clover lawn has many benefits that cannot be found in a grass lawn. For starters, it is drought resistant. This means that you can go for weeks without having to water your clover lawn. Similarly, clovers do not allow weeds to thrive that easily. This makes them low maintenance.

Artificial turf

Artificial turf is simply artificial grass. While it is popularly used in football fields, lots of people are using it as an alternative to grass in their yards. Not only does it require little maintenance but it is also low cost. You don’t need to water it and it adds the most appealing landscaping effects to the area.


Mulch is definitely an unsung hero. There are so many benefits that come with using mulch in your garden. If you haven’t tried it yet then you really don’t know what you’re missing. Mulch discourages the growth of weeds in your garden landscape. You will not have to deal with weeding every now and then. Additionally, it prevents the evaporation of water from the soil. This in turn keeps water in the soil for a longer time. Aside from that, it adds on to curb appeal. The landscape looks more beautiful with the uniform color and texture that is added by the mulch to the ground surface.

Taking your indoor style out the back door

Most people like spending their free time relaxing outdoors. In this case, how do you make your outdoor living match your indoor style? You may be that kind of a person that likes luxury. It doesn’t mean all that is nice and cozy should be for the indoors. You can take it outdoors. At Calgary landscaping you get all the help that you need in order to make your outdoor living a success.  Here are some trends for this year.

Personal retreat garden

backyard-patio-calgary-5cd98ebd3b200We all go through difficult and stressful moments. During times like this all you need is just somewhere quiet where you can relax your mind and unwind. You can create your own personal retreat space right there in your garden or backyard. What you have to do is to have the right design in mind. A design that will suit all your needs. The area should be secluded and surrounded with flora to bring into effect the serene environment required for personal retreats. It’s supposed to be your own haven of peace where you just relax and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. You can opt to include a small water feature such a fountain. There is that soothing effect that is brought about by the sound of water. This makes meditation easier and effective. You only have to connect with nature and watch your stress levels go down. The best part of it all is that it can be right there in your backyard.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are mostly built with the sole purpose of entertainment. Mostly if you have guests or want to have a barbeque with friends then an outdoor kitchen is what you need. An outdoor kitchen takes your meal time moments to a whole new level. You can cook and enjoy the sunset at the same time. Depending on your style, you can have any type of a kitchen installed whether it’s an L-shaped or U-shaped one. An outdoor kitchen may be installed on a deck, patio or screened porch.

Outdoor bathrooms

A bathroom should not be restricted to indoors only.  Actually an outdoor bathroom is an investment that you will be more than happy you made. After a long and hard day, you can take time to rejuvenate in your outdoor bathroom. It gives a spa like experience. If you haven’t tried taking a shower or bath outdoors then you definitely don’t know what you’re missing. Once your try it, you might even forget about the bathroom that’s inside the house. You can have your outdoor bathroom in the backyard, garden or it can be an extension of your indoor bathroom. There are various options for you to choose such as hot tubs or a bath tub with a shower area. This is definitely a trend that is catching on quite fast.

Composite decking

Composite decking is fast becoming popular in the market as an alternative to wood. It mainly consist a mixture of wood and plastics. The reason as to why so many people are going for composite decks is because of low maintenance and durability. If you want to get some of the best composite decks, Calgary decking will help you with all of that.  So why choose composite decks over the regular wooden decks. Wooden decks require constant care. If you are a busy kind of a person getting time to care for a wooden deck can be a problem. This makes the composite decks the best option for everyone out there.

For starters, composite decks do not need frequent painting. This is because they actually don’t fade the same way wood does. A composite deck remains as good as new for quite a long time. The materials used to make the composite decks are resistant to molds, mildew and insects like termites. This is definitely another load off your shoulder. You won’t have to spend money taking care of such damages.

composite-decking-calgary-5cd98ee6da601The truth is composite decking costs more than wooden decks. However, it will save you maintenance costs in the future. For instance, when it comes to a wooden deck you will have to treat it to prevent things like warping. On the other hand, composite decking does not require this and you can therefore spend your time doing other important things.

Cleaning a composite deck is quite easy and simple. All you need is soapy water and a brush with soft bristles. Occasional cleaning will keep it looking beautiful and polished.  It’s actually something that will not last you a whole day doing. With a little bit of effort, you will be all done. Additionally, composite decks do not require harsh cleaning agents to keep them spick and span. Cleaning is required at least on a semiannual basis. Composite decking is obviously the way to go if you want to spend less time worrying about your deck.

Landscape lighting

There is nothing that adds beauty to your landscape like lighting. It is the icing on the cake. Brighten up your landscape with Calgary lighting. The Calgary lighting provides you will all the lighting options that are most suitable for your outdoor décor and landscape. The beauty of your landscape should not just shine during the day but also after dark. Most of the time lights are installed along the walkways for safety purposes. Similarly, they showcase the beauty of the landscape. There are various landscape lighting ideas. Here are some options for you;

Patio lighting

The patio is an outdoor area that requires lighting. It is usually used as an area where you can sit and relax while outdoors. Many people decorate around the patio with plants and put some outdoor furniture there.  Since it is an outdoor living space, lighting serves more than just illuminating the space. It also brings an aesthetic effect on the patio and the surrounding landscape.

Deck lighting

There is a lot that comes with deck lighting. Not only does the lights make the area safe but also allows you to spend time outdoors during the night. You can actually have a party or barbeque right there at your deck in the evening. There are quite a number of lighting options for your deck. Go for the lighting options that enhance the appearance of not just your deck but also the landscape around it. For instance, you can opt to have candle lanterns on your deck. These will illuminate the deck and landscape too.

Walkway lighting

Installing light on the walkway is always a good idea. Aside from illumination, the surrounding area is brought to life. When it comes to walkways, many people are going for solar powered lighting. Little maintenance is needed and the best part is your walkway will be lit even when there is a power outage.  There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to lights including light posts. All you have to do is to choose what works for you and matches your style.

pool lighting calgaryPool lighting

Pool lighting is a one of the popular trends this year. While entertaining guest or having a party people can comfortably swim in a well-lit pool. Additionally, lighting up your pool has such a magnificent effect on the landscape around it. You can have lights under the water or go for elevated posts.

Porch lighting

A porch is like an extension of the house only that it is outside. Having lights on the porch will make time spent outside an enjoyable experience.  Go for lighting options that brighten up the area around so that as you spend time on the porch you also get to enjoy the beauty around it. There are quite a number of lighting fixtures to illuminate your porch. Some popular ones include fan lights and pot lights.

Highlight trees

Highlighting trees is one of the best ways to bring things to life even after darkness sets in.  It truly adds that dramatic effect to your landscape. Depending on what you want, there are various ways you can highlight a tree and get your desired effect. For instance, if you have large trees in your surrounding landscape you can put a source of light up on the tree. The light is then aimed down at the branches and the ground under. It creates quite a fabulous effect. You can use spotlights or floodlights among others.

Shade structures

As you enjoy some quality time outdoors you will want it to be as enjoyable as possible. Nobody wants to deal with the hot sun or avoid being outdoors just because it’s raining. That is why shade structures are important. Whether it’s a deck or patio it’s a wise decision that you include a source of shade while designing. There are people who just want to have an alone time without any disturbances. This is where the privacy screens come in. They not only offer privacy but also protection from the heat of the sun. This definitely takes outdoor living to a whole new experience. Here are some of the common types of shade structures;


A pergola is typically a freestanding structure. It can be used on an outdoor space such as a deck, patio or even a walkway. It usually has a solid roof and the sides are open. If you want something that offers cover from harsh weather while at the same time allowing in some fresh air and breeze, then a pergola should be your ultimate option. A pergola can be used to cover a deck especially when its major purpose is for entertainment. If you have an outdoor kitchen or dining area on your deck you might want to have it covered by a pergola.

Patio covers

The only difference between a patio cover and a pergola is the fact that a patio cover is attached to the house. A patio is a space where you can spend time reading a book or drinking a cup of coffee. That is why installing a shade structure in this case is really important. You want to have a good time outdoors while at the same time be protected from harsh elements such as extreme sunlight. Many people opt for solid patio covers. This is mainly because they can withstand sunlight, rain and snow.

pergola calgaryShade sails

Shade sails mostly offer protection from the sun. Shade sails are made from cloth material that is strong and can block the UV rays from the sun. The cloth or fabric is then stretched across poles in such a way that it covers that specific space. It can be used as a shade structure for your swimming pool, patio or even a part of your garden. There are professionals who can install shade sails to suit your preferred style. They are available in different shapes, colors and sizes.  All you have to do is to choose.

Screened porches

A porch is like a part of your house only that it is outdoors. It can serve as a space where you enjoy the environment outside and have a breath of fresh air. Screened porches are fast becoming popular because people just want to have privacy. No one wants to deal with an uninvited neighbor when they are spending some time outdoors.  It is also an outdoor living space that can be used no matter the time of the year whether its summer or winter. You can even have a dining area right there on your screened porch. There are so many things that you can do with your screened porch to improve your outdoor experience. For instance, if it is a large space you can decide to have a fireplace installed. The fireplace will come in handy on those chilly winter days. If you want to add a touch of luxury include a rug and some throw pillows.