Backyard Landscape Calgary

Interesting Backyard Landscaping Ideas

It is spring and you are looking at your Calgary backyard and wondering how you can spruce it up with some interesting landscaping.  Here are some ideas that you can apply to your residential property.

Start with an area designed for seating and dining and then join it onto a nice berm covered in grass.  On this grassy area you can have play pits, swing sets, or other interactive items.  You can sit in comfort as you still keep an eye on the little ones.  Use some storage benches for seating that will double as a storage area for toys and other playthings.

If you are facing the opposite problem with children who have outgrown the rolling and tumbling, the area can easily be reconfigured by trading the swing set with a porch-style swing settee.  Add some pave stones for walkways and smaller areas of interest.  These can include plantings, water features, or seating nooks.

Another option is to design around a series of outdoor areas that resemble different rooms.  Just like indoors, people wander around during a party, your outdoor event will have the same ambiance.  Use pathways to join the areas that can include a small pond, a shade garden, and hideaways.  The right design will let you start the party during the daylight hours and continue into night.

Backyard landscaping ideas

If you have some irregular terrain, don’t worry.  A good landscape architect can help you with retaining walls that will serve as a design interest as well as opportunities for plantings.  Separate but defined spaces means you can experiment with different types of flowers or plants.

If you have been longing for a fire pit, make this year the time you make it a reality.  There are many different designs and types of pits available on the market.  Ask around to see which will fit your lifestyle the best.  A fire pit is a great area for families or friends to gather from early spring through autumn.  It stimulates conversation or can be a solo retreat after a grueling day.  Complete the décor with perennial plantings or pots that you take in during the winter.  The choice is yours.

You don’t need an enormous area to enjoy the backyard.  Even small spaces can be developed into places where you can enjoy the benefits of some good Vitamin D.  Use privacy fences to add vertical gardening with small pots of herbs or flowers.  Grow patio tomatoes in urns on your deck.  Match the flowers in your beds to those in window boxes to tie everything together.

When it comes to landscaping, take all the help you can get.  Visit with our experts at Project Landscape and find out the wonderful ideas we have to develop your backyard into a comfortable showplace that you can enjoy for decades to come.  We have experience with many different types of configurations and spaces.  We are excited to hear your plans and to help you make an ordinary backyard extraordinary.