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Commercial Landscaping Tips for Calgary

A great way to improve the exterior of your Calgary business operation is with commercial landscaping.  Although it has no real connection to the inner workings of your company, it may make the difference of a customer coming in or not.  A welcoming design can influence someone to see what else you have to offer.

If you think your commercial landscaping could use an upgrade, here are some tips you might find interesting.


Just like you started your enterprise with a solid business plan, landscaping needs a good blueprint.  In addition to the layout of plants, parking, walkways, etc., it should include a plan for regular maintenance.  A good commercial landscaper will be happy to work around your schedules to provide you with a manicured lawn and healthy looking plants.  They can even change out the flowers to give seasonal interest.


While you want your landscaping to be unique, it should still match the architecture and surrounding structures.  A good landscaper will help you decide on the right balance of professionalism and aesthetics.

Commercial landscaping tipsDesign

It is all about balance between green space, color, and walkways.  The paths should be clear and clean in a commercial setting.  You want the client to have an easy path to your front door.  Overgrowth needs to be handled to make entry and exit unencumbered and pleasant.


Once everything is in the ground, it will take some upkeep.  Watering is critical.  Under or over watering will kill plants.  Besides mowing the grass, the plants will need some attention.  Shrubbery will need pruning periodically and trees will need low-hanging limbs removed for safety and aesthetics. Flowering plants will need to be tended as appropriate to their type and some will need replacement from time to time.  If you accent the area with annuals, this will call for seasonal attention.  The plants should be checked regularly for disease prevention.


Landscapers have access to many native plants that will thrive in the Calgary area.  They will also give attention to thinning out as necessary.  They can also advise on recycling plants and using good products for remodels or maintenance.  Water conservation and eco-friendly products are a must.


Just as important is the right lighting for the paths and to identify the areas yo want pedestrians to avoid.  Landscapers can offer suggestions based on past experience and access to suppliers.

Overall you will need a design that will survive maturity.  Overplanting in the early stages will only mean loss over time.  Also the shape, placement, and scale of trees and shrubbery is very important.  Function is just as important as beauty.

Keeping these tips in mind, you are now ready to start interviewing Calgary commercial landscapers.  Price, availability, and expertise will be high on your list.  Include Project Landscape to your list and you will find they are helpful and knowledgeable.  Their rates are competitive and you will find references available.  Fully insured and accredited, they will give your commercial property the attention it deserves.

Landscaping Calgary

Where to Find Landscape Contractors in Calgary

Sometimes it is difficult to realize how important landscaping and overall lawn maintenance can be.

For a homeowner it is a pleasant place for children and pets to play and for adults to enjoy nature.  It is a wonderful place to entertain and for play dates.  It also is a source of pride and signifies your responsibilities as a homeowner.  It adds curb appeal and will be the envy of your neighbors.  Homeowners associations love us because it adds charm to the neighborhood and you avoid fines or warnings.  Even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell your property, it will improve the value by offering a well established lawn and garden.  Hardscaping will provide many finishing touches.

Commercial Landscape Contractors

Where to Find Landscape Contractors in CalgaryFor commercial operations, it tells a story about your company.  It indicates that you take pride in details and you care about the quality of your product or service.  You make customers feel welcome and safe.  It indicates that you take an interest in the environment.

When you work with a custom landscaping company you get to be involved from the beginning.  At the outset you can discuss the general feeling and ambiance you would like to create.  From there the design phase allows you to make decisions and project your personality.  We discuss your needs and how your landscape design will fit into the overall style of the building or home.  From curbing and borders to gardens and seating areas.  We take your vision and bring it to life.

To begin we will take a survey of the area to determine the drainage and sun exposure.  We will evaluate the existing plants and turf along with any seating areas or special areas like play areas for children or dog runs.  We will check out the turf and any weeds or unwanted patches and decide the best approach to creating a lovely lawn.  After that we can start the process of selecting plants and improving the grassy areas.

Sod Installation

In addition we offer sod installation and mulch delivery and placement.  We can fertilize the plants and treat the turf appropriately.  Our crew can take care of any shrubbery maintenance including regular pruning or shaping.  Trees can be scheduled for a spring pruning or we are able to help in the winter for limb or branch damage after a storm.


Hardscaping takes many forms.  We can install retaining walls that are both functional and provide the aesthetics for either your business or home environment.  We can construct small or large seating areas for your employees or home entertaining.  We can install and maintain water features that will enhance the appearance of your property.

For details about our services, please contact us at Project Landscape.  Complete the easy e-form available through this site or give us a call.  We will have one of our specialists contact you with more details and discuss the options available for your circumstances.  It would be our pleasure to make your home or business property the most outstanding in your area.

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Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Service in Calgary

Commercial landscaping is one of the quickest ways to transform how you and your customers view your business’s exterior. Most of the time, the outdoor landscape is always ignored during the rush of interior decoration and design. It’s advisable to hire a reputable landscaping team to complete your commercial landscape design and maintenance. This is the best way to impress your customers from the moment they pull up outside your company.

Below are the major benefits of hiring a commercial landscaping service in Calgary for your business.

Increases Aesthetics

Although looks aren’t everything, they matter with your customers as it affects the way they view your business. A beautifully well-maintained landscape will make a better impression on your customers than an unattractive and run-down landscape.

commercial-landscaping-calgary-Saves Time and Cost

Some businesses are afraid of investing in landscaping because of time and maintenance that’ll be used to grow trees, annual blooms, grass, praise flowers, and other plants. Other factors like proper plant spacing, a correct climate, sunlight, and soil matching and amendments also factor in creating and maintaining an attractive landscape. Every incredible landscape needs periodic seeding, regular general trimming, fertilizer, and weed elimination. These are all time-consuming.

Hiring commercial landscaping services in Calgary such as Project Landscape to care for your business’s surroundings helps you save cost and time to invest them in other business areas.

Furthermore, it helps you save money on buying and maintaining landscaping tools and equipment.


Prioritizing your commercial landscape maintenance shows your fellow business owners and clients that you care about the environment. Consider using native plants and similar eco-friendly options to beautify your space and improve your business’ surroundings.

Attracts Customers

A beautiful and well-maintained landscape will entice a passing customer into entering your establishment. Therefore, investing in a commercial landscaping service will ensure your business looks more approachable.

Boosts Business Value

The more eye-catching your commercial space is, the more the value of your property increases. It also differentiates your business from your competitors that don’t see the value of investing in their surroundings.

Increases Productivity

Investing in commercial landscape services has been proven to make business and workers productive. Having a well-maintained green landscape can help give your employees a mental boost for increased productivity. Consider integrating your landscaping and hardscaping creatively, so it becomes functional yet beautiful.

Relaxation Spot

Having an attractive lawn will come in handy during the warmer months when employees may need to get outside during breaks to enjoy the weather. A commercial landscape company can help you design your outdoor space to include designated seating areas, patios, and benches for employee and customer relaxation.

The company can even hold outdoor activities like barbecues and yard-game days in the outdoor space, saving them money on event venue bookings.


Commercial landscapers in Calgary have several services to offer besides trimming your hedges. They help businesses create a unique, relaxing, and safe atmosphere for both the employees and customers. If you’re a Calgary business owner desiring to improve your company’s exterior to access the numerous benefits mentioned here, contact Project Landscape. Our experts are ready to transform your company’s landscape to the envy of your competitors.

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What to look for in a Commercial Landscape Contractor in Calgary

What to look for in a commercial landscape contractor in Calgary

One of your best projects this year is to landscape your home in Calgary. Beautiful environment contributes significantly to your well-being and quality of life. Since landscaping is now in your agenda, don’t settle for DIY, look for a commercial landscape contractor.

What does a great commercial company do? 

For your project, you need a contractor. The job of Calgary commercial lawn care contractors involve refurbishing and beautifying outdoor spaces by planting flowering plants, trees, shrubs and designing lawns. They also construct landscaping features, such as decks, paths, patios and walkways. They serve the needs of residential and commercial customers in many private and public places.

Qualities of a good commercial contractor

  • Your commercial landscape contractor offers a full suite of seasonal service: literally from sun to snow.
  • They adopt sustainable landscaping and are well-equipped with environmentally –friendly, safer & cleaner and cost-effective methods.
  • They have appropriate state & bonded workers licenses, compensation insurance and general liability insurance.
  • All workers are drug free. They enforce a zero tolerance drug policy to ensure everyone’s well-being.
  • They are financially sound and have better access to all things needed for the project.
  • From fleet to the uniforms, they maintain a neat truck and the crew is tidy in their uniforms, looking sharp & energetic in their work.
  • The company boosts of an impressive portfolio of clients.
  • They provide dedicated customer relationship management, know the ins and outs of your property and offer you effective feedback as needed.

Before signing contract, your potential provider must answer key questions positively

  • What type of areas can the landscape expert or contractor work with?
  • How many years has the landscape expert been doing business in Calgary?
  • Is the contractor’s liability insurance up to date?
  • Do they have a license to work with pesticides and irrigation set ups?

Benefits of hiring the service of Landscape Company

Whether you retain professional lawn and landscape care for your domestic or commercial property, you and your garden have these benefits

  1. Company keeps your home or business looking beautiful. Your landscape plays a large role in your property’s overall look.
  2. No need to buy high-quality gardening tools as company provides these specialized equipment and materials.
  3. Calgary landscape providers are experts and offers cost-effective solutions to any issues on your land.
  4. Your landscape is preserved from any error committed. As even little mistakes can have a big impact on your its health and beauty.
  5. Calgary commercial lawn care specialists know the ideal balance of common services, such as mowing, aeration and pruning that help your plant’s growth.
  6. Your grass enjoys consistent routine optimizing their health and wellbeing.
  7. You save time, no need to your spend taking care of your plants. You are confident that you have hired professionals to take care of them.

These benefits are yours when you have contract with a reputable lawn and landscape company who will look after the care of your property.

Now you know what are the qualities and features of the best landscaping company that is right for you. You have checked that they have solid reputation; their portfolio contains good clients, they are certified specialists and experts with positive local experience. Furthermore, you can work well with them as your personalities are compatible. With good company you contribute to the beauty of Calgary landscape!

Located in Calgary, Alberta, we serve the commercial and residential community of Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Chestermere and surrounding areas.

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