Best Tips to Maintain Your Deck this Summer

Are you looking for the best tips about how to maintain your deck this summer? If yes, we have come up with some of the best tips that will make maintenance of the deck quite an easy task.

We at Project Landscape believe in providing you with a deck option that is incomparable. No matter if your project is big or small, we are ready to accept the challenge so that we can offer your deck with superior care from start to finish. We listen to your vision so that we can offer you the best maintenance services as per your need. We can guarantee that you will love the final outcome, and you will enjoy relaxing on the deck for years to come.

deck maintenance calgaryWinter has passed, and now people want to relax and enjoy the outdoors on their beautiful summer deck. But, you might have witnessed that the deck doesn’t look as beautiful as you might have imagined it to be.

You don’t need to worry because we have come up with some of the best tips that will help you know how to maintain your deck this summer.

Sweep it regularly

One of the easiest maintenance tips that you can get is to sweep up anything that lands up on your deck. Sweep up leaves, pine needles, and pollen that lands up on your deck. If the leaves are wet, it can create mildew, stains, and molds. Pollens that cover the surface of your deck can be quite unsightly.

Trim bushes

If you find plants and bushes near your deck, you need to make sure that it doesn’t touch the surface of your deck. If they come in contact with your deck, they can become a breeding ground for moss. Never use harsh chemicals to treat plants and bushes. Using those types of chemicals can also ruin the finish of your deck.

Clean up the oil

If you have prepared food on your deck, there are chances that oil might have spilled onto it. If any oil has fallen on the wood, try to clean it up immediately. It can ruin the finish and can also stain your deck. In the long term, it can also become a breeding ground for mold.

Stain and paint your deck

Staining can give a finished look to your deck. It can also prevent water damage to your deck. Staining of the deck should be done every 3-4 years. Sealing can preserve the natural beauty of your wooden deck. Sealing needs to be done after 1-2 years.

Remove the damaged wood

If you have seen that split or rotting wood, you need to replace them with a new mood. The worse your split wood is, the higher is the chance of you or your guests getting splinters. You may get pieces to start flaking off. With wood rot, you may need to remove the infected board.

Letting them stay on the wooden deck can lead the deck to rot and spread to other decks.

For best quality deck maintenance, you can contact Project Landscape today.


Tips on Finding the Best Deck Builders in Calgary

Having the perfect deck will enable you to spend more time in your outdoor space, relaxing with loved ones and entertaining guests. More so, it will also increase your property’s value if you ever consider selling. However, a poorly built deck will have a reverse effect on all these benefits.

Finding the right team for building a new deck in Calgary or repairing an existing one can be difficult. Since you and your family will be using the space more often, it will take more than a quick search on the internet to get a good deck builder.

Discover with these tips what to look out for when hiring a deck builder in Calgary to ensure you’re getting the best for your project.

●    Research Different Companies

Take your time to search online for professional deck builders around Calgary. You can check on online directories like Yelp or ask your neighbors with excellent decks for recommendations. This is more beneficial since you can already see the quality of jobs they can do. If they meet your requirements, then you can save time from searching all over the internet and check them out right away.

●    Check for Online Customer Reviews

composite decking builders calgaryBesides researching deck builders near you, go further by checking their social media pages and websites for customer reviews. This helps you ascertain if other customers were satisfied with their work or not before you go ahead and hire them.

●    Experience

Check how long the business has been in operation to gauge their experience. Consider selecting a deck builder who has been in the industry for a long time and has gathered enough professional experience.

●    Ask for Photo Samples

Ensure you request for photo samples of their previous works. Any good company won’t hesitate to show off their best results to their prospective customers. After all, the last thing you’ll want is for a deck builder to use your deck as an experiment. You can choose a sample similar to what you had in mind from checking the photos of their best jobs.

●    Request References

Ask the company for references and ensure you speak to homeowners that have previously used the deck building services. Doing this will help you uncover problems they might have had with the contractor. These problems may result from poor communication and customer service, the project taking too long, budget issues, among others.

●    Check for Insurance and License

Make sure the company you choose is insured and has a valid license. This will exempt you from bearing the cost of any damage to your property during the deck installation process.

More so, this will save you from future legal problems if there was an accident or incident involving the workers while working on your property.

●    Compare Cost Estimate to Your Budget

Request for the cost estimate of the project and make sure it matches your budget. Also, ensure you select a contractor who, besides offering a friendly price, also gives you value for your money.

Going the extra mile to hire a good deck builder ensures you’re getting your money’s worth. A good deck building service will consider your unique needs while designing the deck, answer your questions regarding the project with confidence, and have excellent testimonials.

Our team at Project Landscape possesses extensive knowledge and experience in building decks that Calgary homeowners love. If you’re interested in adding decks to your home, contact our experts so we can get started right away with making the deck of your dream.

Composite Decking in Calgary

Beginner Deck Building Tips

Decks are a great addition to your home.  They allow for outdoor entertaining and personal respite.  They add value to the property.  If you don’t currently have a deck and are thinking of incorporating one into your landscape, here are some things to consider.

Be Legal – The first thing is to find out if your municipality or province will require a permit.  If so, what will you need to present?  There can also be some requirements about space to the property line or setback regulations.  A few phone calls can save you much grief.

Learn the Lingo – If you are planning to get estimates to have the deck built, you need to understand the terms the builder is using.  If you don’t understand, ask questions.  If they can’t explain it to your satisfaction, think about whether this is the company you want to work with.  If you are planning to tackle the project yourself, you need to be able to talk with the suppliers so you get the right materials.  Big box stores may give you the right price, but the person helping you load your cart may have little or no knowledge of how to actually build anything.calgary deck builders

Start at the Bottom – The foundation is critical for safety.  Remember that this structure will be supporting the weight of a number of people, plus furniture, potted plants and other items.  You need to know the composition of the soil so that you can provide the best foundation.  The support pilings should be secured into concrete for the best stability.

Surface – You will need to decide whether to use wood or composite for the planks that will form the floor of your deck.  Composite is a plastic material that can be used for the floor only, not the supports.  It is expensive but it has a long lifespan, only needs power washing every year or so.  Wood is the traditional choice.  If you go that route, you have a lot of options like pressure treated or natural wood.  There are varieties of wood, each with its own benefits like red cedar, white cedar, Hemlock and Douglas fir.

These are some of the first things you need to bear in mind as you start the planning for your new deck.  There are many, many more details to consider.   If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry.  Contact us at Project Landscape in Calgary.  We have experts who are happy to discuss your plans and who can give solid advice.  Even better, we can complete the project for you so you will be certain the job is done correctly.

Composite Decking in Calgary

4 Amazing Benefits of Composite Decking

If you’re interested in a new deck in Calgary this year, why not give composite decking a chance?

Homeowners in Calgary and beyond are really starting to realize the benefits of an alternative to wood for their decking, and the best alternative around has got to be composite WPC decking. It’s super simple to maintain, eco-friendly, and, best of all, can last years longer than a natural wood deck.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a manufactured product made up of wood fibers, plastics, and a small amount of bonding materials. Often, the plastics and wood fibers are recycled from other sources. This makes it a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to timber decking.

So here are our 4 amazing benefits of composite decking in 2020.composite-decking-calgary-landscaping-

Low Maintenance

A traditional wooden decking requires maintenance, as with most wooden structures outdoors. It’s often recommended that you perform this essential maintenance at least twice throughout the year, ideally once in spring to prepare for the summer months, and once in the fall to prepare for the colder winter months.

With a composite deck, on the other hand, you’re only going to need some soapy water to maintain your deck at its installed quality over the course of its lifetime. It’s also going to be resistant to stains in a way that natural wood is incapable of being.


Composite decking is built to last. This is seen not only in its ability to resist stains and fading, but the materials it’s made from are much more resistant to things like rot, mould, or other dampness and weather related issues.

On top of being resistant to wet and windy weather, composite decking isn’t going to crack and warp over time if left in inclement weather, the kind of weather we can get in Calgary!

If you’re a family with pets or children, you can also rest safely in the knowledge that composite decking is splinter-free, providing a safer environment for the little ones to run around.


Just like you, we’re interested in materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s no secret that changing the way we think about the materials we use in construction can only be a good thing in coming decades, and composite decking is the best of both worlds.

Not only will the use of composite decking mean that you’re less likely to have to purchase another deck so soon, from bad weather or rot that wooden decks are susceptible to, but you’re also buying material that has been made to recycle plastics that are often polluting oceans.

Composite decking doesn’t contribute to deforestation in any way, and that’s just a big plus in our books.


If you’re anything like us, you’re interested not only in quality materials and a low-maintenance lifestyle, but you’re interested in living life in style.

Composite decking comes in many colours, textures, and styles so they really appeal to the homeowner with a good eye. You can go for the traditional look and choose an almost perfect match to your favourite wood, or you can go bolder and choose something not normally available.

The best part about the stylistic choices of composite decking is that not only will your home look amazing, it’s going to keep looking amazing for decades.

Next steps

So, if you’re interested in a new deck in Calgary, you should contact us today. We’re here for you and to provide you the best decking for your needs. Our top rated team of experienced landscapers will be delighted to help you find the best decking to match your desires.