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14 Cost-effective ways to spruce up your Calgary Landscape

Nоt every item оn this lіѕt will аррlу to уоur раrtісulаr house ѕо уоu wіll nееd to uѕе judgment tо decide whісh items will сrеаtе thе greatest еffесt fоr the time іnvеѕtеd.

Our Landscaping Calgary Team Recommends Different Ways To Spruce Up Your Landscape

  1. Mow аnd edge the lаwn rеgulаrlу (Definitely, thаt’ѕ kind оf a gіmmе, but уоu wоuld bе ѕurрrіѕеd hоw often іt gets оvеrlооkеd, especially thе еdgіng.)
  2. Rераіr broken boards іn porches, decks, railings, etc. Oіl, ѕеаl оr rераіnt any wood thаt іѕ exposed. You may wаnt tо wash and rе-ѕtаіn decks or оthеr wооd structures tо gіvе thеm thаt brand new lооk. Evеn bleached аnd worn wood саn bе rеvіtаlіzеd wіth ѕоmе оf the new finishes on thе mаrkеt.
  3. Clеаn оut and organize your ѕtоrаgе ѕhеd. Thrоw out or rесусlе thе thіngѕ you don’t use anymore. Tоuсh uр thе раіnt аnd oil thе hіngеѕ. A lіttlе ѕtееl wооl can bе used tо shine uр the hаrdwаrе.
  4. If уоu hаvе a hot tub оr spa, thoroughly clean іt, rеtrеаt thе еxtеrіоr іf necessary and trеаt thе wаtеr while уоu аrе аt it.
  5. Fіll in аnу ѕmаll cracks іn your drіvеwау and ѕіdеwаlkѕ wіth concrete fіllеr. If you hаvе larger breaks they will nееd tо bе rеmоvеd and rерlасеd with new соnсrеtе. Yоu саn do small jоbѕ wіth a bаg оf quick-crete аnd a whееlbаrrоw, оr ѕmаll plastic concrete mixing соntаіnеrѕ available at thе hаrdwаrе store.
  6. Rеmоvе аnу dеаd рlаntѕ оr brаnсhеѕ аnd trіm hеаvу ѕhrubѕ
  7. Rеmоvе any уаrd debris оr mаtеrіаlѕ thаt уоu’vе ѕtасkеd uр аgаіnѕt thе garage оr wаllѕ оf thе house, thinking уоu wіll uѕе thеm ѕоmеdау. Hаul off аnу оld bicycles аnd tоуѕ, оld tіrеѕ, lawn сlірріngѕ, wоrn out рlауgrоund equipment, etc.
  8. While wе are оn thе ѕubjесt, gеt rid of аnу junk саrѕ, boats, mоtоrсусlеѕ, RV’s, еtс.
  9. Clеаn uр аnу реt аrеаѕ or rеmоvе thеm аll together іf уоu nо lоngеr hаvе pets.
  10. Wееdѕ flower bеdѕ аnd ѕрrеаd a lіttlе mulсh оr ѕоіl рер оvеr thе dіrt. This can make a huge dіffеrеnсе in the appearance.
  11. Mеnd аnd/оr ѕtrаіghtеn fеnсеѕ аnd tоuсh up оr rеfіnіѕh if needed.
  12. Yоu may want to rеmоvе оr rерlасе ѕhrubѕ thаt dаtе the house, ѕuсh аѕ Junipers.
  13. If thе wеаthеr аllоwѕ, рlаnt a few bright соlоrеd flоwеrѕ іn frоnt of уоur hоuѕе. Find оut whісh flоwеrѕ grow wеll іn your area and wіll ѕtау іn blооm fоr a lоng tіmе bу checking wіth your local nursery.
  14. You can green up уоur lаwn іn the season bу watering it dеереr and fertilizing. In areas whеrе the grass is thin, ѕрrеаd a lіttlе grass ѕееd аnd kеер іt wеt fоr a fеw wееkѕ. This wоrkѕ bеѕt іn ѕрrіng or fаll.

First impressions make a bіg dіffеrеnсе and уоur landscape frаmеѕ your house and wіll сrеаtе much оf thіѕ fіrѕt impression, so look аt your house from асrоѕѕ the street ѕо thаt уоu can tаkе іn thе whole рісturе аnd іdеntіfу thе mоѕt оbvіоuѕ trоublе ѕроtѕ.

Do you have an idea for a new landscape for this season?  Need some help on execution?  Our Calgary Landscaping team would be happy to help!

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How a Landscape Contractor in Calgary Can Bring Value to Your Home

Landscaping your Calgary property will bring you current enjoyment and, as a really big plus, adds significant value for resale.  Studies show that homes with professionally landscaped exteriors turn over quicker than those with self landscaped and much more rapidly than those with inadequate landscaping.  Curb appeal is everything.  It is the first thing a potential buyer notices and it improves the general tenor of your neighborhood.

Here are some of the top ideas that others have used to perk up their exterior.

Patio – First, less lawn to maintain.  This is often overlooked by the homeowner but can be a significant time saver each week in mowing and edging.  Patios extend the living space of the home and are almost a necessity for summer entertaining, birthday parties, and lounging.

backyard landscaping calgary Walkways – Using pavers and decorative rock gives your landscape texture and color options.  Instead of a vast expanse of green, you will see some tans and grays.  Simply pouring a concrete path or improving the steps into your home makes a huge difference.  You can then add decorative pots of plants to bring in pops of color.

Retaining Walls – If you have some sloping areas of your property, a retaining wall will help conserve the soil.  A retaining wall serves a dual purpose of adding to the safety of the area preventing rocks and earth from sliding downward as well as adding a decorative element to the landscape.  These retaining walls can be used for additional seating or as an additional element to place potted plants.  They can also be used to define a garden area for a flower garden.

Irrigation Systems – A real plus when selling your home is an underground irrigation system.  This is an operation of plastic pipes and sprinkler heads to water the lawn and gardens.  It is a convenience to avoid dragging a hose and sprinkler around the yard.  It can be pre-programmed to run only at certain times and to provide only the amount of moisture a specific area needs.  A sensor will automatically adjust the system to not run if sufficient rainfall has been in your area.

Fire Pit – Planning and constructing a fire pit should really only be handled by a professional.  Then you are assured of safety and still provide the ambiance you are trying for.  This amenity is often a turning point for a home sale since it extends the usability of the outdoors most any time of the year.

So, as you can tell landscaping and hardscaping are viable methods to increase the value of your home and its enjoyment while you are still living there.  You are upgrading the neighborhood.  Using Project Landscape professionals means you will end up with the quality product that will enhance your property.  We pay special attention to the other homes on the street and those adjacent so that you will align with the general tone of the community.  We have lots of ideas that can help you improve your property at reasonable and competitive prices.  It is an investment you should not overlook.

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Ways to Enjoy Your Snowy Backyard this Winter

Cold days and long nights are no reason to restrict yourself to the indoors during the winter months.  There are still a lot of ways to enjoy your backyard even in the snow.


snowy yard calgaryThere are a lot of lighting options available in the market today including permanent outdoor light sets.  Choose from clear, white, or a set of colors that will work year round.  The strings of light will provide the illumination you want plus a bit of festivity


There are some great ways to add heat to your patio or outdoor space.  Patio heaters are available.  They come in a number of shapes like wall mountings and infrared heat lamps.  You can add a fire pit that will run for your natural gas line, or portable units that are either electric or propane.

Outdoor fire places are more affordable than you may think.  Choose one that has a fire bowl to accommodate several large logs and a chimney that will send the smoke up and away from your eyes.  Once completely cooled, remove the ash from the removable bin and dispose of appropriately.  Some come equipped with a removable grill for a midnight hot dog snack.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are not just for spas and ski resorts.  Give yourself a relaxing treat with a personal hot tub in your backyard.  Wear a hat to keep your body temperature regulated and to avoid chilly winter air from spoiling the experience.  Feel the daily stress melt away as your muscles relax.  Keep the tub illuminated at night for safety and keep up with the regular maintenance and cleaning.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are classic gathering points for a quiet discussion over s’mores or a gathering of neighbors or family.  Add hot cocoa, mulled wine, or flavored coffee and you have an instant party.


There is plenty of garden furniture that is weather resistant like powder coated steel, teak and polyresin wicker.  You probably will want to bring the cushions and pillows indoors.  It is also a good idea to cover the furniture with secured tarps so that you just need to flip any snow off the furniture.  Keep blankets and throws in a chest near the patio door for easy retrieval and storage.


Grills work just fine in the winter.  Just be sure to position yourself to stay safe.  Be sure you keep fresh, dry charcoal on hand or a fresh tank of propane.  Then you can enjoy chicken or steak just like in the summer.  Catch up on some videos from cooking programs and find how you can make the whole meal on the grill.

If you have questions about any of these options or would like our help making them appear, just contact us at Project Landscape.  We have the experts ready to help you enjoy the outdoors no matter the season.

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Fire Pit Design Ideas

Fire pits are a very popular design idea for your home.  Enjoying the ambiance with family and friends, or just a solo period of quiet.  There are a lot of design ideas available.  From the perspective of safety, it is always best to have a professional build your pit.

When you are working with your landscape company, here are some ideas you need to consider so that you get the best value for your money.

The first idea is whether you want a wood burning pit or one that is powered by gas.  Sometimes this is dictated by where you want to install the pit.  With a gas pit, there will need to be lines to access the gas; wood burning pits need to be located a safe distance from your home as specified in fire laws and municipality regulations.  If you are not into managing the wood, including clean up and disposition of the ash, then think about using gas.  While there is somewhat less ambiance, there is something to be said about starting and stopping the fire with the push of a button.

Fire Pit Design Ideas in Calgary

fire pit design calgaryThere is a third option of a portable unit.  This also might be a good idea if you are still debating about whether you would like a fire pit.  You can always sell it and get most of your investment back.

Placement is probably one of main considerations.  Do you want it to be a focal point or in a more intimate setting?  You will need to be sure there is enough room for seating and tables.  How many people do you anticipate gathering around the fire pit?  This can determine both the size of the pit and the placement.  More people means a greater area allocated.

General wind direction should also be considered.  This will help determine how to place seating as well as where it is located to avoid smoke wafting over your vegetables or prize roses.

If you have had a fire pit in the past, how did you use it?  What would you change and what would you leave the same?  Likes and dislikes should have a significant impact on your choices.

Finally we get to the construction materials.  They have an inner wall made from fireproof material, usually fire brick.  The outer wall should still be heat resistant but there are more options like stone, pavers or heat resistant tiles.  Finally there is a cap or a flat surface around the top opening.

All of this and more will be covered by one of our Project Landscape professional designers.  We are well versed on the safety features to be considered as well as the aesthetic design you want to achieve.  Contact us today to discuss your own design and landscape options.  We will arrange an appointment to view the area and recommend the best and safest options for your needs.  After you have approved all the design and placement, our crew can come in and make your fire pit dream a reality.

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Effective Fall Clean Up Tips For Your Garden

When it comes to preparing your garden this fall, we have a few tips to share with you. We do not necessarily have to prune everything down and rip up our gardens. Start by cleaning up your yard in Autumn as the weather is cooler and there are fewer insects. Below we have shared some fall clean up tips that will help you along the process:

Clean Out The Debris

As the trees shed their foliage, you must regularly rake to take out dead leaves and other forms of debris that might be smothering the grass and prevent the growth.

Organic waste such as weeds and leaves can provide space for pests such as groundhogs, mice, etc.

fall cleanup tips calgaryFertilize Your Lawn

During the autumn months, you can fertilize your yard to facilitate root growth and prepare it for the next growing season. If you wait until the spring, the fertilizer will prove to be less effective. During the fall, your grass needs to replenish for summer heat and can best use the nutrients of fertilizers.

Use a fertilizer or turf builder that is especially used for winterizing lawns. When you seed a lawn, you want the seeds to grow without competing for nutrients from the weeds. Don’t wait until spring when weeds grow to address this issue; rather, treat it in the fall itself.

Remove Dead Trees and Shrubs

If you notice any shrubs that do not seem to be growing, then it might be time to take them out. But before that, look for any signs of life by scratching the bark at its base and check if there is any greenery.

If no green colour appears, then it is a dead shrub. And it is best to remove it before the ground hardens. This will provide more room for new trees, plants and shrubs to grow.

Check the pH Level of the Lawn

Autumn is the perfect time to make sure that your lawn continues to be healthy for the next year. Get a soil test to determine whether or not your garden soil has the ideal pH or nutrient levels for necessary growth. If the soil is too acidic, you will need to add more lime, whereas if it is too alkaline, you shall add sulfur.

Aerate Your Lawn

When you aerate the lawn, it works to remove the thatch, increase the soil compaction, and improve the overall appearance of the grass. Heavy organic debris or excessive thatch under the grassy surface can deprive the root of vital elements such as water, air, etc. According to Calgary Landscaping experts, autumn is the best season to aerate your lawn. It gives enough time for grass to heal and fill open areas.

There you have it, some effective fall clean up tips that will make your lawn ready for spring. If you’re looking for more landscaping tips, contact our calgary landscaping experts today.

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Discover the Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Calgary

Everyone loves a good looking and well-maintained lawn, but most times, our yards won’t co-operate with us despite all our best efforts. If you find yourself in this situation, worry not. Several Calgary homeowners with this type of issue are opting for artificial grass installation for its plethora of benefits.

One of the reasons it’s becoming well-liked is the ease of maintenance. Unlike natural grasses, artificial lawns don’t require mowing, watering, or trimming. The blades remain green and fresh irrespective of the season because it doesn’t need sunlight to thrive.

Read on to discover where to get artificial grass in Calgary and the benefits of installing synthetic turfs as a Calgary homeowner.

Where to Get Synthetic Grass in Calgary

Artificial or manmade grass/turf is a carpet-like surface created from synthetic fibers with the same natural grass features. Artificial turf was initially designed to replace the natural sports field. However, they’re becoming more popular in private homes and commercial properties for decorative purposes.

artificial turf calgary With the introduction of brown thatch that mimics dried leaves, artificial turfs are looking very close to real grasses and very soft to the touch. You only need to install and enjoy your lawn with synthetic grass starting from 3 weeks after installation. This period allows the installation to set in fully.

Project Landscape is the leading artificial turf installation company in Calgary and the surrounding towns. Contact us for a quote or receive expert advice on installing artificial grass in Calgary.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Saves Time and Cost

Maintaining a natural lawn requires constant lawn care. You have to mow weekly, water frequently, weed, fertilize, among other tasks. Regular yard work is so tedious and time-consuming. People install artificial grass because they don’t require any special attention to thrive. You don’t have to worry about spending money on herbicides and pesticides, fertilizers, sprinkler systems, and lawn maintenance tools.

Strong Durability

While natural grass can quickly wither if it lacks some nutrients, some artificial turfs can last for more than 20 years. The beautiful thing about artificial turfs is that they maintain that lush greenness, never develops brown spots or overgrows once installed. Also, worrying about lawn patches and how to fix is eliminated.

Reduces Utility Bills by Conserving Water

Watering natural grass requires close to 55 gallons of water per square foot. Artificial grass helps you conserve water since it doesn’t need watering to stay lush, leading to reduced utility bills. Furthermore, it’s very beneficial during a short drought or heat periods since you don’t have to worry about watering your lawn and instead channel the water to other areas it’s needed.

Child and Pet-Friendly

Because the new artificial lawn is free from pesticides, weed killers, and other chemicals, it’s safe for your child to play freely. That’s why schools are opting for synthetic turfs too. This is also true for your pets, as they’re in no danger from any chemicals with artificial grass.

Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of installing artificial grass in their yards instead of battling regular lawn maintenance. If you’re considering installing artificial turf and grass in Calgary, our team of experts at Project Landscape is available to work with you. Call us today to get you started on the right synthetic grass for your home or commercial property.

Lawn Maintenance Alberta

6 Best Landscape Maintenance Tips for Calgary Homeowners

With fall fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your landscape maintenance. This might be exciting news for some homeowners in Calgary. However, for others, it stirs up a feeling of dread as maintaining the lawn is not an easy task.

Here are simple tips for Calgary homeowners to maintain landscape and ensure a lush, green lawn all year round.

Mowing and Edging

landscape maintenance calgary Ensure you don’t mow too low to avoid exposing the grass to diseases. Sharpen the mower blade at least once every season as cutting with a dull blade is injurious to your turf. Make sure you mow at least weekly to prevent your grass from getting too long, which can easily damage your mower.

After mowing, the next thing is to edge the turf as it creates a separation between the turf and bed areas, which prevents the grass from growing into the beds. Although a gas-powered edger works very well, a weedeater, when held vertically, can also do the job.


Overwatering can be as dangerous as not watering because grasses need oxygen to survive. Turfs need watering weekly or three to five watering per week during the dry season. Consider watering deeply but less frequently. However, the slope and composition of the lawn will affect the watering times and frequencies.


When the grass lacks nutrients, it affects the lawn’s appearance, with the yard turning brownish. It’s necessary to fertilize three to five times per annum. It would be best if you fertilize when its below 80 degrees. When the lawn is topdressed or aerated, a reduction in fertilization is advised.

Aeration and Dethatching

Compacted soil hampers the plant’s growth by keeping water from passing through the earth. If this is the case in your lawn, there’s a need to aerate. To do so, you can either use a hand rake or hire a core aerator to perforate the ground. This allows air and water to penetrate deeply into the soil.

While aeration loosens the soil, dethatching helps reduce the layer of organic debris lying on its top layer. A three-quarter-inch layer is healthy, but anything more than that should be raked away. You can use either a power dethatcher or a thatching rake.

Weed and Moss Control

Healthy lawns minimize weeds. Knowing the appropriate mowing height, frequency of mowing, sharp blades, soil amendment, and mowing frequency will help you maintain a healthy lawn. Weeds can be removed with a herbicide or by hand.

On the other hand, moss usually forms in shady areas where the soil is not conducive to healthy lawns. Pruning helps to expose the grass to more sunlight and prevent moss growth. Also, consider applying moss removers, and then overseed the bare areas. It’s essential to do this during early spring as some moss removers can damage the lawn in warmer temperatures.

Pest Control

Insects, bugs, critters, moles, and other animals can litter and damage your beautiful plants. Therefore, we recommend spraying pesticides. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to do this if you can’t or grow ill tasting plants to prevent pests from coming back to your garden.

To ensure your lawn maintains that healthy, lush greenness throughout the year, you have to invest in its maintenance. An unhealthy, withered looking lawn will affect the overall appearance of your landscape. Contact Project Landscape for expert advice on landscape maintenance in Calgary.

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Landscape Design Trends – New Paving stone ideas for your patios, Walkways, and Driveways

It’s now hard to come past two houses without seeing those beautiful paver walkways. They are popularly becoming a way of life in many households because of their attractive touch and how well they blend with your landscape.

Last year we saw some gardening design trends that are still popular today. Though, in 2020 people want to design gardens that help them grow their own food, be more mindful and eventually help them beautify their compounds.

Though, we have challenges in landscaping trends simply because they shift slower than let’s say fashion trends. Moreover, they still change with time as our lifestyle and interior designs changes. Besides keeping up with the upcoming landscape trends, implementing ideas like these doesn’t need a lot of financial investment, like the costs of choosing a landscape designer.

In our homes, today, bricks are classic materials that someone can play around with and use some little creativity to establish an ”out of this world” patio, driveway, or walkway design. Their color range also gives you endless opportunities for showing your creativity. With a wide range of color options, you can choose some unique designs that will fit your specific landscape style.

Paver Design Ideas for your walkways and driveways

Patio designs continue to change, and no amount of creativity is over the top. People are now opting for innovative landscape designs that are changing the paver’s designs and many other aspects. Here are some ways that this is being achieved.


People are getting creative with the way pavers are laid down. Today, there are several patio patterns that you can go for. Some of the best patio patterns that boost aesthetics include: Running Bond, Basketweave, Herringbone, and Diamond.

Colors and Texture

Landscapers and homeowners are also showing a growing interest in creating a tapestry of colors and textures on their driveway and walkways. Several years back, homeowners were using a single color throughout, which is not the case today. Now people can design using different colors on the same patio. The colors can be used to separate spaces such as a fire pit from the eating area.

Landscapers would also want to use different colors to separate a designated place from a walkway. Some people would use different colors on driveways and walkways to separate a place that is intended for vehicle parking and the one intended for pedestrians.

We have also witnessed a couple of changes and trends in the texture of pavers being used. Their texture can be used to create visual impacts on the walkways and driveways. You can choose a veined or rough surface to define a style and distinguish between natural and rustic and smooth textures of the paver. If used creatively, the texture of pavers can create a formal or modern style.


It’s essential to start using creatively designed borders to personalize the patio. Landscapers are creating boundaries in single, double, and even triple rows to make uniquely amazing designs.


Unlike Borders that can only delineate the edges of a patio border, this adds a pattern and a stripe in the middle of that patio. It can also be put across it to boost the appeal.

Some amazing Paver patio ideas


For people that are inspired to make a bold statement on their walkway, this design in Houston Backyard is a good one. To make it a reality, Exterior Worlds Landscaping and Designs used natural stones and rested them on brick bases. It seems like it’s floating, leading the people to a walkway around the pool. The bricks and the stones are made to contrast each other, making a fantastic look.

Border Detail

A stone patio in Wisconsin is elevated using a border of warm-hued brick. This design ties the patio in with the brick exterior and sets off a circular dining set on the water’s edge. This is a design that you can try with your Calgary patios to make your backyard look great from up there and down here.

Ornate, Geometric Landscaping

Some of the popular interior designs such as basket, Chevron, Waves, and Lattice are finding themselves into landscaping. They are being used in the designs of a patio, Fire features, and, most importantly, on the paver stone walkways. This may sound complicated, but they are one of the best and popularly trending landscape options we have in 2020. Starting on, this can be a unique feature and a difficult task. If you cannot go around it on your own, your option would be to get a landscaping expert in Calgary to help you.

fire pit on patio calgary
fire pit on patio with couch

Circle around a Fire Pit

This design by Kingbird Design represents salvaged bricks that are laid around a central fire pit. It’s a preferable trend because of its Mosaic-Like effect. The designer started by making a gravel base and eventually put the bricks on top of it. If you want to choose a paver trend, then make sure you work from the fire pit outwards. To give it a finishing border, use a single row of brick perpendicular to the circle’s main pattern.

Reclaimed Bricks

Another San Francisco backyard appears to be a luxurious floor made using reclaimed bricks on a circular paver pattern. The team also salvaged bricks or cobblestones to construct a paving design that looks amazingly unique.

Using Flagstone

Stone pavers are very versatile, and they can be used in a million ways to make your driveway, and walkway unique and show your creativity. Today, the use of flagstone is trending in the Midwest region. This is admired for the varying color and texture. This means that someone can choose earth tone colors such as red, Grey, and Orange.

Rhythmic Pavers and Contrasting patterns

This is a prominent paver design that can make your landscape look amazingly good.  An example is a landscape in Matthew Cunningham’s landscape design. This one looks like bands of blue bricks transecting a shirt gravel path in the landscape.

If you look at it closely, you will realize that the designer and the team used several brick patterns side by side. This trend has never been old, and you will see people in 2019 tried this design widely. It is preferably the best option to create texture and patterns in your backyard that is not loud.

Brick Spiral

This trend has been around with us for years now. One significant sample is in New York City. Looking at it here makes you think it feels like looking into a spinning vortex. It is also made to look like the spiral of a shell.

If you have chosen this for your gardening needs, arrange bricks in a concentric circle one by one to blend with the organic curves that were initially created. This creates an eye-catching experience and a uniquely unexpected design for your garden. One big challenge is that implementing such a design can be challenging to you, especially if you don’t have enough information. In that case, a Calgary landscaping expert is your only left option.

The teams of experts that designed and implemented this paver stone walkway are as knowledgeable to make pavers that appear cute and interesting when viewed on aerial positions or from the ground. They never disappoint.

Pavers looking like wood

For your walkway, using pavers that look like wood is another big idea. Though, this trend is very new in the market. People are using wood grain plank pavers to create an all-natural look on their walkways. Because this is a very new trend in the world of landscape, it’s going to give your home a unique and beautiful look.

Paver driveway with snow melts system.

This type of design is for those people that cannot shovel snow during the winter. If you fall into this category, then you may consider paving stone driveways with this feature. The climate in Calgary also calls for some sophisticated designs to deal with the harsh wrath that comes from water and snow. This driveway trend may be costly and more advanced to implement because of the snow melting feature. Consequently, consider an expert in landscaping that is knowledgeable with the Calgary landscape to help you.

Patterned Walkway

For homes with a paving stone traditional walkway, this is one good idea to add some visual interest in it. One unique thing about this trend is the use of Gold patterns and slate-colored pavers. The designers wanted to pull the grey color out of the wall with this information to the pathway. This one was designed by Mom’s design Build-in Minnesota yard.

Pavers that looks like stone

If you had time to follow your local home television show, you would easily notice that use of pavers looking like stones is becoming popular each day. For homeowners looking for a traditional all-natural look, the use of pavers that looks like stones, including slate and flagstone, is a nice idea.

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The 3 Best Landscape Design Styles for Calgary Homeowners

Best-Landscape-Design-Styles-for-Calgary-Homeowners-5ec82e1a6494dWhen you get a good home, this is essentially where you will spend the rest of your lifetime. Most people focus on decorating the interior of the house and tend to care less about the outside. What we don’t know is that an underlying landscape can be recreated into a stunning outdoor haven. You can actually make your outdoors as beautiful as the indoors with Calgary landscaping.  As a matter of fact, there is a plethora of landscaping ideas and styles that you can use for your home. With that said, I decided to settle on three landscape design styles that I think will make your home stunning and add an incredible curb appeal.

Rustic landscape designs

Whether you are living in a city, suburban or out in the countryside, a rustic themed landscape focuses more on reflecting the natural surroundings of a home. It gives the entire home a relaxed and warm feel. Mostly, the style of any landscape is determined by several factors, such as personal preferences and some environmental considerations. However, what makes an intricate landscape is attention to detail. A rustic landscape design is meant to bring the authenticity of living in the country right there in your home regardless of your location.

If you are looking into going for the rustic landscaping, there are some elements of this design that you have to consider. Keep in mind; it’s a landscape design that is more of naturalistic. These are the elements that largely contribute to that rustic appearance;

Natural stone patio

In any outdoor living space, the texture is very important. Therefore, using natural stones for your patio will better enhance the rustic theme. The good news is that there are very many choices of natural stones that you can choose from.  They also come in different colours.  The stones popularly used include quartzite, bluestone, slate and flagstone. Now each one of these stones is unique in its own way, but the only common thing with all-natural stones is the rugged and authentic feel much needed for a rustic appearance.  You can lay them on the floors or walls depending on the kind of look you want.

Stone slab steps

Stone slab steps are ideal for those people who have decided to go for an all-natural landscape. There is always beauty in simplicity, and that’s what this design is about. Basically, stone slab steps are landscape stairs made out of a solid rock. These slabs of rock are usually flattened and locked into position using cement.  An added advantage of using this kind of design is the fact that it assures you of durability. They last longer than the concrete steps and will be able to withstand the harsh environmental elements.

Outdoor fireplace

When you think of rustic, one of the things that should come into your mind is people sitting outside close to a fire. That’s why I give an outdoor fireplace a heads up. There is just so much personality that this can add to your entire outdoor living space. Stacked stone is especially a great option because of its rich texture. Many of the features in your rustic landscape will include warm, organic colours and textures.  A stacked stone outdoor fireplace will complement such designs.

Rock features

The thing about rock features is that they will never disappoint. It’s one of the element s of this design that will still look gorgeous even years later. For instance, you can opt for a waterfall cascading over a bed of large stones. There are other ways to go about it, such as using beautiful rocks as fillers for the plant beds. You can never go wrong with rick features because there are many options available.

Modern landscape designs

The modern landscape designs are the complete opposite of the rustic design.  It’s characterized by clean, sophisticated and neat landscape appearances. Many people would like their homes to reflect the age and century we are living in. This is where the idea of modern landscaping gets its inspiration. Moving on swiftly, there are several notable elements of modern outdoor living spaces;

Water features

Modern landscaping is never complete without the water features.  They don’t just add texture and a sophisticated feel to the outdoors, but they are also relaxation points.  There is a calming effect that is associated with the sound and movement of water. Some of the water features include ponds, swimming pool and waterfall.

Entertaining area

Because most people have a busy lifestyle, an entertaining area on the outdoors is a must. People just want somewhere they can hang out with friends or family on a weekend as they enjoy some fresh air. This is the reason why many modern landscapes feature a deck, patio or pergola for the purposes of entertainment.  Some people even decide to have an outdoor kitchen or barbeque.

Low maintenance plants

One thing you will easily notice about the modern landscapes is the fact that they have very few plants and the lawn is either minimal or not included. This is because it’s understandable that the modern lifestyle is a busy one and people have very little time to care for plants. Contemporary landscaping leans towards low maintenance and drought-tolerant plants such as native grasses. This reduces the amount of time required for tasks such as weeding and pruning.

Subdued tone

This is another cornerstone of this type of design. Modern landscaping in Calgary focuses on mainly the tone and texture. For instance, variation in tone is usually subtle and thoughtful. An experienced designer will never clash colours in a disorganized and riotous manner.


With this design, several people opt to eliminate the epitome of a traditional landscape which is a blossoming, green lawn. Instead, they prefer to use paving stones and some groundcover. Additionally, this can be done in a variety of ways. One of them is using the ornamental grasses to surround the stones. They basically act like ‘duct tape’.  These grasses don’t just fill the gaps left behind by the stones, but they also create some sort of a balance between the soft and the hard edges. Popular ornamental grasses include feather reed grass, Japanese forest grass and dwarf mondo grass.


Geometry is everything in modern landscape design. Among the characteristics of contemporary landscaping includes clean-cut lines and bold shapes. Triangles, squares, circles and rectangles are all shapes that are used in designing patios, decks, paths and flower beds.

Xeriscape landscape designs

Xeriscape landscaping can also be referred to as dry-scape. Basically, this is landscaping that is aimed at water conservation. This means that you will be using less water on your landscape. With that said, you may be wondering how to go about it. The good thing about this design is that you are provided with interesting options that will help you save more water than you will be using.

The plants

The term xeriscape is used when describing a landscape that requires very little watering. The plants in your garden are what will determine the amount of water needed to grow and maintain them. An increasing number of regions in the world are now urging people to be more sensitive towards water conservation. When living in areas that experience long periods of drought, then drought-resistant plants are the best option for you. Additionally, there is a wide variety of native vegetation that is already well adapted to surviving on the local rainfall received in the area. This eliminates the need for irrigation and maintenance.


Another important component of a xeriscape landscape design in Calgary is the mode of irrigation. In some regions, irrigation is important if you want to maintain a lush, green landscape. However, this does not mean that you have to use lots of water. The trick here is low-pressure systems. They work to deliver water right at the roots where it’s needed the most and nowhere else.

A good example of a low-pressure irrigation system is drip irrigation. Small amounts of water are channelled deep into the soil. This means that the roots have to venture deeper into the soil in order to take in this moisture. After a period of time, the roots will be well established to sustain the plant.


We cannot talk about xeriscape landscaping without mentioning mulch. Mulch is organic material that is spread over the ground to make the conditions more favourable for the healthy growth of the plants. There are a plethora of benefits associated with its usage. For starters, it prevents the moisture on top of the soil from evaporating. Look at it this way; when moisture on the surface of the soil is left unprotected, chances are it will evaporate even before the roots can absorb it. Inadequate moisture in the plant will cause it to wither and die. Another key role of the mulch is preventing the growth of weeds.

Each region has its own type of mulch suitable for the gardens within that particular area. This allows the gardens to blend in with the surroundings. If you have any questions about landscaping designs in Calgary, please contact our experts today.

Landscaping Calgary

Spring Landscaping Tips

Yes, spring is here again. Now’s the time to focus on bringing out the beauty in your yard once more. Nonetheless, there might be tons of cleaning up all that winter has left behind.

Here are some Calgary landscaping tips that will restore the greens with your flowers blooming all over: spring-landscape-expert-tips-5e80de0262b5d

1.   Clear Up Winter’s Leftovers

As the snow melts away, it leaves in its wake a mess of broken branches, leaves, compost and sometimes split trees and shrubs. The first physical step to take to restore the lawn’s appeal is to clear up everything, including the mess made by leaves, branches, and other trash that the winter left behind.

2.   Understand Your Environment

The first vital thing to consider is the prevailing climate around your surroundings. What’s your geographic location, and what kind of plants and flowers are ideal for Calgary? This knowledge helps you to plan properly and set your plants in more suitable conditions.

3.   Fertilize the Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn after a harsh winter is key to having your plants blossom in full health. However, it’s crucial to identify the right kind of fertilizer and the ideal quantity for your landscape and plants. If you have no idea what to do, consider seeking professional advice from our Calgary landscaping experts.

4.   Prepare for the Growth of Your Plants

Before selecting plants for landscaping, you’ll want to factor in how large they’ll grow. If you choose plants that eventually grow into shrubs, they might hinder passage or ventilation, and you might end up digging them up sooner than you’d like. Therefore, carefully consider the growth of each plant while planning your landscape.

5.   Take Care of Your Irrigation

As you prepare and plant on your landscape, checking your irrigation system is essential. A sound irrigation system will circulate water among the plants without over-flooding and erosion, which is vital for keeping your landscape in excellent condition.

For individuals who are planning to set up an irrigation system, depending on the size of your lawn, you could settle for hosing your plants or installing an irrigation system.

6.   Be Wary of Local Pests

Pests are the death of every good cultivation. It would be terrible to create a beautiful landscape only to have pests and animals destroy it. So, find out the common pests and stray animals disturbing your neighbourhood and protect your landscape against their invasion.

If you need help with your spring landscaping, don’t hesitate to contact our team of landscaping experts in Calgary today.