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4 Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Do you want to get rest on weekends, but you can’t get it as you are busy mowing and edging your lawn? Well, maintenance of the lawn is an important task. You can’t ignore it, or else it will impact the overall look of your lawn. In this article, we have come up with some of the best tips that can help you to make a choice in looking for a professional lawn care services in calgary.

Following are the major benefits of having professional lawn care services:

Avoid unnecessary damage lawn care calgary

If you want to maintain your laws, you may not have the exact tools and equipment. Thus, you may need to work very hard to get the exact maintenance and cleanliness for your lawn. On the other hand, hiring a professional can be a good choice as they are well-equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to take care of your lawn. Thus, if you want to avoid all types of hassles and extra struggles, try to look for a professional who can take care of the maintenance task of your lawn.

One of the biggest reasons people look for professionals for lawn care is that professionals know how to take care of the task. Thus, when you hire a professional, they won’t cause any accidental damage to your laws and the grasses. Most homeowners have no idea about how to water the lawn. Thus, overwatering or underwatering of the laws can impact the look as well as the growth of grasses. So, if you want to avoid any unnecessary damage, make sure to look for the best lawn care services in calgary.

Less physical labor

Consistent care

We don’t get time even on weekends. Sometimes we may have to go to a party and some days we may be busy watching our favorite movie. In these cases, the look of our lawn may be neglected. But, if you hire a professional, you will get consistent care and maintenance of your lawn.

Increased home value

If you want to have a beautiful-looking home inside out, hiring a lawn care service can be one of the best options. You can spend free time with your kids and pets if you have a well-maintained lawn.

So, for the next weekend, start looking for professionals who can help you in maintaining your laws so that you can have the perfect lawn for the weekend picnic with your family.

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Landscaping Trends for 2021

The Coronavirus outbreak caused many people to reconsider how they spend their spare or leisure time.  The initial restrictions caused a lot of folks to take to the outdoors.  Both back and front yards became centers for socializing, a respite from Zoom meetings, and a place to grow their own healthy fruits and vegetables.

As the health crisis continues and another warm season is looming, thoughts will be turning to Calgary landscape maintenance and outdoor activities.

Outdoor Havens

calgary landscaping trendsPeople will gravitate to their decks and patios.  There is likely to be an increased desire for privacy.  That means it is very likely that landscaping will feel that effect by strategic plantings of hedges, shrubs and other natural windbreaks.  Climbing vines on pergolas or lattice work will be an easy solution.  Retractable vinyl screens will also likely be used on trellises.  There could be more requests for fire pit installations to extend the use of patio areas into the cooler months.

Entertainment Spots

Backyard pools were a big hit for adults and children last year and will probably be requested again this year.  Parents will also likely be looking at ways to keep children entertained with maze areas, pavements for bike races, or climbing areas.

Vertical Gardens

Small spaces won’t be overlooked.  Vertical structures like fences will see the addition of pots to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  This can become a “statement” area that will give interest to a little used area.

Front Yards

With more walkers and bikers, front yards in residential areas will take center stage.  Native plants have grown in popularity and that trend will probably continue.  With low maintenance needs and still attractive, the environment will be the focal point.  Pollinator-friendly plants will also be important.  Many of these are perennials and well suited to an eclectic landscape.

Remaining as a social mecca, the front yard, driveway or porch will be gathering places for neighbors and safe distancing for friends and relatives.  Additional seating options will start cropping up including retaining walls, or benches.  Expect more pathways and walk areas to be designed, including lighting options and plantings.


In the coming year, it is expected that veg gardens will be better thought out than in 2020.  The ability to become more self sufficient and to eat healthy will make it a return adventure.  Expect to see more plants available for sale including herbs and trees.  Irrigation systems may be one of the top requests to help maintain gardening plots.

The bottom line is that almost any outdoor activity will be popular in the coming year.  Landscaping will become more important and more thought given to plants that will afford some interest during the winter months.

If you have questions or would like help revamping your yard, contact us at Project Landscape.  We have experts just waiting to help you.  We are available for planning sessions, plantings, construction or ongoing maintenance.  We have lots of ideas to share and are very interested in what you may have developed yourself.

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How to Prepare Your Lawn For the Spring and Summer

Here in Calgary, winters can be long and cold, but we all know how gorgeous our summers are! Yet, at the end of this long winter, our lawns will be brown and trying to come back to life. How do you prepare your lawn for the incoming spring and summer? In this blog, we will go over seven ways in which you can prepare your yard so it looks its best during the summer.

Clean Up Your Lawn

The first thing you can do to help your lawn and your outside house appeal is to clean it up. Although this is a tedious chore, it is necessary for you to clean your yard up of any twigs, branches, and any other debris that may be lying around. This will help the grass grow more naturally and make the following tips easier.

Cut Your Grass

Once the snow melts away, the grass will start to grow and, in some cases, will grow more rapidly, compared to the end of summer. It is important that you consistently trim your lawn as there might be leaf development. Think of it as cutting split ends off your hair.

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Aerate and Scarify

Aerating and scarifying involves removing as much of the thatch and other grass growing prohibitors. You can do this with a fork or spike roller to create holes of at least 20cm deep into your soil. Doing this will prevent limited movement of water, air, fertilizer, and other beneficial substances within your lawn. Spring is the ideal time to do this because the grass is actively growing and can recover from the process more efficiently.

Feed Your Lawn

Feeding your lawn adds a protective topcoat that can help prevent weeds, keep the soil moist and increase growth. This will also help your lawn retain water, especially through those dry Calgary summers. Make sure that you don’t overdo it on fertilizers with a lot of chemicals as they can either kill your grass or influence weeds to grow bigger.

Try to Prevent Weed Growth

Weeds are prominent in spring and at the end of summer. Properly aerating and feeding your yard will definitely help when it comes to weeds, but weeds have their reputation for a reason. To help prevent weeds from growing, make sure your lawn is properly fertilized. If weeds still grow, it is safer to manually get rid of the weed as weed killers have chemicals that kill grass.

Water Your Lawn

Now this one seems fairly obvious, but giving your lawn a long, thorough watering a couple of times a week is better than watering a little bit every day. Overwatering it can cause the grass to succumb to diseases. When you irrigate, make sure it’s either early morning or late afternoon as the grass will absorb more of the water.

Have Project Landscape Do It For You!

Here at Project Landscape in Calgary, we are dedicated to providing our community with beautiful lawns that people love and appreciate. We have years of experience and a knowledgeable team that is ready to prepare your lawn for the warmer months coming ahead. Call Project Landscape today for a free, one-hour consultation.

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Looking for a Landscape Maintenance Company?

If you are looking for someone to handle your landscape maintenance in Calgary, you are probably starting by using Google, Bing or other search engine.  Here is what you will find.  The first three to five will be ads and the next several will be large companies.  That is because the larger entities have hired marketing companies to use specific words that will trigger the response.  An alternative is to click on the next page to find more Calgary-local companies that will give you a better variety.

Landscape Maintenance Company Search Tips

First look at the photos of their work.  If all the plantings look similar you will realize that they perform the same maintenance on the same type of shrubbery or turf.  If you have something different in your yard, you may want to be sure they can handle the diversity and know how it should be handled.  Also, if you want to look like every other house on the block, go with this company.  However, if you have a landscape design with some unique elements, keep looking for a gallery that maintains a natural look while still keeping your personality or architectural preferences.


lawn maintenance calgary There are some things to watch out for during the meeting.  Start with courtesy.  If they were not on time, did they explain why?  Listen to the questions they ask.  Besides asking what you wanted from their service, did they ask why you have decided to opt for maintenance or why you were changing providers?  Maintaining eye contact is important.  If they keep looking around, they may not comprehend what you are trying to say.  Do they explain too much?  That includes telling your basics that anyone should be aware of.

When they look at your area, do they take photos or measurements?  Have they asked about how you use the space, i.e. entertaining, kids’ play area, dog run, etc.

Be wary of online reviews and testimonials.  Instead ask for names, phone numbers, and addresses.  If you can speak directly with a customer, you will have a better feel for reality.

Compare Estimates

The lowest price is not always the best deal.  You need to examine the value you will receive for the money you pay.  Realize that the amount you are paying does not go directly into someone’s pocket.  They need to cover expenses like good insurance, wages, and equipment.  By the way, if you get a chance to see their equipment notice if it is well maintained.

Choosing the right landscape maintenance company can pose challenges, but with some careful homework you can make the best choice.

At Project Landscape we put the customer in the forefront.  We make every effort to give you the service you deserve.  If there are problems, we want to know about them as soon as possible so that we correct anything you are not satisfied with.

Our goal is to have you as a satisfied client.  To hear more about our services, contact us today.

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Lawn Maintenances Tips in Calgary

There are a lot of elements to proper lawn maintenance in Calgary not just mowing the grass every week or so.  Here are some:


Like all living things, turf needs nutrition.  One way to ensure healthy grass is to be sure it gets fertilized correctly.  A fast release fertilizer is a quick shot of food.  It will give the lawn a good growth spurt but will not do much for the root system.  Slow release will give the grass ongoing, though declining fertilizing.  It is also important that you apply the fertilizer in the correct proportion.  Too much or too soon will cause your grass to “burn” or be damaged to the roots.  It is a good idea to feed the lawn at least in the spring and in the fall.  Slow release in the autumn means the grass crowns will have something to rely on during the long winter months.


sod vs grass seed calgaryJust because they are green, doesn’t mean they are good.  To start with, a healthy lawn is more resistant to weed infestation.  The unwanted plants just won’t be able to compete with the strong turf.

Pre-emergent – In the early spring, it is a good idea to apply a pre-emergent.  This is a product that will help prevent new weeds from your lawn.  It will not do anything for those weeds that have already seeded in your lawn but will prevent new ones from sprouting.  Be sure to choose a product that will last the entire season.

Herbicides – This is a product that can be used to kill those weeds that have popped up.  It is important that you only kill the weeds and not the entire lawn, or you will have a huge problem.  A good method is to walk around with a five-gallon sprayer and just hit the surface of the leaves of the offending plant.  Be sure that your product has a spreader sticker in the mix.  That will keep the herbicide on the leaf so that it can kill the plant rather than letting the liquid just run off.

Natural death – Like most plants, weeds will only have a limited life span.  The concern of letting them just exist and then die is that they will propagate themselves during the span.  That means you will have more weeds of that type next season.

Disease and Insects

Most lawns are disease free.  If there is a problem it is usually a fungus caused by watering issues.  It should be rare that a lawn would need to be treated for disease.

Insects, however, are probably pretty plentiful.  Back to the premise that a healthy lawn that is properly maintained can withstand a few insects.  In fact, most turfs can handle bugs.  The problem with using an insecticide is that it will destroy the beneficial insects along with the destructive ones.  That includes pollinators like bees and even flies.  The use of pesticides is greatly discouraged.

If you would like help with your annual lawn maintenance, Project Landscape is ready to help.  Just give us a call and we will be happy to see what we can do to help you.

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5 Good Reasons for Hiring a Lawn Care Service Company in Calgary

If you spend a lot of your weekend time trying to mend your lawn, then you should let professionals take care of them. Lawn care services in Calgary can care of all your gardening needs while you enjoy your weekend. There are many benefits of hiring professionals, and some of them include: Landscape Experts Calgary

  1. Reduce the Labor Work

Lawn care is a work of labor, and people often experience sore muscles and injuries after spending a good part of their day working on the yard. Moreover, if you are older, then you are at a higher risk of getting injured during these laborious tasks.

So, if you struggle with any illness, mobility issues, or do not feel like mowing your lawn, you can greatly benefit from lawn care services in Calgary.

  1. Mitigate the Chances of Accidents

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the fundamentals of lawn care. And if you have  little knowledge, then you could end up damaging the lawn.

Whether it is under or over watering your plants or cutting the grass a little too short, these little things can damage your lawn in no time. When you leverage professional services, it eliminates the chances of errors.

  1. Save Money in the Long-Run

Hiring lawn care services in Calgary allows you to save money in the long run. Want to know how? Consider the kind of money that you would have to spend on buying the equipment, chemicals, and other care products for maintaining your lawn.

These services can help you save money that you otherwise end up spending on these products. Moreover, with professionals working on your lawn, you can avoid spending money on correcting the mistakes you made.

  1. Your Lawn Receive Consistent Care

As a modern homeowner, it can be difficult to build and maintain an effective routine. When you hire lawn care services in Calgary, they will ensure that your garden is taken care of on a regular basis.

They will show up at your house at a predetermined period each week to handle the different required tasks. Moreover, they would handle more than what you would do on your own.

  1. Increase the Value of Your Home

A healthy-maintained yard increases the overall value of the home. And if you decide to put your home for sale at some point, a beautifully maintained yard will definitely increase the value, thereby allowing you to make more money. When professional lawn care experts are taking care of all the work, you get a yard that looks clean and elegant all the time.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a lawn requires constant physical effort. Moreover, you also need to have the right knowledge to carry out different tasks. Hiring lawn care services in Calgary will help you money and time in the long run.

When your yard is in the hands of skilled professionals, you can be happy knowing you’ll be getting a beautiful yard that accentuates the overall appeal of your home.

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6 Important Fall Gardening Tips For Your Lawn

A little planning and preparing can rev up and help your lawn be ready for the winter. And Fall is the best time to clear out your lawn beds, manage  the quality of the soil, get sod ready, and minimize issues in the new growing season. It is also the perfect time to plant spring-blooming bulbs and pick out summer bloomers.

Once your lawn has been prepped in the right way, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the most out of your fall gardening. Below are some fall gardening tips to help you along the process.fall landscaping tips calgary

  1. Best Crops for Fall

When you are choosing what plants to harvest during the fall, gardeners often recommend root and green vegetables. Leafy green vegetables like mache, chard, spinach, lettuces, arugula, etc. and root vegetables such as radishes, rutabaga, carrots, and bets, etc. can grow in shorter and colder days of the fall.

  1. Getting the Timing Right

Late summer is the ideal time to start your fall gardening. In order to determine the dates you want to start growing each variety, consider the date of maturity mentioned in the seed catalog.

Add  one or two weeks to this date to consider the shorter length of fall days. Subsequently, counting backward removes the day from the average first fall frost date.

  1. Flower Gardening

Plants that bulb should be stored in a cool, dry place. And the best time to do bulb planting is between middle and late November. Hyacinths, iris, crocus, tulips, and daffodils are some of the best choices. Moreover, it is also an ideal time to separate perennials with perennial seeds for the next spring.

  1. Clean Out the Unwanted Growth

The end of the season is the time to take out dead vegetable plants and clean out the weeds and plant debris. Moreover, you shall also winterize the lawn water features and furniture. Raking leaves away from your lawn as well as mowing them using grass catchers are the best ways to prepare your autumn garden. Additionally, the mix of carbon and nitrogen offers a great cover for the vegetable garden. It enhances fertility and prevents weeds.

  1. Organic Gardening

You can make good use of the fallen leaves. Spread the fallen leaves on the ground and run a mower over them. They are easy to break down. After that, you can add organic amendments to the beds. Moreover, they pull double-duty, acting as an important mulch layer for the winter months.

  1. Stretch the Season

Extend the fall harvest a month extra by protecting the plants from hard freezes. Here is how you can do that:

  • Covering low-growers using a thick layer of straw leaves or mulch. You can simply pull them aside during the day.
  • Floating row cover
  • A clear plastic tarp

Autumn is the perfect time to put the garden to bed. By taking some preparation time now, you can save a lot of time and effort next spring when the growing season comes back. Above, we have shared some useful to-do lists that will help you to with your fall landscaping this year.

Contact Calgary Lawn Care Experts today if you need help or assistance with your landscaping needs.

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Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

A staycation is a great time to give a little TLC to the backyard where you will undoubtedly be spending a large portion of your time this summer.

deck builders Calgary7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard

  • Container plants will give a lot of interest to the area, especially if there are large hard surfaces.  Start with a matching pair of containers.  You can plant flowers or have a mini vegetable patch.  Shop the thrift stores and find other containers.  They don’t all have to match.  In fact some coordinating colors will tie the areas together with no problem.
  • If the concrete patio or walkways are looking a little sad, get some concrete paint and freshen them up.  Something a bit easier is to use a power washer.  For a more polished look, purchase some teak interlocking tiles.  Another choice would be a roll-out cedar pathway.  No tools required.  In fact, you can take them with you when you move.  One more idea is to buy an indoor/outdoor rug.  They are easy to clean and make the outdoors feel more homey.
  • Create an area that uses little or no water.  This is called xeriscaping.  It requires little maintenance and can add interest to a little used area.  Create a theme with succulents, stones and a bench and you are done.
  • Storage is always a concern.  There are easy, build-it-yourself bench that doubles as storage.  It can be as simple as a plywood box that is dressed up with wood slats and fancy hardware.  Add a shed to hold trash or recycle bins, lawn mowers, bikes or other items.
  • Once you have a shed, decorate the outside.  Paint a mural or try a vertical garden by hanging pots or planters.  This idea works just as well on a fence.
  • Fire pits are fun.  In fact, you can make a mobile one.  With a fireproof cube for the exterior, you insert a propane tank and then has a top like a typical gas grill.  Because it moves, you can stash it out of the way until you are ready.
  • Luminaries are always a nice addition to a walkway or to put around the porch for an evening sitting on the porch.  Try something whimsical for a change.

If some of these things appeal to you, but you are not handy with tools or just don’t have enough time to complete, contact Project Landscape from Calgary today.  They are not only able to construct your dream, but can make suggestions for other improvements.

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Rustic Landscaping Tips

Rustic landscaping is designed not to follow the rules and instead take on a naturalistic look. This means allowing moss to grow on the pathways, using materials such as wood and stones, and adding carefully thought out water features. Basically, rustic landscaping derives its inspiration from nature and hence creates more of a country feel.  Some people would even prefer to pick a location near a lake or mountain just to emphasize the serenity and privacy that this kind of landscape has to offer.

As much as a rustic design is mostly surrounded by raw nature, you still have to pay attention to detail. For instance, the rocks should be appropriately positioned, water features, if any, should be carefully positioned and pathways created to reflect the nature around us. In all honesty, it’s nothing complicated but professional will do you more good than harm. If you have been yearning for a cozy rustic design for your home, get the best of the best from Calgary landscaping.  Remember to follow your heart and let the designs you choose to replicate your personality. Here are a few more ideas to get you started on the rustic landscape of yours dreams;

deck builders CalgaryRustic pergola

Pergolas are an awesome addition to any backyard and certainly transform any plain landscape into an amazing outdoor living space.  One of the supreme reasons why you should consider a pergola for your backyard is it serves as a supporting structure for climbing plants.  This can be a perfect way of enhancing that natural characteristic.

With a pergola, you have a variety of options at hand. For instance, you can decide to have it free standing or attached to the house.  Most of the time, pergolas are used to add an aesthetic appeal to a backyard or garden.  The focus is not so much on providing shade and shelter especially if it’s a rustic pergola.

A wood pergola is considered most suitable in rustic landscaping.  Keep in mind a rustic setting is supposed to imitate nature and nothing does that better than wood. With that said, there are different types of wood. Cedar wood has gained so much popularity and many people are now using it for their pergolas. Not only is it gorgeous but also naturally insect resistant.  Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the wood getting destroyed or eaten away by insects. Also, cedar pergolas have a longer service life.

Rustic fencing

Fencing is necessary for any backyard or garden.  With that in mind, you will require a rustic fence that will outline the perimeter of the backyard or home garden. When deciding on a fence, it shouldn’t just be for privacy or to keep the critters out of your way. A rustic fence is supposed to be designed in such a way that it will bring about a serene environment and at the same time maintain an aesthetic appeal. Also, you can decide to go for a simple and minimalistic style depending on what you have in mind.

In this case, the most suitable material for fencing would be wood. Any kind of wood does the job but if you want a gorgeous fence that you will be gazing at for years, go for cedar fencing. One person might ask, what is so special about cedar fencing? The answer is pretty straightforward; it ages like fine wine.

The water features

water features calgaryOne of the best things about rustic landscaping is it allows you be creative with everything that you do. The water features are among the things that will portray the creative side of you. Whether it’s just a small pond or a waterfall, there are numerous ideas at your display. If your aim is to have a calming environment, a slow flowing waterfall is ideal. Use natural rocks to create the waterfall and even around it.

There is the option of going for a pondless waterfall. The choice of having a pond or not depends entirely on what you want and also the budget. Other than a pond, you can form a small stream that runs through the garden or backyard. This is all what a country setting is about. Make the most out of it.

If the waterfall has a pond area, use gravel, river rock and pebbles inside it. This way, when the water runs over the small stones in the pond, it produces a soothing sound. A lot of work and detail goes into the making of an outstanding waterfall. For instance, the rocks you choose have to be suitable for the landscape and the kind of rustic setting you want. If you are facing trouble with this, get professional help from Calgary landscaping experts.

 Paving stones

The paths and walkways are the signature areas on any rustic landscape. Also, this is where you get to play around with different shapes and colors to come up with something unique and outstanding. For instance, people with a hilly yard may opt for a stone stairway.  The sides of the stairway should be laced with various plants to create contrast.

There are basically many types of pavers. Limestone is perfect for those people who are thinking of a stone walkway. It’s not only long lasting but also can be cut into juts any shape or size to meet your needs. It serves well for a garden path. Other natural stones appropriate for paving include cobblestone, bluestone and flagstone.

Another thing is that stone walkways or paths can be done is such a way that they embrace imperfection.  This means that you can use stones of different shapes, sizes, textures and colors. However, such an idea involves immense care and thought to come up with a worthwhile design.  Consider a meandering garden walkway or path. When you are taking a walk in the garden or backyard, it’s refreshing to simply slow down and take in the beauty and tranquility that the surroundings have to offer.  This is basically the purpose of having a winding pathway.

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Privacy Fence Options

The major reasons homeowners consider fence installation are for security and privacy.  A fence installed by a professional fence building company will offer not only peace of mind but will allow creativity and design to still showcase their landscape.

There are many options available, but today we will explore materials in types of fencing options.


Traditional and still one of the most popular types is a wood fence.  It offers a warm and yet welcoming look to privacy.  The cost will depend on the type of lumber you choose as well as the height and overall size.  This will also take some labor to install, so you will need to add that to the price tag.cedar fence installation calgaryChain Link

Not a lot of privacy, but chain link fences certainly send a message.  They are very inexpensive and low maintenance.  If the homeowner landscapes with some appropriate shrubbery, vines, and other flowers, the aesthetics are greatly improved, along with adding a bit of privacy from the neighbours.


This is one of the easiest fencing material options.  Manufacturers state that it is stronger and more flexible than wood.  This is a huge advantage during storms with high winds.  Maintenance is usually some soap and a good hosing off.  It resists paint, so the color you choose is the color you live with.  However, if the area is prone to graffiti, that clean up is significantly easier.  The price is the trade off.


This is another basic alternative.  There are a number of drawbacks, including the fact that it is not very strong and offers little in the way of security.  It is fairly easy to maintain and can be made to resemble other types of fencing.


If you are looking for the most inexpensive method to fence in your yard, this is it.  Instead of wooden stakes and pickets, the posts are PVC sleeves that go on top of the wooden posts.  They are attached either with adhesive to the cross bars or fastened with screws.  There are lots of color choices and heights and it will stand the test of time from the elements.  Because there is less wood, the price is very affordable.

Wrought Iron

Classy and stylish, wrought iron has been used for fencing for centuries.  However, there are a number of negatives.  They will take maintenance through sanding and repainting every few years.  They are not especially secure and they are one of the most expensive because they must be custom made.  But they are elegant!

These are some of the options you will have available when you talk with a representative of your fence building company in Calgary.  If you have questions, our service desk is very helpful.