Snow Removal Calgary

Why You Need Commercial Snow Removal

As a business owner and manager you understand the importance of having a clear space for your customers to park and to enter your building in the winter.  This is especially difficult during the long winter with snow and ice accumulation.

At Project Landscape we provide unparalleled service in clearing your walkways and parking lots.  We have customers at apartment complexes, restaurants, offices, and even malls.  This means a reduction in the risk to a resident, employee, customer, or just passer by from injury.

snow removal calgary

Our Winter Commercial Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Clear and safe walkways – Guaranteed
  • Parking area and adjacent roadways cleared
  • Snow removal
  • Sanding
  • Ice control – Guaranteed

At Project Landscape we go the extra mile to give you even more benefits like safety checks, monitoring to be sure the area remains clear, and will even check during the evening hours when refreezing is a concern.

Our rates are competitive and reasonable.  We are flexible enough to accept either a fixed fee or can bill for the time we spend at your operation.

We are committed to providing our clients with the level of service they need and expect in order to maintain their business in a safe manner.  We use the latest techniques combined with tried and true methods so that your tenants, employees, and guests feel safe and comfortable at your place of business.  You reduce the risk of someone slipping and falling or having an accident in their car because of improperly maintained areas.  Ask for a list of references and we will be happy to comply.

Sidewalk Clearing

By keeping your pathways clear, you are showing your residents, customers, employees, and others that you respect their need for safety in all weather conditions.  This will allow anyone to be confident of their ability to enter and leave your facility as necessary.

Parking Areas

There is a specific technique to clearing commercial parking areas.  First we use our plow to pull the snow away from the building.  Then we are able to move the snow to a far edge of the lot, or we remove the snow as contracted.  At that point, we are able to continue through the open area of the parking lot to remove as much remaining snow as possible, while avoiding damage to any vehicles that may still be there.

When we review your property we will make note of the presence of any permanent obstacles like speed bumps, curbs, shrubs, or anything that could be hidden under the snow and we are careful to avoid any damage.  We also record the type of surface (asphalt, cement, gravel, etc.) so we use the correct method.  We scrape as close to the surface as possible and will treat for icing conditions.

If you are interested in hearing more, don’t hesitate to contact us through this site or give us a call.  We are happy to have one of our representatives come to your business and review the areas of concern and develop an estimate based on your needs.

With Project Landscape you won’t need to worry about snow removal and can concentrate on running your business!  We are here to help.