Snow Removal Calgary

What to Know About Snow Removal in Calgary

Temperatures drop and there is moisture in the air.  The next thing you know there are all those lovely white flakes falling from the sky.  They look so lovely, but they are not quite so attractive when you are out shovelling the snow from your driveway and walks.

Of course, we all understand that there are valid reasons to remove the snow and ice, but as a reminder, read on.

Safety – It is important to your own safety, as well as that of your family, neighbors, and customers.  Both residential and business addresses can have people coming to their door or walking in front of the building or house.  There is a liability if you fail to keep the area safe.  No one wants to be involved in a lawsuit.

Loss of Business – For commercial enterprises as well as those who run business operations from their home, safe parking is a priority.  Having parking areas, driveways and walks in good shape is a way to show others that you are concerned about them and that you want to keep them as good clients.

Snowy street plowed by our landscaping company in CalgaryInjury Prevention – You need to protect yourself and others from injury.  Sometimes snow that has melted and refrozen is difficult to see, especially during the months when the daylight is shortened.  Too often you or someone else is approaching your house or building and they should feel relatively safe about their approach.

It’s the Law – In Calgary the regulations state that all property owners must remove all snow and ice from sidewalks and other areas adjacent to the street.  Failure to comply means a citation and fine.  It is always best to stay on the right side of legal issues.

Now, let’s think about using a professional snow removal company.

Injuries – Every year thousands of individuals are treated for medical injuries as a result of attempting to remove snow by themselves.  That includes heart attacks, broken bones, strained muscles, back problems, and others.  Instead of risking your health, it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Time – All of that shovelling or using a snow blower takes time, not to mention the time it takes to recover from the cold and exertion.  It makes a lot of sense to just hire the project done.  You are more productive in the long run by hiring a professional to do the job for you.

Property Damage – Using someone who is inexperienced or a neighbourhood teenager, using a professional service, you know that the job will be completed properly.  If the snow and ice are nor correctly handled, there can be damage to the concrete and pavement as well as to any adjacent landscaping.  You will also know that the service has the right kind of equipment and it is well maintained.

Contact us at Project Landscape.  We are happy to discuss our snow removal service options and to give you the peace of mind for the winter season.

Snow Removal Calgary

Commercial Snow Removal in Calgary

Before you know it, it will be time for snow removal.  As a business owner, you recognize the legal responsibilities you have to be sure your property is clear of snow and ice during the winter months.  You also probably know how important it is to customer relations to make the client’s experience as pleasant as possible.  That’s why you probably should invest in a professional commercial snow removal service.

You might think it would be just as good to assign one or more of your employees to the task of snow removal.  However, you are risking that person’s health.  If there is an accident or injury resulting from that person’s shovelling or operating equipment they are not used to, as an employer you will be responsible for a worker’s compensation claim.  This will become a long, drawn out process that you can avoid by using a commercial service that has trained personnel to handle the job for you.

Safety and Appearance

snow removal calgaryPart of your company’s reputation relies on the overall appearance of your property and the ease of access.  By keeping your parking area, sidewalks and paths clear, you are demonstrating to the public that you are interested in their well being and safety.

It is also a tremendous safety factor for your employees to reduce the risk of slipping, stumbling, or vehicles becoming stuck.

Easy access to your entrances for workers and customers shows that you have a concern for health and safety.

Using a proper snow removal service in Calgary also means there is less mess around your building.  These companies understand where and how to move snow and how to keep it from impeding traffic.  This means less mess outdoors as well as less tracking slush and water into your establishment.  That means less interior clean up and a tidier operation overall.


It is not just the entrances and sidewalks that need attention.  Parking areas are also important.  Snow left on the ground will obscure any markings and lines to designate parking spaces.  That means your customers can find a clear spot easier without the worry of slipping as they exit the car or getting stuck when they drive out of the lot.  It is also a low cost perk for your employees, which is something to mention on occasion.  You will be able to win points for appreciation as a good boss.

Commercial Snow Removal Services in Calgary

As you can tell there are quite a few reasons to hire commercial snow removal.  As you shop around, be sure to check out Project Landscape.  You will find that our reputation is terrific and we offer competitive prices.  We would be happy to come to your location and offer you an estimate for our snow removal services.   Let us know and we will be happy to arrange a convenient time to discuss our options and your requirements.  We have a solid reputation in Calgary and would like to include you among our satisfied customers.

Snow Removal Calgary

Why You Need Commercial Snow Removal

As a business owner and manager you understand the importance of having a clear space for your customers to park and to enter your building in the winter.  This is especially difficult during the long winter with snow and ice accumulation.

At Project Landscape we provide unparalleled service in clearing your walkways and parking lots.  We have customers at apartment complexes, restaurants, offices, and even malls.  This means a reduction in the risk to a resident, employee, customer, or just passer by from injury.

snow removal calgary

Our Winter Commercial Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Clear and safe walkways – Guaranteed
  • Parking area and adjacent roadways cleared
  • Snow removal
  • Sanding
  • Ice control – Guaranteed

At Project Landscape we go the extra mile to give you even more benefits like safety checks, monitoring to be sure the area remains clear, and will even check during the evening hours when refreezing is a concern.

Our rates are competitive and reasonable.  We are flexible enough to accept either a fixed fee or can bill for the time we spend at your operation.

We are committed to providing our clients with the level of service they need and expect in order to maintain their business in a safe manner.  We use the latest techniques combined with tried and true methods so that your tenants, employees, and guests feel safe and comfortable at your place of business.  You reduce the risk of someone slipping and falling or having an accident in their car because of improperly maintained areas.  Ask for a list of references and we will be happy to comply.

Sidewalk Clearing

By keeping your pathways clear, you are showing your residents, customers, employees, and others that you respect their need for safety in all weather conditions.  This will allow anyone to be confident of their ability to enter and leave your facility as necessary.

Parking Areas

There is a specific technique to clearing commercial parking areas.  First we use our plow to pull the snow away from the building.  Then we are able to move the snow to a far edge of the lot, or we remove the snow as contracted.  At that point, we are able to continue through the open area of the parking lot to remove as much remaining snow as possible, while avoiding damage to any vehicles that may still be there.

When we review your property we will make note of the presence of any permanent obstacles like speed bumps, curbs, shrubs, or anything that could be hidden under the snow and we are careful to avoid any damage.  We also record the type of surface (asphalt, cement, gravel, etc.) so we use the correct method.  We scrape as close to the surface as possible and will treat for icing conditions.

If you are interested in hearing more, don’t hesitate to contact us through this site or give us a call.  We are happy to have one of our representatives come to your business and review the areas of concern and develop an estimate based on your needs.

With Project Landscape you won’t need to worry about snow removal and can concentrate on running your business!  We are here to help.